Dragon-type Pokémon have always been strong, and this continues to be true in this game. There are ten S-Tier Dragon-Type Pokémon that you can find in Paldea.

Some Pokémon that have always been strong, such as Dragonite, are back and will make it to the list. However, new Dragon-type Pokémon and new variants are among the best Pokémon in the game.

Find below the best Dragon Type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to compliment your team composition and easily win fights against other Pokémon trainers.


Similar to Gyarados, one of the best Flying-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Salamance is a Pokémon with strong stats and the Intimidate ability.

This Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon has a maximum total IV of 600. It can have Moxie, Ice Body, and Intimidate as an Ability. Trust me on this; you really want to have Intimidate.

This Pokémon has always been good, and one of the reasons it is one of the best in its Abilities. Intimidate allows Salamence to last much longer in battle since it reduces the adversary’s Attack.

Another strategy for making sure that your Salamence will terrify your opponent is Draco Meteors, which is much improved after Dragon Dance.

Once you manage to increase your stats, your enemies will have to be extra careful. Salamence will be a formidable adversary to defeat.

Draco Meteors is another way to make sure that your Salamence will scare the enemy, and it is made much better after Dragon Dance.

You definitely have something exceptional when you combine Dragon Dance, Draco Meteors, and Intimidate in a single Pokémon. If they want to counter these potent attacks, your opponents better have strong Ice-type Pokémon.

In addition to all of that, the Terastal Phenomenon allows you to perform a defensive transformation. This will ensure that your Salemance will be unstoppable even if the adversary decides to counter-pick you.

Salamence’ highet posible IV is Attack, which can be as high as 135. Its lowest one is Special Attack, to a maximum of 80. This Pokémon’s stats are very well-balanced, which is another thing that makes it so good.

Some people might recommend the Lonely Nature. It increases Salamence’s Attack by 10%. However, it does lower its Defense by 10%, so be aware of that.

Salamence is weak to Dragon-, Fairy-, and Rock-type moves and takes twice as much damage from them. It is also super vulnerable to Ice-type moves, which cause four times as much damage to Salamence.

Regarding its type-related strengths, this Pokémon is immune to Ground-type attacks and takes 25% damage from Grass-type attacks. Salamence is also resistant to Fire-, Water-, Fighting- and Bug-type moves, taking only 50% damage from them.

Roaring Moon Salamence

Roaring Moon Salamance

Roaring Moon Salamence is a Dragon- and Dark-type Paradox Pokémon. Surprisingly, its combined stats are not higher than Salamence’s but are nearly as good, reaching a maximum of 590.

Roaring Moon Salamance is noticeably different from the original form of Salamence.

For instance, it has a chance of coming with Guard Dog and Protosynthesis as an Ability. It is also super vulnerable to Fairy-type attacks instead of Ice-type attacks.

Roaring Moon Salamence’s highest possible IV is Attack, which can be as high as 139. Its lowest one is Special Attack, which can be as high as 55.

That’s why you should consider the Adamant Nature. It increases Roaring Moon Salamence’s Attack by 10% and lowers its Special Attack by 10%.

As I commented above, Fairy Pokémon can ruin your day since Roaring Moon Salamence takes four times as much damage from Fairy-type moves. It also takes double damage from Ice, Dragon, Fighting, and Bug-type moves.

On the other hand, it takes 50% of any Fire-, Water-, Grass-, Electric-, Ghost-, and Dark-type moves. It is also completely immune to Psychic attacks.

Unfortunately, unless you really want a Dark-type attack to use with this Pokémon, you don’t really have many great options that are better than your usual Normal and Dragon-type attacks that all other Pokémon in this list use.


Koraidon Plebe

When it comes to all potential team combinations, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet does not let you down.

One of the many cool type combinations comes from a legendary Pokémon that you, for some reason, finds its way to you quite early in Pokémon Scarlet.

This Fighting and Dragon-type Pokémon has a high Speed, respectable HP, and a solid Attack IV. This unusual Pokémon is a powerful ally to have in your team thanks to its 135 Attack and 135 Speed IV ratings.

