In Overwatch, Orisa’s original kit was focused on bunkering down and holding a choke point. While she was effective at doing so, it didn’t lead to engaging gameplay.

However, Orisa’s rework in Overwatch 2 turned her into an aggressive unit, and one of the best tanks in the game. All of her abilities were replaced with new ones revolving around her iconic Energy Javelin.

She’s the polar opposite of her old self. Where old Orisa was happy anchoring down in one spot, the new invigorated Orisa thrives in the frenetic chaos of the frontlines. This imposing guardian robot truly deserves her title as “The Hero of Numbani”.

Orisa is relatively straightforward to play, but bad positioning and awareness can be your downfall. This guide will show you how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.

Orisa’s Abilities in Overwatch 2

Orisa abilities

Augment Fusion Driver

Augment Fusion Driver is Orisa’s primary weapon. This automatic rapid-firing projectile cannon doesn’t use ammo, instead, it relies on a heat mechanic.

Augment Fusion Driver

Holding down the primary fire key will cause Orisa’s heat to build up. When it reaches maximum capacity, her weapon will overheat. She won’t be able to shoot until the weapon cools down.

Augment Fusion Driver does a lot of damage and it’s a core part of Orisa’s offense and pressure. Learning to lead her projectiles effectively is a key part of how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.

Augment Fusion Driver has a tight spread and a decent falloff range. It’s possible to quickly eliminate an enemy in the backline, especially if you can land accurate Energy Javelins. However, it’s quite a difficult task, and you’re efforts are better spent attacking closer targets.

It’s important to note that performing a quick melee will stop Orisa’s Augment Fusion Driver from cooling down. So make sure not to waste time spamming melee attacks when you’re in a panic.

Energy Javelin

Energy Javeline is Orisa’s secondary fire. Using it throws a fast-moving javelin in an arc, stunning and enemy while knocking them back. It will deal more damage if you’re able to pin an enemy to a wall.

Connecting an Energy Javelin will deal 60 damage. But, if you manage to pin them to the wall, it will deal 100 damage.

Energy Javelin

Consistently landing Energy Javelin will cause you to be a threatening and impactful tank. Orisa is able to snatch surprising and quick kills on a non-tank target by knocking an enemy into a wall and then hitting consecutive headshots.

Hitting an enemy with an Energy Javelin places them on a fixed path. If you’re positioned correctly, this lets you land easy headshots. This is another reason why Orisa is best played as aggressively as possible.

Energy Javelin has a short cooldown and should be used as often as possible. If there are no clear opportunities for a clean elimination, utilize the knockback and stun portion of the ability to disrupt your enemies.

For example, Energy Javelin is a big nuisance to the enemy Sigma because he can’t safely use his ultimate ability without the threat of interruption. Likewise, an enemy Pharah should be more careful about raining justice from above because of Energy Javelin’s quick cancel potential.

Likewise, Energy Javelin is an easy way to knockback and interfere with the enemy’s positioning. For instance, against an opposing D.Va, Winston, or competent Doomfist, simply standing closer to your team will make their job extremely difficult.

Energy Javelin can disrupt their engages and put them in unfavorable positions without their valuable cooldowns. Additionally, Energy Javelin can knock back D.Va’s mech during Self-Destruct. Proper positioning is another important skill on how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.


Fortify is Orisa’s defensive ability, where activating it will give her temporary damage reduction. This ability also has an additional effect where she won’t be affected by movement-impairing effects.

Orisa can anchor herself for a few seconds and become an immovable object. Abilities like Reinhardt’s Charge and Doomfist’s Rocket Punch will simply bounce off Orisa. Therefore, it’s a great idea to always stay in front of them in order to catch their abilities.


Not only that, but Fortify will also ignore other crowd control effects like stuns. It’s one of the best abilities in Overwatch 2 without a doubt.

Orisa also gets temporary health and has her movement speed reduced. The temporary health is a great panic button to help you endure a few more hits when you’re in danger.

Lastly, Fortify also reduces heat generated by half during the duration. This allows Orisa to let loose without fear of being defenseless in the heat of battle.

While it is certainly a valuable effect to have, it’s much better used as a survivability tool rather than an offensive one.

Orisa is a huge target without much mobility. Her huge hitboxes mean that even an average damage dealer can land headshots consistently.

Fortify certainly helps reduce pressure when you’re out in the open without available cover.

Javelin Spin

Javelin Spin causes Orisa to rapidly spin her energy javelin while gaining a short burst of movement speed—the bonus movement speed persists for a brief moment after the ability.

