It’s been a good few months since Lamzu burst onto the gaming peripheral scene with their first mouse, the Lamzu Atlantis.

The Atlantis aimed to please enthusiasts and pro players alike with high tier specs and a great shape. It then returned with a smaller-sized follow-up, the Atlantis Mini.

Overall, Lamzu surprised gamers with the quality of their first ever release, with some players in the Valorant and CSGO scenes even starting to use their mice in pro play.

On April 23rd, 2023, Lamzu teased a new mouse that will weigh just 43 grams; the Lamzu MAYA.

Everything We Know About The Lamzu MAYA

It will weigh 43 grams

The biggest selling point of the Lamzu MAYA will undoubtedly be its staggeringly-lightweight build of 43 grams.

Fans of Finalmouse will ironically hope that they finally have a mouse that competes in weight and performance, and won’t only be sold in drops that go on to be resold at extortionate prices.

It’s available in at least four colors

The MAYA trailer appears to show at least four colors; black, white, pink and either gray or blue. It’s hard to tell due to the lighting.

Buttons appear to contrast nicely on all colors except for the classic black-on-black design.

Whilst a range of colors might not appeal to everyone, it shows that Lamzu care about giving choices upfront and won’t use new colors as a chance to appear like a new release in future like some brands (cough, Logitech, cough).

The shape is like a mini G Pro X Superlight

Source: EloShapes

Lamzu boast about “less side curvature” and a “centered hump” in the MAYA trailer.

A shape comparison from EloShapes, using privately-provided dimensions from Lamzu, appears to show that the MAYA is almost identical in shape to the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. For the unaware, the G Pro X Superlight is widely regarded to be one of the nicest mouse shapes of all time.

Fans of the GPX have cried out for a miniature, USB-C version for a long time. Have Lamzu beaten them to the finishing line?

The MAYA will be 6mm shorter than the G Pro X Superlight, 2mm narrower, and a hump that peaks 2mm lower.

Holes only appear on the base of the mouse

Many super-lightweight mice achieve their light design with holes. However, holes can get extremely uncomfortable for gamers when holding a mouse for prolonged periods of time.

The MAYA achieves a light weight by having an almost totally open base, similar in style to the G-Wolves HTS Plus 4K.

Fortunately, it looks like the battery is covered and a power button will be easily accessible, unlike with the HTS Plus.

It will be released “soon”

Lamzu didn’t confirm the release date in the teaser but they do say it will be coming “soon”. They haven’t publicly confirmed a release date anywhere at the time of writing.

If I was to put my money on a prediction, I’d say that we’re likely to see the MAYA release in June or July of 2023. Just a hunch.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see how this one performs.