Humankind is a game that in many ways simulates the advance of many civilizations throughout history, and that includes impressive achievements such as finding and preserving Natural Wonders but also creating Cultural Wonders.

This guide will help you learn how to claim a wonder and also to understand the differences between Natural and Cultural wonders in the game.

Claiming a Natural Wonder

Natural Wonders are unique terrains that can be found throughout your game map. They are somewhat random, so different wonders will show up in different biomes every time you play.

Finding the first Natural Wonder is a big deal in Humankind since it awards +50 Fame to the first Empire to find one due to the Competitive Deeds, so it might be one of the things that give you a competitive edge against other players.

In order to claim a Natural Wonder, all that you need is to claim the Territory where the Wonder is located.

When a Natural Wonder is discovered, your Empire will gain +30 Science as long as the discovery was made during or after the Ancient Era.

These are all the Natural Wonders in Humankind:

Danakil Desert “Intense heat, sulfur springs, and smoking mountains greet the traveler who crosses this unforgiving landscape.”
Great Barrier Reef “Guided by the constellations, ancient peoples have navigated these colorful, fecund waters for generations beyond count.”
Great Blue Hole“All manner of sea creatures stalk the hole’s uncharted depths, from sharks to gobies to angelfish.”
Gunung Mulu“The caves beneath the striking pinnacled mountainside is said to be home to endless bats, bottomless shafts, and lost souls.”
Hạ Long Bay“Meaning ‘descending dragon’ bay, these islets are said to have long ago protected mainlanders from invaders of the seas.”
Kawah Ijen“Folklore abounds regarding the violent eruptions and blue fire, but it is the disfiguring rocks at Kawah Ijen’s heart that most frighten.”

This Wonder also grants +1 to Vision Range
Lake Baikal“Legend has it the lake’s waters came after a people’s prayers were answered following a great firestarting earthquake.”
Lake Hillier“A sight more likely found in the unreality of dreamtime than in waking hours, the lake is a place of spiritual rejuvenation.”
Mount EverestBelieved blessed with spiritual energy, one should show deep reverence in this sacred landscape.
Mount Roraima“With sheer cliffs and a plateau often hidden by low-hanging clouds, the peak inspires awe to those in its foothills.”
Mount Vesuvius“A smoldering presence dominating the skyline, inspiring awe and fear in equal measure.”
Perito Moreno Glacier“The creeping glacier is a sobering reminder that the span of a human life is but a blink of an eye in the story of the world.”
Vinicunca“A site of daily worship and offerings, the sweeping mountain range is a testament to greater forces.”
YellowstoneLegends say the caldera with its hot springs and bubbling geysers will one day roar again with almighty rage.

Wonders provide +10 Money, +10 Stability, and +5 Influence to the City or Outpost that is in the same Territory.

On top of that, there are certain wonders that also grant special bonuses, like the Lake Baikal. It adds +2 to Industry and +1 to Vision Range of the Outpost that is in the same Territory of the Wonder.

Cultural Wonders

Cultural Wonders, unlike Natural ones, are men made. They are unique Districts that provide Fame and can provide bonuses to the Empire that built it. Cultural Wonders are also produced through shared projects, making it possible to rush a Cultural Wonder if your Empire has several cities.

Every Cultural Wonder grants 100 Fame upon completion, and it also gives Stability to the City from the same Territory. There are at least three different Cultural Wonders per Era after the Neolithic one.

To claim a Cultural Wonder, your Empire has to be at least in the Ancient Era. You also need to be constantly increasing your amount of Influence.

Go to Cities and Outposts. Once the menu opens, you should see a button with the text “Show unclaimed wonders.”

Once you click it, you will be able to see all the wonders that you and other players have claimed. As soon as you finish building one, you can claim another one.

Final Thoughts

Natural Wonders can provide small advantages to your resources income, and Cultural Wonders will grant Fame, and gathering more Fame than the adversaries is pretty much how you win a game of Humankind.

Make sure you have enough Influence to claim territories when you’re first exploring the map because you don’t want to lose those Territories with wonders.

On top of that, make sure that you are always building a Cultural Wonder if you have the resources to do it.

In the end, Wonders work as extra beneficial districts, and you must analyze if they will complement your strategy to win the game.