Orisa will also destroy projectiles during the animation as well as block melee hits. If you manage to connect all hits of Javelin Spin, you’ll be dealing 100 damage.

Additionally, Orisa will also deal damage to enemies nearby while pushing them forward. Javelin Spin is a jam-packed ability with many useful applications.

Javelin Spin

If you want to know how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2, use this ability to advance with your team aggressively. Ideally, you also want to shove the enemy team in a disadvantageous position using the ability.

Javelin Spin makes Orisa feel like a commanding bully, and you should use it to your advantage. Feel free to shove and disrupt tanks to your heart’s content.

For instance, sticking next to D.Va will allow you to deny her of flying toward your team because of the knockback.

Hopefully, you’ll put yourself in a better position to connect an Energy Javelin against a more fragile target. Use the ability to push aggressively toward weaker heroes.

The combined damage of Javelin Spin, Energy Javelin, and a quick melee should be more than enough to take down the average hero in Overwatch 2.

While Javelin Spin makes you feel unstoppable, don’t forget that it is your best defensive move. Fortify will do nothing to save you if you end up in an open space away from your team.

Terra Surge

Terra Surge is Orisa’s ultimate ability; it’s a powerful and threatening move that can single-handedly win fights when used to its full potential. It comes in two parts: first, activating it will pull nearby enemies close to you; then, you’ll charge up a surge of damage before unleashing a deadly attack.

Terra Surge

The longer Orisa charges up her ultimate, the more damage it deals. She can also end the ability early to deal damage immediately. During normal situations, you won’t be able to unleash the fully charged ability, so you should release it before someone leaves the area of effect.

Orisa also gains the effects of Fortify while charging. You don’t have to worry about getting interrupted out of the animation. Fortify also helps reduce damage taken, so feel free to walk right in the middle of the team to use this ability.

Activating Terra Surge will pull nearby enemies towards your last location. You can use this to create more favorable situations to charge Terra Surge longer.

A common technique to always use it so simply jump towards the enemy team before activating Terra Surge. Executing the move correctly will pull enemies to the peak of your jump, which means that they’ll still fall to the ground.

Additionally, you’ll also land behind them, giving you more time to charge Terra Surge. Their other option is to move away from you, scrambling to your teammates.

This technique is most effective when used from high ground or when combined with a speed boost. Sweeping up enemies from a higher vantage point means they’ll take a longer time to fall down. Little optimizations like this is how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.

Orisa Gameplay

Anchor Down and Hold the Choke

In the first Overwatch, Orisa was the queen of holding down and anchoring her team on a choke point while defending it. She still retains her identity as a hero great in barricading a spot in Overwatch 2, but it takes more effort to do so.

Due to her abilities, Orisa is best when enemies are coming to her instead of the other way around. Granted, Javelin Spin and Fortify can help your team advance and push through a choke. But afterward, you’ll be left vulnerable and Orisa’s huge hitbox is susceptible to headshots.

Orisa gameplay

Find a choke point as close to the enemies as possible, while also having enough cover so you’re not letting five enemy heroes hit you all at once. This allows you to be at the optimal range for your abilities while also staying safe enough.

For example, Lijiang Tower has many great spots for Orisa to bunker down and repel enemy advances. In Lijiang Tower: Garden, Orisa can efficiently camp behind the wall guarding the bridge.

Additionally, anyone who tries to cross the bridge can get booped off with Energy Javelin or Javelin Spin. Javelin Spin is an oppressive ability that should be used as often as possible. It both puts you in position while being a nuisance to the enemy.

There are many other advantageous spots like this that’s perfect for Orisa. She’s very deadly when she’s able to get her abilities off so you should always seek to exploit that.

Orisa has a favorable match-up against majority of the tanks. Her abilities are great for disruption and locking them down with constant knockback.

Also, Augment Fusion Cannon is very easy to hit on the enemy tank. Be wary though against tanks who are comfortable with brawls like a great Junker Queen.

Orisa Gameplay 2

Terra Surge is a scary ultimate that should win you the fight if used correctly. The most common way is to approach the enemy team with Javelin Spin before jumping and using the ultimate ability.

Remember that Javelin Spin does not make you impervious to crowd control effects. More often than not you’ll be stunned or knocked away while approaching the enemy team.

If you feel like the enemy team is all bundled up together, go ahead and use fortify for a safer advance. Additionally, don’t feel invincible and use it on your own as the enemy team can burst you down faster than you can charge up a kill.

