It’s been an “open secret” for a while now, but EA Sports have officially confirmed that the name of their next football simulation game will be EA Sports FC.

Update: and the game is being referred to as ‘FC 24‘.

This is coming following the announcement of the end of the contract between the developers and the football governing body, FIFA in 2022.

There are many questions yet to be answered in terms of what’s new in the game, but this is all the information we have so far.


To start things off, here’s the new logo that EA Sports are going with for the rebrand. Apparently, the idea behind the shape of the logo is based on the triangular player indicator that hovers above the players in-game. Personally, I think it looks very nice.

Release Date

If we were to follow standard release dates, then the expectation would be that the first installment of EA Sports FC should be released in late September.

However, information leaking points to the fact that there will be an early release this year – earlier than EA Sports have ever published the game.

There is no confirmed date yet, but I imagine a few weeks earlier could be a realistic bet. We might even get the game in time for the beginning of the new 2023/24 season. We’ll see!

Licensed Leagues

This would have been one of the biggest concerns of fans of the FIFA franchise, but those concerns appear to have been put to rest.

EA Sports have promised the inclusion of more than 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues (including the top five European leagues, of course).

Things certainly seem to be looking good in this area, and we’ve even seen many top football clubs tweet to mention their inclusion in the new game. This includes clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

We can also expect more women’s leagues to be added. In fact, there’s more interesting news in that department.

New Content

I’m really excited to see the creative direction that EA Sports go in now that they have full control.

Things certainly seem to be off to an interesting start with the rumors about female footballers being added to FIFA Ultimate Team and the possibility of mixed (male and female) teams.

There are also rumors of an online career mode, which should certainly bring a new dimension to a game mode that feels a tad neglected in recent FIFA games.

So far, officially confirmed new content is scarce as EA rightfully holds its cards tightly to its chest. We can expect more significant breaking news in July, at which point this article will be updated. Obviously, it will be updated regardless before then if any newsworthy information leaks, so keep checking back.

Game Engine

This section is more about rebuffing unconfirmed rumors rather than offering them.

There were rumors about a new game engine being used for EA Sports FCs first game, but those rumors have been put to bed and the game will continue to run on the Frostbite game engine.

However, we can expect more features and improvements in-game, especially on new-gen platforms as EA continues to develop the potential of Hypermotion technology.

That’s it! Everything we know so far. Don’t forget to check back for updates!