Sojourn is a damage dealer in Overwatch 2 with a powerful and flexible kit. As one of former captains of Overwatch, she’s tactical, reliable, and disciplined.

Sojourn is cybernetically enhanced and it shows in her in-game abilities. She’s mobile, able to jump extremely high, and can shoot energy projectiles straight from her arm.

The highlight of Sojourn’s versatile kit is her extremely potent Railgun. A fully charged critical hit can take down most of the heroes in Overwatch. Players with precise aim can really put her to good use.

While Sojourn’s abilities are straightforward, their different and powerful uses rewards better players. She is one of strongest damage heroes in the game for good reason. Damage players should learn how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2 as she’s a great pick in almost every situation.

Sojourn Abilities

Sojourn abilities


Railgun is Sojourn’s primary weapon that shoots energy projectiles. It holds 45 ammo per clip and deals around 9 damage per hit.

Her primary weapon is pinpoint accurate if fired in short bursts. However, it will start to spread out when firing for extended periods.

Hitting any enemy target with Railgun’s primary fire will start to fill her secondary fire. She can release a high damaging shot that uses up your current energy at any point.


When fully charged, it deals 130 damage to the body and 260 on a headshot. A fully charged headshot is enough to kill most of the cast, so it’s vital to take your time to get a clean shot.

Railgun’s secondary fire is the core of Sojourn’s damage, and it’s crucial to earn it fast and connect it often. Additionally, Sojourn can earn her secondary fire by attacking barriers.

Since her primary fire is projectile and her secondary fire is hitscan, her two aim types might throw off players. However, it’s much more important to land a critical hit with the secondary fire. It’s best to think of your primary fire how the same way Widowmaker players think of charging their shot.

Lastly, her charges decay after a few seconds without hitting anything. So you can’t just charge up and find an off-angle to surprise your opponents.

Sojourn’s effectiveness heavily relies on your precision and game awareness. If you want to know how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2, dedicate some time to using the various aim trainers in custom matches or even third-party games.

Power Slide

Power Slide is Sojourn’s movement ability. It comes in two parts: first, you can press crouch while walking to transition into a fast-moving slide. Then, you can cancel it at any time with a jump to launch yourself high into the air.

Power Slide

Power Slide is a useful repositioning tool that synergizes well with Sojourn’s kit. For one thing, being able to jump on command lets you aim your abilities with precision. Use Power Slide if you need a better angle to cut off enemies with Disruptor Shot.

The ability is also excellent to bypass the frontline and quickly take down the more fragile backline. Once you’re used to Sojourn’s jump, you’ll score much more eliminations with this ability and your powerful secondary fire.

Use Power Slide often to reposition into the higher ground to threaten the enemy team. Too many players underestimate Sojourn’s ability to score a fast elimination, so you should take advantage of that.

If you’re confident in your abilities, you can slip away from the heat of the fight to flank the backline. These aggressive plays will immensely pay off if you can score a clean headshot to their supports.

You can even slide backward and away from your crosshair if you need a reliable getaway. This is very useful if you’re getting dived or flanked.

Power Slide is a straightforward ability that’s an essential tool for how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2. Use it often, and hopefully, use it aggressively.

Disruptor Shot

Disruptor Shot is an area-of-effect energy projectile that slows areas caught in it. At the same time, it will always deal damage to enemies inside the zone, up to 210 for the whole duration.

Disruptor Shot is a powerful tool that isn’t often used to its full effect. Players tend to haphazardly spam the ability off cooldown without a second thought to its disruptive effects. Knowing when to use Disruptor Shot is an essential skill to know how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

Disruptor Shot

During the beginning of team fights, hold on to your ability until you know they’ve committed to the engagement. Firing a Disruptor Shot too early might the enemy team away and cause them to disengage.

After the enemy team has committed, use Disruptor Shot to zone out their enemy supports. This will cause them to either retreat and have the worst sight lines or push forward with their tank, putting them in a much more precarious position.

For example, against a competent Junker Queen, wait for them to commit Commanding Shout before deploying Disruptor Shot. The area of effect would dissuade a pushing Junker Queen when used correctly.