Koraidon possesses enormous power that should not be underestimated. Besides, why should you anticipate anything less from a true, version-exclusive legendary Pokémon? 

Koraidon is undoubtedly an S-Tier Pokémon with a ridiculous maximum total of 670 combined IV values.

With the Adamant Nature, Koraidon gains 10% more Attack but loses a small portion of Special Attack, which is its lowest IV.

Although Special type attacks become a little less effective, this Nature makes the one-shot capability of Koraidon with physical attack moves even more terrifying.

Flying, Psychic, Ice, and Dragon-type attacks are all very effective against Koraidon, dealing twice as much damage to it. On top of that, it takes 400% damage from Fairy-type attacks, so make sure to keep it away from those.

As for its resistances, the damage Koraidon receives from Rock, Bug, Dark, Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric-type attacks is reduced by half.

As for its move list, Koraidon is not necessarily original. Some of the most Koraidon’s best and most damaging moves are Giga Impact, Focus Blast, and Outrage.

Close Combat has 100 Accuracy and 120 Power. Sadly, it only has 5 PP, but as was already mentioned, it reduces the target’s Special Defense and physical Defense.

Focus Blast is a move with 70 Accuracy and 120 Power. In this attack, Koraidon heightens its mental focus and unleashes its Fighting power. If you hit, this move may lower the target’s Special Defense stat.

Outrage is a risky physical Dragon-type move. It has 10 PP, 120 Power, and 100 Accuracy, so you can safely use it without fearing missing it.

However, there is a risk. When you use this attack, Koraidon rampages and attacks for two to three turns. However, after that, this Pokémon will become confused.

If those maneuvers seem unsafe to you, you may always try Giga Impact. It possesses 5 PP, 150 Power, and 90 Accuracy.

Since it is a Physical Normal-type move, Giga Impact is always useful to have in case your opponent tries to counter-pick your Legendary Pokémon.


Miraidon Plebe

Moving on to my favorite Pokémon in the game, maybe because it kinda looks like a Digimon, we have Miraidon. Miraidon is an Electric and Dragon-type robotic Paradox Pokémon.

Since it is the Violet-exclusive legendary Pokémon, you can rest assured that this is an S-Tier Pokémon with a max combined IV of 670. Miraidon can have Guard Dog and Hadron Engine as an Ability.

Its highest IV stat is Speed, which can get to 135. Its lowest IV is Attack, with a maximum of 85 — not that bad at all. With the Timid Nature, Miraidon’s Speed is increased by 10% while its physical Attack is reduced by 10%. That way, you may lose a bit of damage with physical Attack moves, but chances are you always attack first.

Miraidon is weak to Ground-, Ice-, Dragon-, and Fairy-type moves and takes twice as much damage from them. However, it takes half damage from Flying-, Steel-, Fire-, Water-, and Grass-type attacks. It also takes only 25% damage from Electric-type moves.

Although you already start with Miraidon in Pokémon Violet, you can get another one by completing the main story and returning to Zero Lab.

Miraidon benefits very well from the same Dragon and Normal-type moves from which all the other Pokémons in this list benefit.

You can always count on Giga Impact, Outrage, Dragon Meteor, and Hyper Beam to ensure you have an effective, high-damaging move.

However, since it is also an Electric-type Pokémon, you can also use Thunder.

When Miraidon uses Thunder, a wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the target to inflict damage. This may also leave the target with paralysis.

Thunder has 110 Power and 70 Accuracy, so there is a risk. That said, if you attack first and cause paralysis in your adversary Pokémon, you have already managed to get a massive advantage in battle.



Hydreigon is an S-Tier Pokémon of the Brutal type. It seems that this Pokémon is somewhat based on King Ghidorah from Godzilla.

This Pokémon has a total combined stat of 600, cementing its position in the tier list for now. Its highest IV stat is Special Attack.

