Trapped chests are one of the most sadistic encounters of any Soulsborne series. Designed to punish your avarice, opening a trapped chest usually results in the vicious mimic chewing your face off.

In previous games, you could easily check for danger by swinging your weapon at a chest. However, trapped chests are now much more fatal in Elden Ring. The new trapped chest variant can envelop you in mist, transporting you to a remote and dangerous location.

Many players fell for the transporter chest located in Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave. If players explore the starting region, this could be their first introduction to the concept. And what an introduction it is.

Opening the chest transports you to the middle of Sellia Crystal Tunnel, a high-level area. Chances are you tried to attack the first enemy you see only to immediately die. It’s a frustrating endeavor and most players perish during the escape.

I was also one of those players, but fortunately it’s not that hard to leave – so long as you don’t get greedy.

This brief guide will show you how to leave Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Elden Ring without a scratch.

Escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel

Assuming you just arrived (or, more realistically, revived at the respawn point), at the shack in Sellia Crystal Tunnel, you shouldn’t do anything for a while. Instead, allow the crystallized enemy to walk past you.

The real problem in this confined space is the mages that could completely decimate you in one hit. Avoid fights at all costs since it could trigger a chain reaction with multiple spells flying your way. 

There’s one mage standing right above your shack. That’s why if you really want to leave Sellia Crystal Tunnel, don’t move up the slope, or else it will spot you.

Enter crouch mode and go to the right, down the slope. You can hold the run button while in sneak mode to move faster without alerting your enemies.

The enemies are busy mining crystals and will ignore you as long as you keep your distance. Stick to the wall and follow that path. 

The path will curve a bit, and just stick to it. Make your way towards the cave’s entrance while ignoring all the tempting shiny loot. You can come back for this after you level up in Elden Ring.

Around the halfway point, you should exit sneak mode and just make a run for it. There’s a tunnel to the left that leads towards the exit.

There’s a mage watching the exit, and it can catch you off-guard while you’re crouch walking. Or, you could be unlucky and the mage on top of the shack spots you first.

Even worse, you could be like me and have both of them spot you at the same time. The point is that once you pass the miners, you should book it towards the exit.

Once you’re outside the tunnel, you should be on a wooden walkway with a ladder. Don’t hesitate to jump down, enemies can still aggro you from that point. Then, activate the lost grace site immediately to stop their offense and despawn them.

The hard part is now over, and you can rest easy. I left a small message there to congratulate you for escaping that annoying underground coffin.

Now, from this point, you still can’t leave Sellia Crystal Tunnel. You have to go outside to fast travel. But, thankfully, the exit is nearby.

Before you go and fast travel away, you could pick up an item real fast. Get on your horse and move towards the swamp, then west. 

On the first ruins, you’ll see there you could find the Rotten Stray ashes. Equipping it will allow you to summon a Rotten Stray spirit to your side.

Keep going forward, and there’s another lost grace that you could activate.

Once you’re done, you could open your map and fast travel back to a safer area.