I had 8,402 coins on Mario Strikers in less than 24 hours after first purchasing the game (including spending time on sleeping, working and life).

This is on top of the fact that I spent coins on all the gear that I wanted to use across all of my characters.

So, how did I do it?

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get coins fast in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

The Best Way to Farm Coins

Unfortunately there isn’t a repeatable way to farm coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League, but there is a way to get a lot of coins quickly one time around.

The way to do this is to play through the ‘Cup Battles’ mode in the main menu.

Within Cup Battles, you’ll start on the ‘Normal’ difficulty. For every cup win you pick up, you’ll get 500 coins. Across six cups, this is 3,000 coins.

normal mode completed coins

If you win every match, you’ll only need to play three games per cup. This means you can get 3,000 coins for playing just 18 games on Normal difficulty.

After completing Normal difficulty, you’ll unlock new gear in Mario Strikers and you’ll also be able to play on the much tougher ‘Galactic’ difficulty.

You’ll get 1,000 coins for every cup win on the Galactic mode.

You can play through six cups again therefore earn 6,000 coins. You will have to get good at Mario Strikers to win these tournaments.

After completing all of the Normal and Galactic competitions, which I’d estimate took me around 4 hours of play overall, you should have just below 9,000 coins. This is assuming you’ve spent some coins on gear and didn’t waste too many coins on rematches (something you can do if you lose the final of tournaments).

galactic mode completed 1000 coins

This is comfortably enough money to buy every piece of gear you want to use for every character.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to continually farm coins in Mario Strikers. If you want to win the Normal difficulty cups over and over, you’ll only get 50 coins each time. You’ll get 100 coins for wins on Galactic.

You don’t earn many coins when playing with friends unless you’re playing together as part of the Strikers Club game mode, but even that isn’t too lucrative.

Have you found any other great ways to make coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League?