There are a ton of challenges spread across the world of Teyvat. Some are straightforward and some are extremely challenging. This guide will show you how to finish the challenge in Qingce Village that involves shooting exploding barrels within a time limit in Genshin Impact.

Qingce Village Challenge Location

From the nearest waypoint available in the middle of the Qingce Village, glide down the waterfall which can be found by looking southwest from the waypoint location. Once you drop down from the top of the waterfall to the lake, you will see the challenge statue or ornament on top of one of the rocks at the side.

Which Character to Use

You will require a ranged character to complete this challenge. Amber is a free unit that can do the job but any character with a bow can do it too like Fischl and Venti.

Tips and Tricks to Finishing the Challenge

Start immediately by shooting the exploding barrel at the start. Swim towards the platform and jump to the updraft and glide to the nearest cliff to the right. Do not attempt to land on the platform with the barrel because it will be an automatic fail if you get hit by the barrel. You will get knocked back and fall from the platform and most likely die.

After the shooting the 2nd exploding barrel while standing on the cliff, jump and glide again towards the updraft and follow the next nearest updraft near the destroyed exploding barrel. Glide and land towards the cliff again to the right that is slightly higher than the cliff before. After landing, shoot the next exploding barrel and glide towards it immediately.

Once you reach 3 out of 5 exploding barrels exploded, skip the 4th platform containing the exploding barrel and move towards the 5th platform. From the 5th platform with the last exploding barrel, you will have the vision to shoot the 4th exploding barrel and shoot that one first before the exploding barrel next to you on.

For the last barrel, you can shoot or slice it with any character and you will be able to complete the challenge. The only problem is that you will be sacrificing that character as you will get thrown off the platform and fall. The video above shows the strategy in great detail and you can follow that one.


This challenge location is hard to miss because of how close it is to a waypoint. You should always be activating all the waypoints you come across when exploring. Complete all the challenges you see because you might forget about them especially when there are so many things you have to do in the game. It is also a good way to get Primogems and you can learn more about getting Primogems in this guide here.