Hydreigon starts out as a one-headed Dragon named Deino. Then, at level 50, it evolves to Zwilous and gains an extra head. Finally, Zweilous evolves to Hydreigon at level 64 and gains a third head.

It also has a Paradox Type form called Iron Jugulis Hydreigon, but I consider it a weaker form of this Pokémon. Besides, Iron Jugulis Hydreigon is a Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon, not a Dragon-type one.

This Pokémon is immune to Psychic-type attacks and takes half damage from Ghost-, Dark-, Fire-, Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type moves.

As for its weaknesses, Hydreigon takes twice as much damage from Fighting-, Bug-, Ice-, and Dragon-type moves.

Hydreigon will benefit, much like most Pokémon here, from Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Draco Meteor, and Outrage.

However, it also has access to a Rock-type move called Head Smash. It has 150 Power and 80 Acc.

This attack is a bit suicidal, but it does get the job done. Hydreigon attacks the target with a hazardous full-power headbutt. This also damages Hydreigon terribly.



Garchomp is an S-Tier Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It has a maximum of 600 total base stats and can come with Sand Veil, Serene Grace, and Rough Skin as an Ability.

Its highest possible IV stat is Attack, which can be up to 130. Its weakest IV stat is Special Attack, so you can get +10% Attack from the Adamant nature without worrying too much about the -10% Special Attack penalty.

Garchomp evolves from Gabite at level 48. Gabite evolves from Gible at level 24. If you want a Garchomp, you can find a Gible in the South Province of Area Six.

There are also 5-Star and 6-Star Tera Raids that can grant you a level 75 or a level 90 Garchomp.

Since it has a combined Dragon and Ground type, Garchomp takes twice as much damage from Dragon- and Fairy-type attacks. It also takes four times as much damage from Ice-type attacks.

On the other hand, Garchomp has resistance to Fire, Poison, and Rock moves. On top of that, it is completely immune to electrical attacks.


Dragonite 2 1

The inclusion of Dragonite on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. It was always a strong Pokémon. Dragonite has always been among the strongest in the majority — if not all — of the games it appears in.

Dragonite is an S-tier Flying- and Dragon-type Pokémon with a total of 600 max base stats. Its highest IV is his physical Attack stat, which can go as high as 134.

Some people recommend the Brave Nature to go along with Dragonite. It increases its Attack by 10%. On the other hand, it lowers its Speed by 10% as well.

Dragonite can come with Inner Focus, Adaptability, and Multiscale as an Ability.

Multiscale is one of the best abilities you can have with Dragonite. It lessens the damage that a Pokémon receives while its HP is full.

Therefore, you may do as much damage to your opponent with this Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon with confidence that you will survive at least one strike.

Some of Dragonite’s most damaging attack moves are Outage and Giga Impact. Although its physical Attack IV is higher, Dragonite’s Special Attack is decent enough to use Hyper Beam, Hurricane, and Draco Meteor efficiently.

However, it’s by using Dragon Dance that you can make Dragonite really shine. When Dragonite uses Dragon Dance, it vigorously performs a mystic, powerful dance that boosts its Attack and Speed stats.

Dragon Dance is powerful but risky. However, it gives you the potential to one-shot enemies and also to attack first due to the increased Speed IV. Besides, you can set it up effectively and safely with the help of Multiscale.

You’ll have a lot more attack speed and damage when you accomplish that. This might give you the advantage over the Pokémon you’re battling right now and others that will follow.

Multiscale is so powerful that it helps Dragonite survive powerful Fairy-type attacks if you need to keep it around for one extra round.



Dragapult is an S-Tier Ghost- and Dragon-type Pokémon. It has a maximum of 600 total base stats. Besides being one of the best dragons in Paldea, it is also one of the best ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Dragapult’s highest IV stat is Speed, which can be as high as 142. Besides its amazing Speed, it also has pretty good Attack and Special Attack IVs.

Its Attack IV may reach a maximum of 120, while its Special Attack can reach a maximum of 100. You have quite a tactical edge in any fight and a respectable one-shot potential because of Dragapult’s high Speed and high enough Attack and Special Attack IVs.

