Ellin, the Wannabe Knight’s daily commission can be tricky. You need to destroy all 5 training dummies in under 2 seconds and sometimes, they also change positions. This guide will show you different ways to finish this daily commission.

The Setup

The first and most crucial thing you should know is that the timer does not start when you hit the training dummy. Bring all the training dummies to low HP first before trying to finish them off. Use characters with a low attack to min-max the damage to be done. Use this set up before doing everything else below.

Using Elemental Skills

As long as your elemental skills have a big area of effect, you can kill them all in under 2 seconds. Even without the setup, Diluc’s ultimate can 1-shot all the dummies in a line. If you do not manage to kill the training dummies with an elemental skill, you can use Amber to throw a bomb and wait for it to explode before hitting the others with normal hits.

Jumping From the Staircase

Jumping from the staircase and gliding on top of the training dummies can be a great strategy as well. You can jump down and do a big area of effect attack by just left-clicking while flying. Use dash immediately after so you can bypass the stagger mechanic after landing. You can also switch character to bypass it as well.

Using the Brazier

Training Dummies 1

After doing the setup, you can light up the brazier in the middle with Pyro. Once you do an elemental skill on it, it will burst and deal damage to all the training dummies. This will not outright kill the training dummies at full HP so it is still required to do the setup.


This is absolutely crucial in earning Primogems and you should not skip this at all. This is also doable in co-op mode. Always complete your dailies and if you manage to find one difficult, you can do another daily commission in another player’s world or check out more articles on the site.