The Elf Camp in OSRS is a unique, flavored location used in the game’s Elf questline. This camp is used in several of these quests, and was renamed to the Iorwerth Camp when the final quest in the series, “Song of the Elves,” was released in 2019. 

The camp contains a few fishing spots with sharks, and a couple fires that never go out. For these reasons, the camp is really only used by players for healing during HP emergencies. These emergencies are common, since players must traverse damaging and poisonous traps. 

Of course, any players experiencing the questline will travel to the Elf Camp during their adventures.

As a player looking to play through one of the most well-written and designed questlines, you should learn how to get to the Elf Camp in OSRS. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what I’ll teach in this guide.

Required Quests

Accessing the Elf Camp in OSRS can be done in several steps. Similar to getting to Pyramid Plunder, you must play through a certain questline up to a certain point. The quests “Plague City,” “Biohazard,” “Underground Pass,” and “Regicide” must be completed. 

Since you must complete a number of quests, I would highly recommend playing on the RuneLite client, and downloading the plugin “Quest Helper” from the plugin hub. This plugin will highlight items you need, NPCs you must speak to, and where to click. 

PPlunderQuestHelper 2

You can start “Plague City” on a fresh account, since the quest has no requirements. Then, you must complete “Biohazard,” the only requirement for which being previous completion of “Plague City.”


The next quest, “Underground Pass,” is where things start to get hairy. Officially, the only requirements for the quest are 25 Ranged, as well as completion of “Plague City” and “Biohazard.”

However, if you go into this quest with only the bare minimum requirements, you’re going to have a rough time. The quest is very long, and requires you to traverse the Underground Pass dungeon, which is full of Agility and Thieving obstacles. It’s also full of monsters.


For these reasons, I would recommend Agility and Thieving levels of at least 50, and a combat level of at least 60 before starting “Underground Pass.” Expect to spend 2+ hours on this quest. 

With “Underground Pass” complete, you must now complete “Regicide.” The “Regicide” quest again requires you to travel the Underground Pass dungeon, twice, but completing the previous quest will make this significantly easier. 

You must have 10 Crafting and 56 Agility to complete “Regicide.” Once you have successfully traversed the Pass dungeon the first time, you will find yourself in the Elven lands of Tirannwn. 

Travel Route

With access to Tirannwn, you can now travel to the Iorwerth Camp. It’s located in the far north of the forest. Start traveling southwest from the Underground Pass exit, until you come to a second dense forest obstacle immediately north. 

Traverse the dense forest, then head northwest, across the river. Keep traveling west, across another dense forest obstacle, then a little further west, and you’ll end up in the Elf Camp. 

However, you must traverse the Underground Pass to get back into Tirannwn until “Regicide” is complete. With “Regicide” complete, however, you can charter a ship to Port Tyras. These charter ships are useful to get to Harmony Island, as well as many other locations.


I’ve drawn out an approximate route on the map here. The blue boxes represent dense forest traps, while the purple lines denote tripwire traps. Of course, the dungeon symbol is where you’ll exit the Underground Pass.

From Port Tyras, travel north through a dense forest. Then, head southeast through another dense forest, immediately followed by tripwire traps. Be sure to right-click on these traps!

Head east, through another dense forest, and then north, past the elf tracker and a leaf trap. There will be another dense forest immediately to your west, with another leaf trap immediately north. Traverse the dense forest northeast, and then follow the previous route. 

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, you need an Agility level of at least 56 for “Regicide” and therefore, the traps found in Tirannwn require a similar Agility level. Using this knowledge as well as your experience from the required quests, you can reach the Elf Camp in OSRS.