7 Games Like Classic Fallout

Despite the post-apocalyptic theme, at its core, Fallout 1 is an isometric RPG. The players who enjoy it usually fall in love with elements like story, dialogue, atmosphere, and the skill system.

In this article, I’ll present 7 games like classic Fallout for you to try. All of them are superb and offer a very similar experience but in a different setting.

1. Arcanum

Image credit: Troika Games

Fallout 1 is what it is thanks in part to Tim Cain, who is a phenomenal video game developer that contributed to numerous other titles. And one of them is Arcanum.

Arcanum’s qualities are absolutely unique. First of all, the idea behind the game is extremely original. The universe is built in a way that puts magic at odds with technology. This is a post-industrial world that tries its best to leave behind all forms of magic, but you can play as a mage nonetheless.

In Arcanum, you can select a character from one of the many available races: humans, orcs, half-orcs, elves, half-elves, dwarfs, gnomes, etc. Each race comes with its own unique traits and you can further customize your character by choosing a unique background.

For example, you can pick the background of a bookworm who starts with higher intelligence but is deficient in other areas. Or you can pick a character that’s incredibly beautiful but lacks dexterity. The range of options is impressive and you can play the game in a lot of different ways.

If you want to fight as little as possible, you can simply use a very persuasive style. But you can also be someone who struggles to communicate with people and this will be reflected in your dialogue options with everyone.

Arcanum’s story is simply beautiful and full of philosophical ideas. If you’re the kind of person who asks deep questions or struggles to find a balance between science and theology, this game will give you a lot of memorable moments. Its dialogues are brilliant and reflect the passion of the developers.

Music is easily one of the best things about Arcanum. I played countless video games and in this department, Arcanum is up there with The Elder Scrolls, Deus Ex, Frostpunk, and Diablo 2. Ben Houge did a spectacular job.

2. Tyranny

Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Tyranny is another game that feels a lot like Fallout but its story is highly original and completely different. In its world, evil is almost in full control and is about to conquer the entire map. Most of it is already conquered and you’ll assist in finalizing the campaign.

Because of this, you are faced with very tough ethical choices and are constantly required to take sides. More often than you would like, you need to lose something important if you want to gain something else.

This game has one of the best stories you’ll ever come across and the desire to discover what happens next will keep you glued to your screen. The dialogue is comparable to that of the best novels and you’ll likely read all of it. Many RPG games tend to make you lose interest rather quickly, and you end up playing them without caring about the story. Tyranny is the exact opposite.

Visually, Tyranny is not a very impressive game. But in terms of how deep character customization goes, you will find that it’s very satisfying and highly replayable. And you get to play not solo, but with a party.

Each member of your crew will be unique and you’ll be able to choose from many different specializations. Some skills, such as Dual Wield or One-Handed Weapons, are very similar to those of other RPGs. But the game has flavors of its own, especially in the magic department.

Tyranny’s combat takes place in real-time, but you can pause as often as you want to give orders to your party members. If you’re used to purely hack & slash RPGs or purely turn-based combat, at first you will find Tyranny’s combat style a bit odd. But after the first few battles, you will start to love it.

3. Divinity: Original Sin

Image credit: Larian Studios

Developed by Larian Studios and released in 2014, Divinity: Original Sin practically revived the isometric RPG subgenre and took it to a whole new level.

In a world where many companies were focusing mainly on graphics, the team from Larian decided to aim higher and deliver a game that has a soul. The passion of the people who worked on Divinity: Original Sin is visible in every aspect of the universe they created.

Divinity: Original Sin allows you to pick from a wide range of characters and everything about them can be customized. All of the abilities, attributes, and talents are useful and intelligently designed, and this gives you the possibility to play through the story multiple times.

Divinity: Original Sin immerses you in its world and gives you the chance to be creative with how you use your abilities. For example, utilizing electricity on an enemy that’s standing in the rain will create the effect you’d expect. You can also set oil barrels on fire and generate massive explosions that can damage enemies.

The combat is turn-based, so you will be able to plan all of your moves carefully. Because of this, the game makes you feel that every battle is important and in many cases, challenging. This differentiates it from ARGPs and requires you to be an excellent tactician during each fight and a great strategist overall.

