Dual Blades is one of the most exciting and freakishly fast weapons in the game if you are into a fast-paced playstyle. Dual Blades rely on unleashing flurries of slashes in a matter of seconds. The attacks are fast which allows you to dodge more freely.

There are some new things that were added to the Dual Blades weapon for Monster Hunter Rise as well. This best Dual Blades weapon guide in Monster Hunter Rise will teach you all about the controls, builds, combos, and everything else involving the weapon.

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Dual Blades Build

Using Dual Blades can feel underwhelming when you do not have the right build. This weapon thrives on applying status effects with its fast attacks. In fact, it is the fastest weapon in the game and it feels like it is the only build to branch out to.

Without these status effects or elemental damage, you are dealing mediocre damage which kind of forces Dual Blades to have multiple weapons available to suit the quest you are going for. The same goes for all weapons types but with more emphasis on the element if you are using dual blades.

While there are no equipment weight mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise, you are free to equip anything without sacrificing speed. If you go for some evasion stats, it can help you dodge more effectively while doing damage to the monster you are fighting.

With the increase in eye frames, the evasion stat gives you, you can keep the pressure up but it requires you to know how to dodge as missing your timing can make or break the fight. Quests have a timer that requires you to defeat the monster in a specific amount of time.

If you are not hitting the monster enough, you might not make it in time, especially if you are playing extremely safe. You need to constantly apply status effects to the enemy by doing multiple hit combos with the Dual Blades’ extremely fast attack speed.

Dual Blades Controls

Dual Blades Controls 1

Dual Blades revolve around the Demon Mode ability. It is done by pressing ZR on your Joy-con and pressing it again or sheathing your weapon will cancel it. It gives your attacks more punch and additional combos to execute. It does consume your stamina so make sure you have enough left for a dodge.

You need to be using Well-done Steaks to increase your max stamina so you can go to Demon Mode and Archdemon Mode longer.

Dual Blades Controls 2

To enter the Archdemon Mode, you need to fill up the Demon Gauge. You can see this just below your health bar. It is easy to fill up the gauge with 1 or 2 combos. As long as they hit, it will boost your Demon Gauge.

The Demon Gauge depletes over time even in Archdemon Mode so make sure to keep attacking. It takes a long time before it depletes so even if the monster repositions, you can still keep the Demon Gauge up or maintain Archdemon Mode.

One of Dual Blades’ coolest combo is the Midair Spinning Blade Dance. It requires you to be in midair by using a Wirebug, jumping off a cliff, getting launched by a teammate, or jumping off your mount. If you enter the Demon Mode, you can perform the Heavenly Blade Dance instead of the Midair Spinning Blade Dance.

To perform the Heavenly Blade Dance easier, just remember to press ZR first before attacking or press B. If you using Wirebug offensively, it is easier to remember but it is important to know when to use Heavenly Blade Dance or the Midair Spinning Blade Dance.

You are susceptible to wide-radius attacks, and getting hit while in the air will knock you down for a significantly long time. The Heavenly Blade Dance does multiple slashes from the start point of the attack.

If you pressed “B” in midair while near the head, you will perform a flurry of slashes from the head to the tail. If you somehow execute this while near the body, it will either go from the body to the head or from the body to the tail depending on the direction.

While performing these slashes, you can get hit by most of the monster’s aerial attacks and more. It is best to know the behavior of the monster and what are attacks to look out for and when to execute this deadly aerial combo.

Dual Blade Combos

The Dual Blades’ combos are relatively easy to remember. You are almost just spamming one button instead of mixing up every attack button available.

Dual Blades Combos 1

The basic combos are X + X + X and A + A + X + A. The stationary combo lunges you a bit forward on the last strike which could be timed perfectly to dodge away from the monster.

The combat is strict for the Monster Hunter series and you are not allowed to change direction at all once you start your combo. So it is either you stop and roll out or just stop and perform another combo. The fastest combo to do to just chip some damage is the lunging strike + spinning slash or A + A.

With Demon Mode on, you will just add X + A (pressed together) at the end of the basic combo. This combo uses both blades and does more damage while getting more hits off.

Dual Blades Combos 2

For the Archdemon Mode combo, it is a bit slower but it is still fast compared to other weapons. It is best to use this combo against the monster’s glowing spots especially when they are knocked down or trapped.

Silkbind Attacks

For most Silkbind attacks, it is used by combining ZL + X and is only different for ranged weapons. There will be more Silkbind attacks as there are usually 6 for each weapon. You have to take note that it requires a Wirebug charge to perform a Silkbind attack. That means you are sacrificing a little mobility every time you use it in combat.

Dual Blades Controls 3

Piercing Bind

Dual Blades Piercing Bird

The Piercing Bind Silkbind attack throws a kunai at the target and detonates right after some time. While the kunai is pierced and stuck to the monster, you will have to attack the monster to increase the explosive damage of the kunai when the timer runs out. To perform this Silkbind attack, unsheathe your weapon and press ZL + X together. If your weapon is not out, the ZL button will only be for Wirebugs.

Shrouded Vault

Dual Blades Shrouded Vault

Shrouded Vault is used by pressing ZL and B together. It lunges you forward and if you get hit during the lunge, you will automatically do a slick counter-attack. This is one of the best mobility attacks in the game because it becomes relatively safe to close the distance because of the lunge. It is a bit safe but of course, you have to look out for the attacks that stagger because most of those attacks will not proc the counter and hit you instead.

Tips and Tricks for Dual Blades

Will be updated on release

Always bring the right element-imbued weapon against a specific monster. It is extremely important for the Dual Blades weapon to maximize this kind of damage

You can activate or deactivate Demon Mode while in the air. This is good to know every time you are in the air whether through jumping out of your pet or using a Wirebug.


Dual Blades is a fun-to-use weapon. All those numbers showing up and the quickness of the attacks make it look really deadly. The midair combos look straight out of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). It will be interesting to see what more they could add to the game such as weapon trees for the Dual Blades weapon.