Military airdrops are valuable caches scattered across Villedor. You can usually find them on the top of high buildings with their distinct brown parachute draped nearby.

These airdrops contain rare items as well as the coveted Military Tech part, which you can use to upgrade your nightrunner tools.

It is not a problem to find military airdrop THB-17U since it sticks out like a sore thumb. However, it seems like a daunting task to scale the building since it’s intimidatingly high.

In fact, the parkour puzzle isn’t that hard to grasp. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to loot military airdrop THB-17U from basically the start of the game.

How to Find Military Airdrop THB-17U

It is easy to find military airdrop THB-17U since it doesn’t try to conceal itself.

You can effortlessly spot the military cache’s parachute draped on the side of a building named “office plaza”. There’s a large graffiti warning trespassers to stay away along with a crude drawing of a skull on its front facade. It is now home to a gang of bandits who will attack you on sight.

The office plaza building is located on the northern edge of the Horshoe district. You can see the building to the east of Willow windmill. It’s also to the south of the Old Villedor Master windmill. You can find military airdrop THB-22B to the south of its location.

Facing the graffiti, the most direct route is through the right.

Run up to the debris leading up to the green and red tarp. Then, jump on top of the building next to it. There are a few bandits posted here so you can take them out first before proceeding.

On the yellow couch inside the building, you can find the Infected Playing Card – Ace of Hearts – Volatile collectible.

Climb on top of the building and face the office plaza. From this angle, you should be looking at the brown parachute draped on the side.

Find the exposed tiles on the edge of the wall, you can climb these walls in Dying Light 2. Go inside the interior of this building and crouch under the wooden planks to get to the other side. You can also stop to loot a few items here.

Jump to the air conditioning unit to your right. Leap on the with the yellow tarpaulin.

When you turn the corner, there should be a ramp made from broken solar panels. Run up the ramp and look towards the military cache. You’re nearly there.

There’s an exhaust unit facing the wall. If you have the “Far Jump” parkour perk, you can take advantage of the ledge to vault on the twin aircon units. If not, take the regular route on the side.

Assuming you don’t have the perk, walk across the wooden planks. Afterward, jump on the red scaffolding sticking out on the edge of the building. Remember to go upwards not downwards.

Follow the scaffolding and it should lead to inside the building once again. There’s a collectible tape on the table if you want to grab that too.

Go outside and follow the scaffolding around the building, there’s a thin scaffolding around the corner, carefully walk across it. Keep following the scaffolding and you should see two monkey bars. Swing your way to the other side.

On the corner, you should see the twin aircon units I mentioned. Hop on top of them and climb the exhaust vent to reach the top of the building.

You’ll find military airdrop THB-17U behind the office plaza sign. As always with Dying Light 2 and high places, there’s an atomizer for you to safely drop on.

Alternate Route

There’s a faster route to scale the office building. You’ll reach military airdrop THB-17U quicker and with no resistance from bandits, the downside is you won’t be gaining any loot as you’ll avoid the interior of the building.

Facing the graffiti, go to the left side of the building. You’re looking for an abandoned truck right below a slanted red scaffolding.

Jump on top of the truck the on the scaffolding. Run forwards and jump on the single aircon unit. Turn behind and jump on the platform with the yellow tarp.

Use the metal bar to swing on top of the higher balcony. Then make your way towards the platform in front of you. Once you reach the top you should be on the roof with the solar panels.

As mentioned a while ago, you could either vault on the exhaust unit or follow the scaffolding around the unit. Either way, you’re on your way to loot precious items from military airdrop THB-17U.