Play aggressive, but also be aware of your own mortality. Finally, disrupt the enemies as much as possible and you should get the gist of how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.

Orisa Match-Ups

Tanks in Overwatch 2 are meant to act independently since they’re the lone person in that role. Although Orisa’s abilities certainly spells out independence, she needs good teammates to enable or follow-up on her aggression.

At the same time, Orisa’s reliance on playing close range will fall short on maps with longer sightlines and against foes who play from afar. It’s important to understand her best and worst match-ups to know how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.

Against other tanks, Orisa does fairly well against tank heroes who wants to dive. Her ability to deal massive amounts of damage close range, paired with her movement disruption abilities will make their job difficult.

Orisa disruption

For example, Orisa can keep D.Va in check by using Javelin Spin if she attempts to boost through you. Additionally, her huge hitbox is an easy target for Energy Javelin.

The same also applies to Doomfist, especially since you can throw Energy Javelin right through his Power Block. However, Doomfist has an easier time reaching the backline because of his superior mobility.

Barrier tanks like Reinhardt and Sigma will cause Orisa to play more cautiously. These heroes would protect their team and halt Orisa’s momentum. It’s in these moments that Orisa feels like an easy target for the enemy team.

The plus side is a good Orisa also negate their own kit, limiting their capabilities. Fortify can block Reinhardt’s Charge and Sigma’s Accretion. Additionally, Energy Javelin is extremely dangerous for Sigma since he can’t freely use his ultimate.

As a tank, the best way to deal with Orisa is to fight fire with fire. Zarya and Junker Queen can effectively match Orisa’s aggression. In fact, they’ll thrive with it since it gives them a huge opportunity to let loose.

Try to look for quick Javelin Spin into Energy Javelin kills on their backline against them, as taking them on directly is a death sentence. Against Zarya, remember to use Fortify while inside Graviton Surge to protect your other teammates caught inside.

Orisa flank

Due to Orisa’s huge hitbox, she’s weak against damage dealers who has a high damage per shot. Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Junkrat see Orisa as a free damage dump.

These heroes can quickly melt Orisa without an issue. Additionally, they have movement abilities to get out of Orisa’s dangerous range.

On supports, Zenyatta can make Orisa’s life very difficult. Orb of Discord is enough to make Orisa vulnerable to everyone’s damage.

Additionally, an accurate Zenyatta can also deal an overwhelming amount of damage to Orisa. He’s the best tank buster there is and a nuisance for all players who main the tank role.

Orisa’s Best Allies

For Orisa’s best allies, Lucio’s speed boost is perfect to get her where she needs to be—whether that’s away from the enemies or towards them. In addition, high skilled Lucio players are comfortable with wall riding and disrupting the enemy snipers, taking away damage from Orisa.

Another good support for Orisa is none other than Mercy. Primarily, damage boost will enable Orisa to become even much more threatening with her amplified damage. While Resurrect is there to correct any positional mistakes which lead to your doom.

Protect Mercy

In turn, Orisa can efficiently peel for Mercy with her abilities. Any Tracer or Genji who dares try to get the jump on the doctor will have to face Orisa’s wrath and her javelin.

For damage dealers, Mei’s excellent utility will be extremely beneficial for Orisa. Ice Wall can be used as a set-up for Orisa’s Energy Javelin, surprisingly frontliners.

Defensively, Ice Wall can be used to block longer sight lines to create more favorable circumstances for Orisa. Furthermore, Orisa can advance with Javelin Spin without pushing the enemies too far away.

Mei’s ultimate, Blizzard, will slow and freeze enemies in a wide radius. Orisa can keep enemies inside the circle by using Javelin Spin to push them back inside. Even without coordination, enemies scrambling for safety is a good time for Orisa to let loose.

A coordinated Sojourn can make life easy for Orisa. Disruptor Shot is a wide area of effect slow that can deals damage while also impairing the opposing team’s movement.

Orisa Sojourn

This allows Orisa to catch up with weakened enemies easier. On top of that, Sojourn can also assist setting up Terra Surge with Disruptor Shot, adding more damage on the process.

When Orisa and Sojourn are in sync, even tanks should be wary. Landing an Energy Javelin to the wall followed up with Sojourn’s fully powered secondary fire will instantly deal a lot of damage.

Coordinate with your team in order to control space and aggressively advance on the enemy team. While she is straightforward, it is still rewarding to know how to play Orisa in Overwatch 2.