Back in June, a legitimate-looking Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed appeared on eBay.

While it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the product, the seller claimed to have been given it by a CSGO player at a Blast event — or at least that’s what a Redditor that claimed to be familiar with the situation reported.

All pictures showing the top and bottom of the apparent Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed appeared to be genuine.

Then yesterday (August 7th 2023), DRX BuZz was pictured using a mouse that closely resembles the Viper V3 HyperSpeed that was leaked a little over a month earlier.

But here’s the thing:

Would Razer launch a ‘HyperSpeed’ version of a mouse (the Viper V3) that they’ve never released, announced, or acknowledged?

For example, in the Razer Basilisk line of mice, there is the Basilisk V3, the Basilisk V3 Pro, and the Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed.

With this logic in mind, it’s clear to see why many would speculate that there could be a Viper V3 or Viper V3 Pro on the way, as well as a Viper V3 X HyperSpeed.

And would a professional player use a cheaper ‘HyperSpeed’ product model in competitive play? DRX BuZz had previously been using the popular Zowie EC line of mice during our Valorant mouse study.

One thing is for certain; there’s definitely at least one new Razer mouse on the way.

Just in time to compete with the rumored new Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2.

What we know about the Viper V3

Image credit: @umyo0703 on X

There are certain things that we know for sure about the Viper V3 that DRX BuZz has been pictured using.

The shape appears to be very similar to the classic Razer Viper shape, with a slightly higher hump and reduced flaring, and even has a hint of the old DeathAdder models.

The main mouse buttons no longer overhang — gamers, rejoice!

There also seems to be a DPI button situated between the main mouse buttons.

Additionally, it appears to use an updated matte coating, similar to the style that many Razer fans have been asking for.

What we know from the V3 X HyperSpeed leak

If we believe the aforemention eBay-leaked V3 HyperSpeed to be the real deal, we also know a few other things about the HyperSpeed model in particular.

Image credit: eBay

Firstly, it has a removable, rechargeable battery. This likely results in a slightly heavier mouse.

It has 2.4GHz wireless connection.

The sensor is positioned nearer to the front, rather than being centrally aligned.

It has two small PTFE feet at the front, a PTFE sensor ring, and large PTFE coverage at the rear.

And, if other HyperSpeed models are anything to go by, we should expect this to be around $100 cheaper than any ‘Viper V3 Pro’ version.

Is DRX BuZz just using a soon-to-be-announced Razer V3 X HyperSpeed?

Or is a new Razer V3 product line coming just in time for the holiday season?

After a lukewarm reception to the Cobra Pro, any new Razer mouse would probably be warmly welcomed by the gaming community.