In my mission to get better at Mario Strikers, I’ve been experimenting a lot with team builds; different characters and different gear, and the use of certain characters in specific areas of the pitch.

Whilst completing Cup Battles on the ‘Galactic’ difficulty, I managed to stumble across a totally overpowered Toad build as I tried to overcome all types of different squads.

In this guide, I’m going to share the best gear for Toad so that you can copy this totally OP Toad setup.

I’ve tried various Toad classes and I’m confident this is my favorite by far. Try it out and see what you think, but remember that a lot of this comes down to personal play style.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the most exciting part. This setup gives you a maximum 25/25 speed. It’s extremely fun to use but is also genuinely effective.

Best Toad Gear in Mario Strikers

Head: Turbo Helmet (Cost: 100 coins)

Arms: Turbo Gloves (Cost: 100 coins)

Body: Muscle Chest (Cost: 100 coins)

Legs: Bushido Sandals (Cost: 300 coins)

Best Toad Attributes

By using the recommended Toad gear above, you’ll be left with attributes of:

  • Strength: 8/25
  • Speed: 25/25
  • Shooting: 8/25
  • Passing: 14/25
  • Technique: 8/25

The most important part is that you pick Toad second or third on your team.

You don’t want Toad to be your first pick, i.e. your captain, and you don’t want them to be your fourth pick. This is because you want them to play on the wing, rather than in the middle of the pitch. They’re too weak and ineffective at shooting to be central.

Get Toad out wide and pair them with a stronger fast character on your other wing (Waluigi is my go-to) so you have balance. To be clear: you don’t want two of these Toads on your squad, no matter how tempting it may be!

The reason this Toad build is so great as a member of your squad is because it’s not all speed. There is another way to get 25 speed but you’re left with just 4 strength – half as much as we have here.

The secret to this build is the Bushido Sandals:

bushido sandals

If you don’t have these, check out how to unlock gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Whilst 8 strength isn’t anything to call home about, the 14 passing is really effective.

The way to play with Toad in this setup is to sprint down the wings and pass or cross the ball into another character that possesses better shooting and technique.

Toad is also great for rebounds – being so quick is exceptional for following up on chances, and he doesn’t need high shooting or technique attributes to score tap-ins when the goalkeeper is stunned from saving a previous powerful shot.

I hope you enjoy using this max speed gear build!

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