A new, unannounced Razer gaming mouse has appeared on Amazon and the Razer store.

Chris Parker, lead reviewer at DiamondLobby and content creator on DiamondLobby Reviews, describes the brand new Razer Cobra Pro as “the new Viper Mini…but rebranded.”

The most interesting thing about the Cobra Pro is that there has been no official word from Razer at the time of posting.

It has stealth-launchedsurprising considering the huge popularity of the aforementioned Viper Mini.

So, what do we know about the new Razer Cobra Pro?

Firstly, if you order before July 29th 2023, you’ll receive a ‘Deadeye QB-W Set’ DLC for new Capcom game Exoprimal. Niche.

What about the product itself?

It weighs “just 77g” which is certainly lightweight, but could be considered surprisingly heavy by modern standards for a mouse with such a compact design. The length, width and height come in at 119.6mm x 62.5mm x 38.1mm.

It’s a right-handed symmetrical mouse that offers up to 100 hours of wireless battery life at 1,000 Hz and 2.4 Ghz wireless.

It’s also compatible with the Razer Hyperpolling Wireless Dongle, offering 4,000 Hz polling rates with a reduced 33 hour battery life.

There’s RGB within the scroll wheel, logo and “multi-zone underglow”.

With up to 30,000 DPI, Razer’s Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor and Gen-3 Optical Mouse Switches, it’s using Razer’s top-of-the-line technology.

The shape and specs are incredibly similar to the Viper V2 Pro, though it weighs 19g more despite being approximately 7mm shorter, 3.5mm thinner and 0.3mm lower.

With its shape, it lends itself to being ideal for those with smaller hands, and those that use a claw grip or fingertip grip.

It’s available to order right now on Amazon and the Razer store.

We’ve got ours on order and we’re looking forward to reviewing.

Edit: it turned up. We reviewed the Cobra Pro. Reception was mixed to say the least.