Elden Ring is a game with secrets within secrets like the glowing skulls you find throughout the Lands Between or the Wolf Kight on the tower in Mistwood.

The mysteries are eventually revealed, but they do add to the overall experience when you are first playing a fantasy game.

If you are also wondering what those lights are and if there is a way to stop them, stick around. We’re about to tell you all about the lights at the beach in Elden Ring.

What Are the Glowing Lights?

Apparently, this is an invisible Teardrop Scarab, like the ones you find throughout the world map. To make one of those scarabs stop, you need to hit it when the first step appears, maybe slightly before that.

In other words, think of it as a moving creature and the step-like light shows where the creature is at that point, but it leaves a trail. So you have to anticipate the creature’s position and attack where it will be, right before the first step in the line, or trail, shows up.

This is a matter of patience, but it isn’t hard that hard. Once you manage to hit it, the creature instantly dies, and you receive an Ash of War.

Chasing the lights won’t work very well. They are quite fast. A good way to hit it is by anticipating its movement. The lights follow a pattern, so stay in its path and hit the attack button when it’s getting close.

What Do You Get After Stopping Them?

Ash of War Sweep

Apparently, there are many of those glowing lights in the game. I have found a few of them. Each grants a different Ash of War to the players who managed to make them disappear.

The one in Limgrave grants you the Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep) and nothing else.

This Ash of War makes you brace armament and step into a low stance that prevents recoil from most enemy attacks. It can be followed up with a strong attack for a sweeping strike that will result in a sweeping strike. Stamp (Sweep) can be used with axes, hammers, or swords as long as they aren’t small.

Besides all that, the Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep) also provides the Heavy affinity, which increases Strength scaling, but it decreases all other scaling types.

Final Thoughts

One of the things that I love about Elden Ring is how everything looks magical.

From the giant, golden Erdtree above Limgrave to the glowing steps on the beach, there’s always a level of mysticism that penetrates every corner of this game.

In the end, they are just a special kind of creature you see in the game, the Teardrop Scarab. These are an invisible variant, though, and the lights are the trail they leave when they are moving.

These scarabs will often grant you Ashes of War when you hit them, but they won’t be enough to face the most powerful games, so make sure that you know how to level up fast in Elden Ring.