The energy projectile of Disruptor Shot always travels in a straight path and stops when it hits an object or enemy. Aiming for the floor or a wall is best to ensure consistency.

Disruptor Shot is also good for blocking off advantageous spots for the enemy damage heroes. For instance, there are many common spots in King’s Row that Disruptor Shot can easily take it away from them.

The ability is at its most potent if you have it off cooldown during a flank. Dropping a Disruptor Shot at an enemy’s place will cause them to panic and run away.

This gives you enough time to take them down with a well-placed secondary fire. It also helps that the ability slows them down, giving you an easier time landing a critical hit.

Finally, save Disruptor Shot to buy you a moment of safety during your ultimate ability. Before using your ultimate, shoot Disruptor Shot as the target who will most likely incapacitate you. The instinct to leave the zone of effect is enough distraction to keep them from focusing on you.


Overclock is Sojourn’s ultimate ability. Activating the ability puts her Railgun into overdrive, causing it to refill her secondary fire charges rapidly. Overclock lasts for around 9 seconds.


The ability also imbues Railgun’s secondary fire with the ability to pierce through enemies. Although it is a great bonus effect to have, you’ll want to focus on one target at a time instead of looking for multiple hits.

During the duration of Overclock, Sojourn can shoot 5-6 fully charged secondary fires. As mentioned previously, her powerful secondary fire is where the brunt comes from, so concentrate on getting as many hits as possible.

Overclock is most effective if you’re able to find a flank on the enemy team’s backline. Use Power Slide to find an angle from which they won’t expect you to appear.

Making the most out of Overclock is a core learning curve of how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2. You’ll have a few seconds of destructive potential, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. When the ability’s duration ends, Sojourn keeps the remaining charge for her Railgun.

One final note, Overclock does not buff up Sojourn in any way; she’s as vulnerable as she is before using the ultimate ability. Proper positioning will go a long way in keeping you alive.

Sojourn Gameplay

Search for Key Pick-Offs

Sojourn’s kit is flexible for a damage dealer and barely has any glaring weaknesses. Her Railgun is great for general use and builds up charge quickly. It also helps Sojourn a lot that she can build her charges on barriers, which means she doesn’t have any downtime.

It has to be extremely emphasized that Railgun’s secondary fire is where players should focus. A fully charged critical hit will take down most of the cast, except for the tanks ofcourse. However, you shouldn’t use your secondary fire on the tanks in the first place, unless you can secure an elimination.

Sojourn gameplay

Railgun’s secondary fire falloff length is pretty generous, so you can reasonably snipe enemy supports and damage heroes from mid range. A fully charged body shot still does 130 damage, so you can use that to reliably finish a target.

Eliminating a key target early on the fight will massively increase your chances of winning the teamfight. From here, cut off their escape with Disruptor Shot and try to aggressively push.

If the supports are playing safe, it’s time to put your Power Slide to good use. Again, quickly charge your secondary fire on easy targets like the tank, then use the jump boost to get a fancy mid-air snipe on your target.

However, don’t forget to factor composition of the enemy team before jumping high into the air. An enemy Hanzo, Widowmaker, or even another Sojourn would be glad for the free elimination after exposing yourself that way.

Sojourn flank

Additionally, be extra careful against dive tanks like an active Doomfist, D.Va, or Winston. Once they see you without your mobility option, they can easily close the gap and possibly take you down.

Against those tanks, use your Power Slide defensively and preferably stay in high ground. These players are hardwired to jump to anyone with a good vantage point, you could quickly escape with Power Slide after that.

Additionally, use Disruptor Shot to separate the healers from these tanks. If you’re confident, you could even go for a clean snipe and remove the main source of their healing.

Regarding her ultimate, Overclock, it is at its best when used as a flanking tool. Coordinate with your teammates when you’ll use it because once your ultimate voice line plays, the enemy team would try to take you down fast.

When your teammates push and dive, chaos will ensue and you’ll have more opportunities to aim fully charged shots. At the very least, you can also distract them away from your teammates.

