Unlocking the Cecilia Garden domain can be difficult because of the secrets you have to find in the area surrounding it. This guide will show you how to unlock the Cecilia Garden domain and what you can get from the domain in Genshin Impact.

What is Cecilia Garden?

The Cecilia Garden is one of the first domains you will unlock in Genshin Impact. It is a domain that drops weapon ascension materials and has 4 different difficulties to choose from. These weapon ascension materials change daily and each difficulty increase adds the next tier of weapon ascension material.

Activating the 4 Spirit Statues

Cecilia Garden Domain 1

Unlocking domains can be quite puzzling and Cecilia Garden is no different. You will see several mobs surrounding the domain and you need to clear them all up. Once they are all cleared, focus on the 4 spirit statues you see before the domain gate. You will see several spirits floating around the vicinity and you will guide them to each of these statues. These spirits are called Seelies and should not be confused with the other flying creatures like Crystalflies.

Some will require some mobs to get killed so the Seelie can follow you. As long as you are near the Seelie, they will continue to go to their respective statue no matter which direction you are facing. The first 3 Seelies are easy to find but the last one is hidden.

Cecilia Garden HIdden Rock

When you are looking directly at Cecilia Garden’s domain gate from the statues, head north-east until you find an electro crystal near a wall. The wall is plain and can be deceiving because breakable rocks usually have several cracks on them. This stone wall looks plain and just try hitting it with your weapon and it will disappear. You will see the last Seelie hiding here and guide it right back to the statue in the middle to finally unlock the Cecilia Garden domain.

Cecilia Garden Rewards

Cecilia Garden Rewards Rotation

These are the material rotations for each of the weapon types. Make sure you always have Fragile Resins to replenish your Original Resin if ever you desperately need materials to farm. Each run can drop more than 2 weapon ascension materials so if you need 2 or 3 materials to ascend a specific weapon, sometimes you just need a single run to get what you need. You can save more Original Resin as world bosses drop rarer artifacts that are harder to get.

Cecilia Garden Rewards

Like mentioned before, each difficulty tier also adds the next tier of weapon ascending materials. The difficulty goes up each time and you will probably need your characters ascended multiple times to get your recommended party level up.


This is one of the closest domains to the main city, Mondstadt. This is also the first domain you will farm for weapon ascension materials and it is also playable in co-op mode as long as your party needs the same materials you need. This can also be a valuable waypoint you can teleport to on the map and can be really useful considering how big Teyvat is.