Humankind is a complex game with many interesting insights and inspirations based on history.

There are ten different historical cultures per era — after the Neolithic era that you start in — and players must consider their Legacy Traits when strategizing their Empire’s path towards victory.

Legacy Traits work as unique characteristics of each culture that intend to simulate the advantages and advances of the civilizations represented in the game.

Understanding Legacy Traits is just one of the many tips for Humankind beginners that can make a huge difference on the long run.

But what do Legacy Traits do? How do they work? Here you will find the answer to that and a complete guide to all Legacy Traits in Humankind.

How Legacy Traits Work

Acient Era

Legacy Traits are features that provide bonuses. They work as a passive ability that is added to your Empire, such as Unit Modification, Lower Cost, Extra Resources, and more.

For instance, the Olmecs’ Natural Harmony Legacy Trait provides a +1 Influence bonus on Territory, and it also adds the Emblematic District Olmec Head to the player’s possible constructions. Another example is the Khmers’ Servants of Magnificence Legacy Trait, which grants +3 Industry on Markers Quarter.

Legacy Traits are not lost when an Empire adopts a new culture, which means that Empires will combine Legacy Traits of all their cultures when they advance to a new Era.

Here are the Legacy Traits of all Cultures throughout all Eras of Humankind:

All Legacy Traits in Humankind

Neolithic Era

Nomadic TribeNeolithic+1 Industry per Population on a City or Outpost
+1 Food per Population on a City or Outpost
+1 Science per Population on a City or Outpost

Ancient Era

AssyriansRaid Masters+1 Land Movement Speed on Unit
+5 Combat Strength bonus when Ransacking on Army
BabyloniansBrilliant Philosophers+2 Science per researched technologies on Capital
EgyptiansGrand Planners+1 Industry on Tile producing Industry
-10% on District Industry cost 
HarappansFertile Inundations+1 Food on Tile producing Food Food
+1 Food on River
HittitesLust for War+1 Combat Strength
MycenaeansBrutal Upbringing-20% on Unit Industry Cost
+25% experience on creating Units on a City or Outpost
NubiansGolden Dreams+5 Money on Luxury Resource deposit
+5 Money on Strategic Resource deposit
OlmecsNatural Harmony+1 Influence on Territory
PhoeniciansTrading Pioneers+2 Money per Traders on a City or Outpost
ZhouHarmonious Thought+2 Stability on District

Classical Era

Achaemenid PersiansCyrus’ Shadow+2 City Cap
+2 Stability on a City or Outpost
AksumitesHorn of Plenty+2 Money on Tile producing Money
CarthaginiansHard Bargainers-25% on all Constructible Buyout costs
CeltsDruidic Lore+2 Food per Farmers on a City or Outpost
GothsClassical+10 Combat Strength from Ransacking on Unit
+2 Influence on Garrison
GreeksSocratic Methods+2 Science per Researchers on a City or Outpost
HunsFormidable Steeds+2 Combat Strength on Cavalry Units
MauryansGuiding Light+1 Influence on Emblematic District
-10% on Attach Outpost cost
MayaTireless Spirit+2 Industry per Workers on a City or Outpost
RomansLegion’s Finest+1 Unit slot available for each Army
-30% Army Upkeep on Army

Medieval Era

AztecsHuitzilopochtli’s Legacy+2 Land Movement Speed on Units
-20% on Units Industry Cost
ByzantinesMaster of Whispers+5% Money per Alliance on all Cities
EnglishSerfs’ Labor+7 Food per number of attached Territories on a City or Outpost
FranksCrown Lands+10% Influence
GhanaiansLife of Luxury+5 Money per Number of accesses to Luxury Resources
+5 Money per Number of accesses to Strategic Resources
KhmerServants of Magnificence+3 Industry on Markers Quarter
MongolsMounted Mayhem100% ransack on Army
NorsemanStormborn+3 Naval Movement Speed on Naval Units
+2 Combat Strength on Naval Units
TeutonsSpurred by Faith+1 Money per State Religion Follower
+1 Science per State Religion Follower
UmayyadsLearned Friends+5% Science per Alliance on all Cities

Early Modern Era

DutchStock Wisdom+1 Money per Population on all Cities
Edo JapaneseShogun’s Authority+1 Influence per Population on City or Outpost
HaudenosauneeLand of Plenty+1 Food on Exploitation
JoseonHall of Worthies+3 Science on Tile producing Science
MingGrand Secretariat-25% to the cost of enacting Civic
-25% to the cost of revoking Civic
+1 Influence on Territory
MughalsImperial Magnificence+2% Industry per number of Territories in your Sphere of Influence on Capital
OttomansSupremacy of Fire-50% on Heavy Weapon Industry cost
+3 Strength Combat Strength on Heavy Weapon
PolesDeadly Ramparts+10 Fortification on District
+2 Stability on District
SpanishHonor and Glory+3 Combat Strength on Units starting their turn in a non-allied Territory
VenetiansSilver Tongues+1 Money per number of Trade Routes on City or Outpost
+2 Money Money per number of Naval Trade Routes on City or Outpost

Industrial Era

Austro-HungariansEmperor’s Hand+1 Influence on District
+1 Influence on Emblematic District
BritishColonial Riches+10 Money per number of attached Territories on Capital
+10 Science per number of attached Territories on Capital
FrenchEnlightened Thinking+10% Science on all Cities
GermansIron Ordnance+3 Combat Strength on Naval Unit
+3 Combat Strength on Air Unit
-20% on Unit Industry Industry cost
ItaliansInspiring Virtuosos+10 Stability on Stability Commons Quarter
+1 Influence on Stability Commons Quarter
-50% on Commons Quarter Industry Industry cost
MexicansFields of Gold+10% Food on all Cities
PersiansMighty Works-25% Industry cost to Shared Project
‘-25% Industry cost to all Constructables
RussiansLand and Glory+10 experience on creating Unit per number of attached Territories on all Cities
+10 War Support increased when capturing a City on Relations
SiameseGilded Orchids+3 Industry per District on all Cities
+1 Money generated from on-going Trade on all Cities
ZuluWarrior’s Pride+50% Health regeneration on Unit
+2 Combat Strength on Units starting their turn in an allied Territory

Contemporary Era

AmericansAmerican Exceptionalism+10 Influence on Resources being sold
+1 Money generated from on-going Trade on City or Outpost
AustraliansDream Weavers+20% Industry on all Cities
BraziliansLungs of the Planet+3 Food on Tile Producing Food
ChineseSilk Railroad+10% Money on all Cities
EgyptiansValley of Kings+4 Influence on Emblematic District
IndiansEconomic Elephant+3 Influence on Territory
+10 Money per Number of Territories in your sphere of influence
JapaneseBlossoming Innovation-20% on all Technology cost when researching
SovietsRed Tide-20% on Unit Industry cost
+3 Combat Strength on Unit
SwedesPrize Science+1 Science per District on all Cities
+3 Science on Science Research Quarter
TurksPeople’s Reforms+1 Food per Population on all Cities

Final Thoughts

Knowing how Legacy Traits work and using them to guide your strategies might help you earn Era Stars faster.

Making good use of Legacy Traits and combining them to make sure your Empire is stable and powerful might be a good way to win a game of Humankind.

Now, go play a few games and try to find out what combination of Legacy Traits works better for you!