Like in previous Monster Hunter games, you will always start with a particular weapon and end up switching a few minutes just after you start the game. It is a bit easier this time even though everyone starts with the basic Long Sword. This guide will teach you how to change weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Finding the Item Box

The item box is where you will find the rest of your equipment and weapons. As you start the game, you will have all the basic weapons for each kind of weapon available in the game. Once you open the item box, you can grab your desired weapon and equip it immediately so you can start doing quests with it.

Village Item Box

Village Item Box

The village item box can be found in the middle of the village which is directly beside the village quest giver and directly in front of Senri the Mailman. Your previous weapons can also be found here if you have not sold them to the merchant yet.

Hub Item Box

Hub Item Box

The Hub, which is the lobby for multiplayer, also has an item box on the first floor of the room. It is at the corner of the room which can be seen immediately when you enter the Hub at the entrance. Almost everything in the village can be accessed in the Hub as well so you do not have to go out to change and upgrade weapons when you play online.

Can You Have All the Weapons Types?

Yes. This is the beauty of playing Monster Hunter. You have all the freedom in the world to try all the types of weapons without starting from scratch. You can have multiple weapon tree builds on all the weapons and keep them in your item box. This is so that you can use them to fight weapons that are strong for the particular monster you are about to grind or just fill a role that is lacking in your party.

If you are still looking to find your main weapon (which you can have multiple top-tier weapons if you farm enough), you can check out our best Long Sword weapon guide and our best Dual Blades weapon guide.

Tips and Tricks for Weapon Management

Wishlist 1

Once you start hoarding a few weapons and end up being confused with what you need and what you want to upgrade next, you can use the Wishlist function in Monster Hunter Rise. Register a piece of equipment with the Smithy to keep track of what you need when farming.

Doing this will notify you with a message as soon as you get the materials to craft that specific equipment. Keep in mind that it is a smart idea to actually hoard weapons now in Monster Hunter Rise. This is because they introduced a new weapon rollback system for this generation in the Monster Hunter series.

Weapon Rollbacks

When you have an upgraded weapon that is way back at the end of the weapon tree, you have already farmed for hours and it is disappointing to see it rusting in your item box if you are not using it already. With the weapon rollbacks, you can recoup all the materials spent for upgrading that weapon and use it on a different weapon type.

This feature allows players to experiment with other classes without losing hours to grind more materials for a new weapon. For returning Monster Hunter players, this will save hundreds of hours for those who want to experience the best weapons in each type.

For weapons that start at a high tier, they will not be able to recoup all the materials as forged weapons cannot be rolled back.

Can You Change Weapons While in a Quest?

You cannot change weapons while in a quest and you will have to abandon or return to the village to change. If you want to save your progress on your current mission since you might have farmed a few materials before realizing you have the wrong weapon, you need to choose the “return to the village” option so that you can keep what you farmed during that quest.


There are two good features that were added to Monster Hunter Rise. The first one is the weapon rollback system that gives you more freedom and saves you hours of farming. The second one is that you can easily switch your weapon at the start of the game through the item box.