Crafting is a new feature added in Elden Ring. Through scavenging the world, you can create many items to help you on your quest to become Elden Lord. These items vary so much in their applications that you can always craft something no matter your build.

For example, if you’re fond of your bow, there are special arrows you can craft, including elemental ones. Or, if you prefer to duke it out close quarters, you can create grease to imbue your weapon with its effects. 

Consumables also play a vital role in your journey—especially curative items that remove poison and other harmful status ailments.

There are also fun throwables you can use to turn the tide of battle. After all, no invader ever expects 30 throwing knives to ruin their spellcasting animation.

But, as usual with FromSoftware games, their true complexities lie way behind their simple tutorials. This guide aims to show players how to craft items in Elden Ring, as well as what you need to expand your crafting repertoire.

Where to Find the Crafting Kit

You can only craft items in Elden Ring once you have bought the crafting kit.

To find the crafting kit, head to the Church of Elleh and purchase it from Kale, the merchant. Church of Elleh should be one of the first locations you found after emerging from the tutorial area. 

Assuming you just started the game, once you activate your first Site of Grace in the overworld. A golden aura will appear on your map, showing you the direction of your next main objective.

Follow the golden path to reach the lost grace in the Church of Elleh. But, take note, don’t attempt to fight the roaming giant on an equally colossal horse patrolling the area. It’s FromSoftware’s sadistic way of teaching you that some foes are too strong for your current level.

You could always come back to try to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring. But not right now, so sneak your way through the bushes or take an alternate route to the Church of Elleh.

Kale is the merchant who looks like Santa hunched over a campfire. Purchase the crafting kit from you for 300 runes. The price may seem steep now, but it’s a steal considering you can use it as much as you want.

You can now craft items in Elden Ring by opening your menu. Once you have bought the crafting kit, you’ll have a new menu for crafting items. Select that, and it should bring you the crafting menu.

The very first tab is the list of all the items you can craft, along with their recipe and required ingredients. To craft an item in Elden Ring, simply select the desired item, and you can make it provided you have the materials.

You can also sort through the tabs as it filers it by category.

Regarding the materials, I recommend that you pick up everything in the overworld. Because if you do, you can view the material on the menu to know they are typically located. You can also kill the local wildlife to loot their drops.

For example, I expanded the item description for Thin Beast Bones here. On the bottom, you can see shows where to get it. So, for this item, I need to go out of my way to hunt more beasts.

Remember that you can add markers on your map with specific icons. You can use this to mark the core ingredients of items that you’re particularly fond of using.

Where to Find Crafting Cookbooks

You’ll only have a small list of essential items with the crafting kit. If you want to expand your crafting recipes, you need to find crafting cookbooks.

Wandering merchants in the overworld typically stock crafting cookbooks you can purchase. The prices are a bit expensive, starting from 500 runes. I highly suggest buying it if you have the spare runes because you’ll never know what you need.

However, if you’re short on runes, you can always view the cookbook know its contents. To do so, press X or Square (or right-click on the item) to open the item display; this provides the item’s description and the cookbook’s contents. 

Aside from merchants, cookbooks also appear as loot scattered throughout the Lands Between. So make sure to explore every nook and cranny to find the best cookbooks in Elden Ring!