Humankind is a turn-based historical strategy game where the goal is to lead your tribe to victory. You will be doing it through good leadership skills, resourcefulness, and military power.

In this game, players make constant use of units. Units are the moveable entities that you control to explore, battle, and conquer during a match. When combined, these units make an army.

Although most units in the game are military, they are not all the same. Each type of unit has different strengths that can give a tremendous tactical advantage for those who know how to use them.

This guide is going to teach you how to make military in Humankind.

Making a Unit

In Humankind, you must have claimed your first territory and built a city in order to make units, which will put an end to your nomadic phase.

In order to have a unit created, go to your City and add them to the main production queue. It will find it on the window that pops up on the right side of the screen once you click on your City.

By clicking on what you want the city to produce, a queue will be formed showing how many turns it takes for you to get what you requested. You can also just purchase Military Units with Money.

Check the construction queue on the City window. The next unit to be ready should show up there. Under its name, you will find its cost in gold and a BUYOUT option that instantly builds the unit.

All land units will be spawned at the City Center, but this can be changed with the addition of Districts. Emblematic Districts and the Garrison also work as spawn points for land units if the player wants to do it.

When it comes to naval units, you will need a harbor to produce them. A Harbor replacement Emblematic District also works for that purpose.

Air units are slightly more complex to produce because they are separated into two different types. You will need an Aerodrome to produce the air-based combat ones. However, it won’t work for the missile-based units. To make those, you need a Missile Silo in a city.

How to Make an Army

Players can group up units to make an army. They can travel the map as a single unit and fight with a combined strength of multiple units.

If all spawned units stand in the same hex when created, they will be combined into an army. However, players can do it manually as well.

All you need to make an army is to move a unit to the same hex where another one is standing. Note that armies have a maximum composition. As long as you do not try to put more units together than your composition allows you to, they should all share a hexagon when combined.

Armies can attack, claim territory, ransack, and more. Knowing how to use each action and unit will make a huge difference to your Empire.

Army and Unit Actions

There are some basic commands that you can give to pretty much any unit or army in the game:

  • Move: That is how far in hexagons an army can move before the next turn. The slowest unit within an army determines the maximum distance they can go within a turn.
  • Attack: as clear as the name of the action. Use it to attack other units.
  • Claim Territory: In order to perform any action in a section of the map, Empires have to claim a territory by building a city or an outpost in it.
  • Ransack: This is an army action that takes several turns to end. This action destroys tiles with constructions such as cities or outposts and gives a reward to the owner of the army performing the action.
  • Clear Forest: Clears a forest tile for an Industry Boost in that same tile
  • Skip One Turn: The unit or army does not move
  • Auto-Explore: The unit or army explores on its own when the turn starts

Please note that some units might have unique actions that will depend on their class, unlike the generic Army Actions that all units can perform.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a military unit and how to combine them into an army, go check what makes each type of unit different from the others.

Part of the fun in a strategy game is coming up with new tactics to ensure your victory. Combining units and using them for different purposes play a big role in the game.

Make sure you have an army with fast units for exploration and the right combination of battle units for war. There are many ways to combine units, and it might take some time to find the most effective compositions since context plays a big part in that.

You can always feel free to check out some of our Humankind beginner tips to make the most of the game.