Elden Ring has truly upped the scale regarding build diversity. There are so many weapons, spells, and incantations to choose from that it’s always tempting to start over and redo your character.

However, there’s an option respec in Elden Ring, just like previous FromSoftware titles. By doing so, you’re free to reallocate all your attributes to suit your current style better.

The feature itself is straightforward. However, it isn’t immediately available, and it consumes a very rare item.

Whether there’s a weapon you’d really like to use, or you want to try an all-new playstyle to freshen up your gameplay, here’s a guide on how to respec in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Rebirth

You can respec in Elden Ring by first defeating Rennala, Queen of the Moon. She’s the boss at the very top of Raya Lucaria Academy.


Initially, there’s an impassable seal on the academy’s gates. However, you can find the location of the key from the map looted off a corpse near the front entrance.

After determining the location on your map, simply head over there and grab the key behind the dragon. There’s no need to defeat the Glintstone dragon in order to progress.

After defeating Rennala, she’ll stay in the center of the room. You can talk with her to request “Rebirth,” which is how you’ll reallocate your stats in Elden Ring.

You can also choose “Cosmetics” to reenter character creation. This feature isn’t exclusive to Rennala, as you can also use the mirror near Fia at the Roundtable Hold.

Once at the Rebirth menu, the game treats returns all Runes spent on leveling up and reverts you to your base level. You’ll need to redistribute these Runes to reach your current level. Therefore, you can’t leave this menu to lower your level and take the runes.

It’s important to note that your starting class matters when you respec your character in Elden Ring. Since you’ll revert to your base level, this means that you’ll retain your starting class’s attributes.

For example, if you chose the Vagabond as your starting class, you start at level 9 and can’t lower Strength lesser than 14. However, don’t worry too much as you can always level up fast in Elden Ring if you lack extra attributes.

You can exit the Rebirth menu anytime without any repercussions. This is especially handy if you want to verify the attributes of a weapon you’re aiming to use.

Unlike Dark Souls 3, you can respec as many times as you want in Elden Ring. So feel free to experiment as much as you want throughout the game.

Early Larval Tear

As mentioned earlier, you have to consume a Larval Tear to respec in Elden Ring. These are rare materials that are scattered throughout the Lands Between.


You can’t farm it repeatedly from an enemy; thus, it’s a perishable resource. Although, it’s mostly a reward for defeating strong enemies disguised as weaker ones. Larval Tear also spawns as loot in the overworld and is sometimes bought from specific merchants for one time only.

Despite that, there’s more than enough to go around for one playthrough. And, if you somehow need more, you could also go for a new game plus run.

I’ll show you the locations of three early Larval Tears to respec in Elden Ring.

The first Larval Tear is located on a grave in the Village of Albinaurics. You can find the landmark in the southwest area of the Liurnia of the Lakes. 


The village is on top of a hill on the poisonous swamp segment of the lake. The graveyard is near the entrance, so you can simply loot the Larval Tear without fighting any enemies.

For the second Larval Tear, fast travel to the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace in Limgrave. Then, go east and stay on the road. Look for the lone undead warrior on the hill.


Surprise! It’s actually a lesser Runebear in disguise. After defeating it, you’ll earn a Larval Tear for your trouble.

Lastly, teleport to the Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace back at Liurnia of the Lakes. Now, travel towards Rose Church.

Keep an eye out for the gazebo with three sleeping lobsters. A lobster is patrolling the area nearby. Kill that and reveal its true form, a Grafted Scion.


The Grafted Scion is the very first enemy you fight back at the starting location in Elden Ring. You might have also encountered it underneath Stormveil Castle.

Fortunately, you’re allowed to use your horse so you can strafe around its fast gap closers. In addition, you’ll receive a Larval Tear for defeating the Grafted Scion.

These are only three of the many Larval Tears you can use to respec in Elden Ring. Keep exploring and hitting suspiciously out of place enemies in the world to find more!