Always have the presence of mind to keep track of your charges. This is your strongest state and you should always seek to take advantage of that. Play with your Railgun charges and you’ll know how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn Best Allies

Sojourn is generally not team-dependent. She’s an all-around hero with great utility, mobility, and elimination potential. That being said, some teammates fully enable Sojourn to be comfortable doing her task.

Sojourn pairs heavenly with dive tanks like Winston, D.Va, and Doomfist. These heroes demand attention with their kits and provides Sojourn ample time to search for a key pick-off.

Sojourn allies

The best of the bunch is Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball is nigh unkillable in Overwatch 2 due to the lack of crowd control and his improved defenses.

Wrecking Ball is about fast and thunderous engagements, which Sojourn will be happy to play around. Time your Railgun charges with Wrecking Ball’s piledriver. Enemies suspended high up in the air is an easy pick for Sojourn.

Learning how to work with their abilities is a key part on how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

If you want to help our your tank, Sojourn can enable Orisa to be at the peak of her form. Disruptor Shot will dampen Orisa’s weakness of being kited.

Additionally, the slow from Disruptor Shot gives her a good opening to use Energy Javelin. The area of effect slow and damage is also deadly when paired with her ultimate, Terra Surge.

Terra Surge

Protect Orisa from heroes poking at her from long sight lines and she can dominate the frontlines. In turn, she’ll give you more space for you to deal more damage.

When it comes to damage dealers, Sojourn pairs well with flankers like Tracer and Genji. A fully charged secondary fire on the body is enough for them easily finish the target. Additionally, Disruptor Shot makes their life a breeze because of the slow and disruption.

Reaper is a flexible flanker to pair with Sojourn because he can also function as a tank buster. He can deal with obnoxious tanks to peel for your team or he can teleport to enemy heroes in hard to reach areas.

For supports, Sojourn is one of the best heroes for Mercy to damage boost. A pocket Mercy amplifying a good Sojourn is one of the scariest sights in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn mercy

Sojourn doesn’t need to fully charge her Railgun when she’s damage boosted. Additionally, she can focus on getting more reliable eliminations through hitting empowered body shots.

Sojourn Match-Ups

Sojourn is best against slow and static comps reliant on barriers. Against Reinhardt and Sigma, she can conveniently charge her shots on their barrier and jump over to snipe the targets they’re meant to protect.

A well placed Disruptor Shot can ruin their barricade position and force them to move away. Sojourn can also help break shields if that’s the best play for the situation.

Sojourn barriers

This also applies to her favorable damage match-ups. Against heroes like Widowmaker, Ashe, and Hanzo who take their time away from the action, Sojourn can quickly snipe them back.

However, you should be able to use the map and environment for cover using Power Slide. Learning when to aggressively flank will teach you how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

She’s also an excellent hero to counter supports who rely on steady healing, like Ana, Zenyatta, and Mercy. After all, there’s no way to heal most of the cast against a fully charged Railgun to the head.

Zenyatta’s transcendence doesn’t mean anything to Sojourn’s burst damage.

Sojourn does noticeable worse against dive tanks as it forces her to use her abilities defensively. A good dive tank can force Sojourn to waste her abilities and charges on them, indirectly saving their teammates.

Doomfist fight

For instance. D.Va can nullify most of Sojourn’s effectiveness. Defense Matrix can easily delete Disruptor Shot’s slow moving projectile, and can completely stop Sojourn’s ultimate.

Against damage heroes, Tracer and Genji are outright annoying for Sojourn and can take her away from the fight. Their small hitboxes and their nimble movements makes it a challenge to charge Railgun on them.

In a mid-range or close quarters brawl, Cassidy is a big threat to Sojourn. Magnetic Grenade and a few shots can burst Sojourn down faster than she can charge her Railgun.

Be extra careful of Genji’s deflect, especially during your ultimate. One reflected charged shot is enough to take you down.

Finally on supports, heroes who can provide additional health will really make you work for your eliminations. Supports like Brigitte and Lucio buff up their teammate’s health and there isn’t much you can do until their bonus health subsides.

Overall, Sojourn is a top-tier damage dealer and a powerhouse with a high skill ceiling. Damage dealers who want to climb the ranks should learn how to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2.