You’ll be looking out for some of the best potions out there when you get into potion making. The potion of weakness is definitely on that list.

This very useful potion will weaken your opponent, giving you a chance to win in combat, but it can also be used in other cases.

In this article we will show you the process of brewing a potion of weakness in Minecraft.

How to Make a Brewing Stand

You will need to make a brewing stand before you start making any kind of potion. This is a whole process of its own. You will need:

  • 1 blaze rod
  • 3 cobblestone (or any other cobblestone-type block)

Finding blaze rods is the trickiest part of this recipe, because it requires you to find a Nether fort in the Nether. There you will have to fight and kill blazes which drop the blaze rods.

Blaze rods can be used to craft plenty of other things, including blaze powder which is an important material you will need to actually cook your potions.

Brewing a Potion of Weakness

When you place your brewing stand down you can start working on your potion.

The first thing you will have to get is a water bottle. Make a regular glass pot and fill it with water. Add it to your brewing stand on one of the bottom slots. This is your potion’s base.

Then add a fermented spider eye on the top slot and blaze powder for fuel on the slot to the very left.

This is not all. You can’t use this potion on anyone other than yourself.

To use it on other people you will have to turn it into a splash potion of weakness.

To make a splash potion you will have to brew your potion one more time with gun powder in the upper slot. This can be done to any potion to turn it into its splash version.

How to Use Weakness

If you didn’t turn your potion of weakness into a splash potion, only you or whoever holds the potion will be able to drink it. This means the drinker will be given the debuff.

With a splash potion you can force this effect by throwing it on enemies.

A splash potion is thrown like a snowball. It shatters on hit and creates a cloud that inflicts the potion’s effect on anyone in it. This is the main way you want to use your splash potion of weakness.

Throw it at an enemy and make sure you’re not close enough to be affected.

The weakness effect will lower damage by 4, which equals to 2 hearts of damage.

This can last up to 4 minutes if you upgrade the potion’s effect further.

You can also use it outside of combat. When wanting to cure a zombified villager, you actually have to inflict weakness on it before feeding it a golden apple.

Splash potions are the easiest way to do so.

What to do Next

Now you know how to weaken your enemies in combat, but for all those enemies with lots of health you will still need to make yourself stronger as well.

If you want stronger attacks, you will have to brew a potion of strength for yourself.