There are various types of potions in Minecraft. Among the diverse alternatives, strength potions stand out for their usefulness in enhancing the player’s combat and productivity.

A strength potion in Minecraft is a viable consumable to use when dueling high-tier mobs in single-player. Additionally, engaging in PvP battles with a strength potion can significantly turn the odds in your favor.

Potions in Minecraft can feel highly complex to make; you must gather specific items and follow a thorough process to create unique potions; with potions of strength, it is no different.

Let’s discuss how to make strength potions in Minecraft to clarify this alchemy-related activity inside the game.


In Minecraft, potions are consumables that you can either craft or loot. The main advantages of potions in the game are their effects, which generally act positively on the player. There are around 28 types of potions in Minecraft.

Every potion in Minecraft demands a specific recipe. In addition, each potion type grants either an instant or a time-based effect. For example, healing potions heal the player instantly, whereas regeneration potions will heal the player gradually.

The most conventional method of acquiring potions is crafting them on a brewing stand. You can get a brewing stand inside igloos, the village’s alchemist’s home, or by crafting them on a crafting table. To craft a brewing stand, you’ll need a blaze rod and three units of cobblestone.

Minecraft Brewing Stand Recipe

  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • 3 Cobblestone Blocks

The crafting recipe for a brewing stand is:

There is a chance of finding potions inside chests in ancient cities and buried treasures. Witches and wandering traders might also drop potions upon death.

Among different categories of potions, strength potions stand as combat resources. Let’s discuss them a bit deeper.

Strength Potions

Potions in the strength category only operate towards instant effects. Even so, the instant effect generally lasts from 1:30 to 8 minutes.

The primary effect of a strength potion is to increase the player’s melee damage. There are different tiers of strength potions. They are:

  • Potion of Strength – Increases melee damage by three health points for three minutes.
  • Potion of Strength II – Increases melee damage by six health points for one and a half minutes.
  • Potion of Strength + (plus) – Increases melee damage by three health points for eight minutes.

Apart from regular potions, we can also craft splash and lingering potions. In this case, they’ll have the same effects as regular potions but will last for a different time. They’ll also function differently; you must throw a splash potion to see any effect.

On the other hand, a lingering potion also needs to be thrown but will operate on a particular radius, kind of like a smoke bomb.

Crafting Strength Potions

To craft potions of strength, you’ll need to access a brewing stand, put blaze powder on the fuel panel, add an awkward potion as the base element of the brewing process, and place a blaze powder on the reagent slot, which is the top square of the brewing stand’s GUI.

The result of the process above will be a regular potion of strength.

Minecraft Glass Bottle Recipe

  • 3 Glass Blocks

First, craft glass vials and fill them with water. The recipe for glass bottle is:

Understanding the Brewing Stand

You’ll need to understand the brewing stand’s working process to craft a strength potion. This type of crafting block has a somewhat complex GUI: you’ll notice four main slot panels, one on the top and three on the bottom. Finally, a fuel panel sits on the GUI’s corner.

The top panel is where you’ll place the ingredients; putting different ingredients on this panel results in distinctive potions with other effects.

On the three bottom panels, you’ll need to place base elements, which in the case of Minecraft, are water bottles, mundane potions, and awkward potions. More specifically, the ideal base element is an awkward potion to create useful potions.

To craft an awkward potion in Minecraft, open the brewing stand and place a “Nether Wart” unit on the top panel and three regular water bottles on the bottom ones. Don’t forget the blaze powder in the fuel slot.

Just to illustrate this better, if you use a regular water bottle with the potion of strength’s ingredient (blaze powder), you won’t get a potion of strength. Instead, the resulting item will be a mundane potion, which is useless for us now.

So, the first step is to create regular water bottles and mix them with Nether wart on a brewing stand. After the brew, you’ll have awkward potions, which you’ll place again on the brewing stand along with blaze powder on the ingredient’s panel.

The process above works for every “effect” potion; to create a different one, replace “Blaze powder” on the ingredient panel. So, to create a “resistance potion,” you’ll need to mix its ingredients with “awkward potions.” Always put the ingredient on the top panel.

The Usefulness of Strength Potions in Minecraft

Minecraft is a limitless game that offers players a significant amount of freedom. In this sense, you can choose to play the game through different play styles. For example, your gameplay can be combat-centered, exploration-centered, craft-centered, etc.

Potions in Minecraft can be helpful for all kinds of situations, and strength potions are particularly valuable in specific contexts.

For PvE

The main benefit of having strength potions is enhancing your prospects in combat situations. For example, after consuming a strength potion in PvE, you can instantly kill most enemy mobs depending on the sword you’re wielding.

With an enchanted Netherite sword, arguably the best weapon in Minecraft, and a potion of strength running on the character’s veins, you’ll quickly deal 21 health points on regular blows, enough to kill Blazes, Creepers, Drowned, etc. On a single hit.

Furthermore, with the same sword above, you might also hit a critical blow, which you can achieve by jumping and striking mid-air. In that case, you’ll cut 24 health points, allowing you to kill more powerful enemy mobs such as vindicators, pillagers, and evokers instantly.

Additionally, in the same situation as above, enemies such as enderman, witches, shulkers, and zoglins can fall with just two critical strikes.

For PvP

For PvP, the strength potion also makes an impactful presence. When using it with an enchanted netherite sword, you’ll be able to strike 21 health points from players on regular blows. This type of damage can instantly kill “naked” players.

Considering that players often wear enchanted high-tier armors in PvP, you’ll have to hit a few extra blows to win a fight.

Consider that if the opponent player has full netherite armor, his damage resistance stacks to 80%. In this case, he’ll only receive 20% of the damage you inflict. So, 20% of 21 equals 4.2, which is the damage per hit you’ll deal with the potion and sword mentioned above.

Consequently, you’ll need to strike the player at least five times with regular blows to defeat them.

In a more difficult PvP situation, the player’s netherite armor can be fully enchanted with “Protection V,” the higher defensive bonus. In this case, they’ll have 96% damage resistance, meaning they’ll receive 0.84 damage from 21-damage strikes.

As a result, you’ll have to strike the player with at least 24 regular blows to defeat them or 20 critical ones.