Torches and lanterns are not always enough. Even when you light up an area well and stop monsters from spawning, it won’t always feel like there is enough light.

It also gets pretty dark underwater too.

This is where the night vision potion comes in handy. It’s a potion that will allow you to see in the dark both above and below water, just like it’s daytime.

In this article we will show you how to craft this potion.

Minecraft Brewing Stand Recipe

  • 1 blaze rod
  • 3 cobblestone blocks

You will be doing all of your potion making on a brewing stand, so it’s important that you make one. You will have to go into the Nether to find the blaze rods to build one.

Make sure to stock up on the blaze rods as much as you can, because you also use them to make blaze powder.

Blaze powder is the main fuel you use in a brewing stand.

To make a brewing stand, arrange the ingredients like you can see in the image below.

Minecraft Potion of Night Vision Recipe

  • 1 bottle of water
  • 1 nether wart
  • 1 golden carrot
  • Blaze powder

Now that you have a brewing stand and you have placed it down you can finally get to crafting a potion. There are 2 steps to a basic Night Vision potion.

The first one is combining a bottle of water with nether wart in the brewing stand interface. To do this you will need blaze powder as fuel to actually brew this potion.

This will give you an awkward potion.

Then you will combine the golden carrot with the awkward potion by brewing them together. You will need blaze powder for this step as well. After this you will have a basic night vision potion that lasts 3 minutes.

How to Get a Golden Carrot

Making a golden carrot is simple as long as you have a carrot and some gold. Similarly to making a golden apple, a golden carrot is made with gold nuggets instead of gold ingots.

Place your carrot in the center of the crafting table and surround it with the nuggets.

You can also use a golden carrot in survival by eating it to gain hunger saturation.

Upgrading the Potion

Just like any potion, even the potion of night vision can actually be upgraded in different ways. You can change the type of potion it is as well as how long its effect lasts.

The basic upgrade you can do is the one that prolongs its effect.

At level 1 the potion of night vision lasts only 3 minutes, but this can be extended to a total of 8 minutes. You can do this by brewing your potion one more time with redstone dust.

Though, you can upgrade it in other ways.

You can turn your potion into a splash potion and also into a lingering potion.

A splash potion can be created by brewing the potion with gunpowder. This will allow you to throw the potion and apply the night vision affect to yourself and others that are caught in the splash.

A lingering potion will make the cloud with this effect last longer.

Using a Night Vision Potion

If you have the regular night vision potion, then you can simply equip it and drink it by holding your use button. After a short animation you will be granted the night vision effect.

It will last 3 to 8 minutes (depending on the level of the potion) and you will be able to see in pitch black darkness, as if your brightness is turned up all the way. You will also be able to see much more clearly in water.

There will also be some small particles wisping around you.

If you have the throwable version of these pots then all you have to do is simply toss them at your feet or in the direction you’re walking to get the effect.

To clear up this effect if needed you have to drink a bucket of milk.

What to do Next

Potions have a lot of unique effects and uses other than just drinking or using them on yourself. By brewing a potion of weakness you can actually cure zombie villagers.

Curing zombie villagers allows you to save your trades in the case your villager gets zombified. You can also use this strategy to populate an abandoned village.