Potion making is a late game mechanic that can really help boost your chances in combat – whether you are going up against a friend in PVP or preparing to fight one of the many bosses in Minecraft.

Potions are a way to give yourself additional buffs when you have long maxed out your enchantments. Pairing the two together can make you a formidable foe in combat.

However, to make potions you have to have ingredients and not all of them are that easy to come by. In fact, some ingredients you will not encounter or need until you are ready to put them in a potion and one of these is a fermented spider eye.

In this article we will show you how to make a fermented spider eye and what potions you can use it in.

Fermented Spider Eye Recipe

  • 1 brown mushroom
  • 1 sugar
  • 1 spider eye

As the name suggests, a fermented spider eye’s main ingredient is, well, a spider eye. Spider eyes are dropped by spiders upon death and are an easy item to get a hold of.

Sugar can be obtained from sugar cane and brown mushrooms can be obtained in certain biomes. You can also farm them by making a mushroom farm underground.

You can put these ingredients together in your inventory crafting bar or on a crafting table.

Fermented spider eye

For all the potions we will be mentioning in this article, you will need a fermented spider eye for each of them. So if you are going to be building a very large potion inventory or going on a long adventure you may want to consider stacking up on spider eyes.

You can do so easily with a spider mob spawner farm.

Using Fermented Spider Eyes

To make any kind of potion you will first have to get your hands on blaze rods and craft yourself a brewing stand.

Then, once you have that and your fermented spider eyes you can start making some of the very useful potions that can be made with this ingredient. In total there are 4 different usable potions you can make.

For most of these recipes you will need not just the spider eye, but also other potions to combine them all together, because the spider eye acts like an upgrade, or downgrade, to many of them.

For all the negative affects each potion on our list has the fermented spider eye will make it much more potent and worse. The fermented spider eye can turn a potion of healing into a potion that will instantly damage anyone who drinks it or is splashed by it!

Do not forget that in order to use a brewing stand you will also need plenty of blaze powder.

Potion of Weakness Recipe

  • water bottle
  • fermented spider eye

A potion of weakness is a potion that reduces melee damage of whoever drinks to potion, either for 1.5 or 4 minutes. Depending on the version you play the damage is reduced by two hearts or by 20% of the total damage that is being dealt.

Of all the other potions, the potion of weakness is the simplest potion to make, because it only requires a water bottle and a fermented spider eye.

It does not require you to make any other potions before making it.

Potion of Weakness

Potion of Harming Recipe

  • Fermented spider eye
  • Potion of Healing OR potion of Poison

This potion will instantly damage anyone that drinks it by 3 hearts. At level 2 this damage will be increased to 6 hearts of damage.

The potion doesn’t work the best on its own, because most people will not drink something called a potion of harming. However, this can be upgraded by adding gunpowder to the mixture in order to make it a splashing potion of harming.

That way you can throw the potion at people to inflict instant damage. Of course, the same potion can accidentally damage you or anyone else if you are in its radius.

Potion of Slowness Recipe

  • Fermented spider eye
  • Potion of swiftness OR potion of leaping

This is another potion recipe that is best upgraded to being a splash potion, because its effect is more negative than positive.

The potion of slowness slows down the affected mob or person by 15% at tier 1 and up to 60% at tier 2.

There will rarely ever need to be a reason for you to use it on yourself, but using it as a splash potion against an opponent in PVP or even against a fast baby zombie in singleplayer can allow you to make a quick getaway to safety.

Potion of Invisibility Recipe

  • Fermented spider eye
  • Potion of night vision

A useful potion that can also help you evade combat or even sneak by your fellow players is the potion of invisibility.

Depending on the tier, the potion of invisibility will make the player turn invisible for 3 (at tier 1) or 8 minutes (at tier 2). However, you will not be made entirely invisible and unnoticable.

Mobs will still be able to detect you if you come very close to them.

Your items will also not go invisible with you. Things like certain items you hold and your armor will still remain visible and allow Mobs to spot you from farther away while under the effect of the potion.

The best way to use the potion is empty handed and without any armor on.

Inv potion

If you are looking for potions that will help keep you alive during combat, then you may be interested in Minecraft’s healing potions instead.

There are different kinds and it is always good to know how to pick out the best one for you.