Era Stars are the achievements that define how closer you are to the next Era. There are seven different categories of objectives that can grant you Era Stars, each associated with a different affinity.

There are seven culture affinities in the game: Aesthete, Agrarian, Builder, Expansionist, Merchant, Militarist, and Scientist. Each affinity has three Era Stars to unlock in an Era.

Earning Era Stars quickly is the best way to have a technological advantage over the other empires. Earning Era Stars is also a way to gain Fame.

Once an empire is an Era ahead of the others, they start getting Era Stars every turn so they can catch up. However, Era Stars earned that way do not provide any Fame to the Empire.

Here’s how to earn Era Stars fast in Humankind.

Gather Food During the Neolithic Era

During the Neolithic Era, the quickest way to Earn an Era Star is by going for the Growth Star, which demands you to “have 5 Population and/or Units within your Empire.”

To multiply your Hunting Party unit, you need food. It can come from food tiles or mammals. Do your best to gather as much food as you can quickly. You will earn an Era Star as soon as you have five units.

As a consequence of looking for food, you might end up hunting a few animals and therefore earning another Era Star. The Hunter Star requires you to “hunt a total of 5 Animal Units.”

Assess the Era Stars of Your Current Era

Once you advance to the Ancient Era, the quickest and most straightforward way to gather Era Stars quickly is taking some time to analyze which ones will be easier for you to get given your location on the map and Culture you chose.

Click on the icon that is in the top left corner of your screen and check what is the current age and the objectives that you must complete in order to gather Era Stars.

Note that gathering Fame is how you win a game of Humankind, not collecting Era Stars quickly. Earning Era Stars that are associated with your Culture’s affinities is going to provide more Fame to your Empire.

However, working towards Fame and advancing quickly through the Eras do not have to be two different things. There is a chance players will find intersections in both objectives. Besides, advancing the Empire’s technology quickly might be a valid tactic to ensure victory in the long run.

The Era Star requirements might vary significantly.

Military Stars might involve destroying units from another empire, while Scientist Stars might be just about developing new technologies.

There really isn’t a general fast way to gather stars besides knowing what your Culture can do best and going for it. Although it can take a while to get used to it, it is something that you might learn naturally throughout the game.

Just keep in mind that advancing through the Eras might grant you an advantage, but it isn’t the game’s win condition. Make sure you know what to do in order to win a game of Humankind.