Dragapult is vulnerable to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks since it is a mixed Ghost and Dragon-type Pokémon. It does, however, have more strengths than weaknesses.

Moves of the following types do half damage to Dragapult: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Bug, and Poison. Additionally, it is invulnerable to attacks of the Fighting and Normal types.

Like many other Pokémon in this list, you can find a Dragapult in Tera Raids. If you know where it spawns, you can end up with a level 75 Dragapult from a 5-star Tera Raid.

As for its best moves, Dragapult uses some of the moves other Dragon-type Pokémon in this list go for. It has access to Outage and Giga Impact. They both use Dragapult’s physical Attack.

Having said that, this Pokémon can also use Draco Meteor and Hyper Beam. Although Dragapult’s physical Attack is higher, its Special Attack is high enough to make it a threat using any move type.



Baxcalibur is an S-Tier Pokémon with a total maximum of 600 combined base stats. Besides being a Dragon-type Pokémon, it is also an Ice-type with the potential for a really high Attack IV.

Its maximum highest IV stat is 145 Attack. As long as you don’t depend on this Pokémon’s low Special Attack IV, you can do a lot with it.

All of Baxcalibur’s IVs are somewhat decent, except for its low Speed. With the Adamant Nature, you get +10% Attack in exchange for -10% Special Attack. This is a very good trade for Baxcailbur since you won’t be counting on its Special Attack IV anyway.

Unfortunately for this Pokémon, this Ice and Dragon combination isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to a Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses.

Baxcalibur takes twice as much damage from Dragon-, Fairy-, Fighting-, Rock-, and Steel-type moves while taking half damage only from Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type moves.

For you to have a Baxcalibur, you might need to wait until you get to the late game. Alternatively, you can go for its early form. Baxcalibur evolves from Arctibax at level 54, while Arctibax evolves from Frigibax at level 35.

So, unlike other Pokémon that have two evolutions via experience point, it takes longer than usual for you to reach this Dragon- and Ice-type Pokemon’s final form.

Baxcalibur has two Tera Raids, a 5-stars one and a 6-stars one. However, these are level 75 and level 90 Pokémon that you must fight.

So, in case you aren’t that far in the game, you should probably check how to catch every Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. That way, you can find a Frigibax and level it up to have a Baxcalibur early.

Like many other Dragon-type Pokémon in this list, Dracon Meteor, Outage, Giga Impact, Blizzard, and Hyper Beam are some of the best moves that Baxcalibur can use.



Goodra is a pure S-Tier Dragon-Type Pokémon. It has a total base stats of 600 and can have Sap Sipper, Hydration, and Gooey as an Ability.

Goodra is a Pokémon with excellent Special Defense and decent Attack IVs. If you go for the Gentle Nature, its Special Defense will be even higher.

However, I’d consider trying a higher HP or physical Defense instead. As a Dragon-type Pokémon, Goodra is weak to Ice-, Dragon-, and Fairy-type moves. On the other hand, it takes half damage from Fire-, Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type attacks.

You can find Goodra in two Tera Raids. One is a 5 Stars raid with a level 75 Goodra, and the other is a 6 Stars Raid with a level 90 Goodra. Some of the best Attacks that Goodra has access to are: Dracon Meteor, Outage, Giga Impact, Blizzard, and Hyper Beam.

Since Goodra is extremely tanky against Special attacks, you will have more chances of safely using attacks like Giga Impact and Hyper Beam against the opponent.

You have to be careful with Outrage since it can confuse Goodra after the attack is finished. Still, you can count on Goodra’s defenses to keep it alive for a while, depending on who you are facing.

What to Do Next

After picking out some Dragon type Pokemon for your team, it’s a good idea to check the general strengths and weaknesses of your overall team so you know where you might be lacking. After all, Dragon Pokemon are strong but not invincible.

In particular, read up on the best Ice and Fairy type Pokemon in the game so you know how to counter them properly. Dragon types are weak to Ice, Fairy, and ironically, other Dragon type Pokemon.