The Trials of Tianqiu questline in Genshin Impact is a bit tricky and you can find yourself stuck in a particular challenge or puzzle.

It involves multiple challenges to complete the trial and this guide will show you how to complete it step-by-step.

There’s a short clip for visual aid to help make it clearer as well.

Completing the Monster Challenge

The first and easiest challenge here is the combat challenge. It is just an ordinary monster challenge that you can see while exploring the world. The only difference is that you will go through 3 of these monster challenges in increasing difficulty. Keep your eye on those exploding barrels.

Use a ranged character or a bow-wielding characters like Fischl, Amber and Venti. Overall, it can be done with any party combinations and as long as you know how to use your elements.

Completing the Puzzle

The puzzle in the Trials of Tianqiu involves lighting things up with Pyro. You will need to use Amber, specifically, for this puzzle. The hardest puzzle to solve here will be the 5 torches you have to light up with a star marking in the middle. Each point of the star corresponds to one torch.

The only thing you need to know to solve the star puzzle is that lighting up a torch will light the connecting torches to it. If the connecting torches are already lit, they will get unlit.

Completing the Parkour Challenge

In my opinion, this is the hardest challenge to do in the Trials of Tianqiu. It is probably why you are reading this right now. The platforms might look like the way to go where you will climb the lowest platform and just from one platform to the next higher platform. You will not be able to do that because it is just too far.

The best strategy is to find the highest platform from the start. Climb the pillar supporting that platform and reach the highest point you can. Once you reach the highest point of the pillar, jump and immediately use your wings to slow down your fall so you can reach the broken platform just behind you. If you do not glide instantly after jumping, you will not reach the broken platform next to you. Try spamming the jump button while on the pillar while only pressing the back button once to get off the pillar.

You will do that twice on the same pillar but at that point, you can also choose to jump onto the other wooden platform if you want. The video above will show it all including what happens after the challenge and the chests you can get after.


This is only one of the confusing world quests around that you might find yourself stuck on. If you find yourself stuck, you should really push on trying to finish it because the game does not allow you to track multiple objectives at once and you might forget about your progress when you skip it. It is also a great way to attain Primogems and adventure rank. Keep your eye on future articles for tricky these tricky questlines.