Leveling your Hunter Rank is an extremely slow grind. While it does not directly affect the power level of your character, there is a lot of information that you need to know about when it comes to Hunter Rank. This guide will teach you how to level Hunter Rank fast in Monster Hunter Rise.

What is Hunter Rank?

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo

Hunter Rank is basically your profile or account level in the game. It has no effect on the power level of your character but it does show the progress or experience you do have when you play with other players online. It is also important to note that there are 2 kinds of Hunter Rank in the game. They are your village Hunter Rank and your Hub Hunter Rank. For the Hub Hunter Rank, there will be two categories. The Low Rank and the High Rank.

How to Unlock High Rank

High Rank is unlocked through the Hub progress only. Once you reach the urgent mission to unlock 4-star quests, you will be able to unlock the High Rank level which gives you new crafting options with materials that are only farmed through High Rank quests.

It cycles most of the monsters you fought before into stronger versions of themselves and introduces new terrifying monsters as you progress through the High Rank. For example, if you know how to beat Mizutsune in the village progress, it will be different when you fight it in the Hub at its High Rank version. It gives almost the same materials but with a “+” next to it which gives you upgraded versions of the armor.

Difference Between Village HR and Hub HR

The village is the progress of your solo play while the Hub is the progress of your multiplayer play. While you can have a high Hunter Rank level with your village, you will still need to complete a different questline in the Hub for your multiplayer.

On the bright side, your power level will not get nerfed if you do decide to complete the lower Hunter Rank side of your character. For example, you already have all the strong weapons with your village progress. You can start doing your Hub quests with your current power level on your solo play and vice versa.

Unlocking Urgent Quests

Key Quests

Urgent quests increase your Hunter Rank and you can do it with other players. Unlike previous Monster Hunter games, you do not have to host your own urgent quest to finish it. You can now progress as a whole party on your Hub quests and it saves a ton of time for players who play with friends.

To unlock urgent quests, you need to finish a specific amount of key quests that can always be found on the upper-right side of your screen. Once you finish each star difficulty, you will enter urgent quests and progress further in the game. Keep doing this and you will increase your Hunter Rank in no time.

Tips and Tricks for Leveling

It is better to focus on either doing solo (village) or playing multiplayer (the Hub). If you alternate between the two, your progress gets slower. The village will always be the easier choice because you can play anytime and the difficulty does not scale as much. In short, it is basically easy mode.

Once you start playing with other players in the Hub, the scaling of the monster’s health is multiplicative. Their damage does not scale but the thresholds of when you can knock down a monster will scale tremendously. This does not even take the monster’s health into account so it will require a team of good players to progress from the Hub extremely fast.

Subquests Tip

Another great tip is to keep acquiring subquests while you are progressing through the game whether it is solo or multiplayer. Random subquests such as gathering plants, insects, account items, bones, ores, and minerals are all bonuses that you can finish while defeating monsters on a quest. Make sure you always refresh your subquests to 5 active at a time every time you go on a quest.

The gathering and the large monsters subquests are the easiest to do without even focusing on them.


You get more materials and money for doing this as well and you do not even have to focus on finishing them in every quest you are currently doing. As long as you grab all the materials available in your path to the quest, you will be completing these subquests randomly while acquiring materials for upgrades. This will help you progress faster and get a high Hunter Rank.


While the Hunter Rank is purely for prestige and honor, it is still a good sign of a player’s progress at the start. When you start reaching the endgame it is purely aesthetic and for future rewards. You can flaunt your insanely high Hunter Rank and help fellow hunters online.