If you like to read about a game’s lore and fully experience its quests, Divinity: Original Sin’s dialogue will mesmerize. It feels like every character has something witty and captivating to say. The more you get to know this world, the more you’ll want to interact with it.

4. Disco Elysium

Image credit: ZA/UM

Disco Elysium was released in 2019 and received worldwide acclaim for its revolutionary features and the sheer brilliance of its story. Almost everyone gave this game either a 9 or a 10. Its characters are fully voiced and you are a detective who’s tasked with solving challenging cases.

You are a detective but you can play the role in many different ways. You can choose to be highly intelligent, brutal, or highly sensitive. You also get the option to fully customize your own character and choose the attributes that suit your playstyle.

Unlike some of the more simplistic RPGs that get created these days, Disco Elysium seeks to challenge you and therefore, it never gives you everything you want. You need to solve problems while having both qualities and severe deficiencies, and this creates an engaging experience.

The skills in Disco Elysium are designed to make your playthrough unique. You can choose to develop your empathy and logic, or you can be a pure bruiser with excellent reaction speed and hand/eye coordination. The game gives you many different tools to solve its quests and your choices make a big difference.

This is a game that encourages interaction. You don’t get to fight non-stop like in other RPGs. Instead, you get to listen and think carefully about everything you want to say. In that sense, Disco Elysium is an excellent choice for those who enjoy socializing with others and getting to know interesting characters.

If you’d like to learn more about detective games like Disco Elysium, you can read our detective games guide.

5. Baldur’s Gate 3

Image credit: Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 was developed by Larian Studios, the same company that created Divinity: Original Sin, and was released in 2020. The game sold millions of copies and is no doubt a great success, both commercially and artistically. If you’re familiar with the original Baldur’s Gate from 1998, you will absolutely love this one.

Because it’s designed by Larian Studios, the game’s combat system benefits from the company’s previous combat system, which was used in the Divinity series. This system works really well and allows you to do things that greatly enhance your experience. Fighting is never dull in this game and it only gets better as you level up your characters and access new spells.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the environment is part of the battle. And it may prove to be your ally or your greatest foe. It all depends on how you position yourself and how you maneuver your opponents. Just like in Company of Heroes, the battle scene is destructible, so you need to incorporate its elements into your tactics.

It’s hard to tell how much time was spent on designing the character creation screen, but you will feel the effort that was put into this task immediately.

You start your adventure by designing yourself from start to finish and the range of characteristics you get to set is impressive. You could easily spend more than one hour just contemplating your race, class, subclass, Deity, background, proficiencies, abilities, and how you want to look.

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6. Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition

Image credit: Black Isle Studios

This game is an absolute gem and represents another one of those deeply philosophical CRPGs. The original title was developed by Black Isle Studios and got published by Interplay Entertainment in 1999. All of the critics were blown away by the depth of its story and as a result, it won numerous awards: RPG of the Year, Game of the Year, etc.

However, the game did not sell well initially, mainly because of its complex story. People were used to simplistic games back then and Planescape: Torment was the exact opposite.

Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition was released in 2017 and constitutes an updated version of the original. Overhaul Games did an excellent job at restoring this ancient work of art and making it more enjoyable for the younger generations, who grew up playing video games that have stunning visuals.  

Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition is a pure CRPG, in the sense that it focuses a lot on the story and cares much less about combat and other elements. The style and vision of Chris Avellone can be felt throughout the entire game and they are the main reason why you should play it.

In Planescape: Torment, you play as The Nameless One. You wake up and begin your quest to discover who you are. Along the way, various companions join forces with you for reasons of their own. And you get to specialize, despite starting as a simple fighter.

Instead of powerful armor, you get tattoos, and when you die, you simply respawn in a different location. I don’t want to spoil the game for you, but if you’re fascinated by the notion of past lives and reincarnation, you should definitely check out this title.

7. Pillars of Eternity

Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Pillars of Eternity was the game that revived Obsidian Entertainment. The company was going bankrupt and someone had the brilliant idea of doing a Kickstarter campaign. The project managed to raise $4 million and ended up becoming an 80-hour masterpiece that delighted the fans of old-school CRPGs.

Pillars of Eternity was released in March 2016 and was praised by fans and critics alike. It’s a rare occurrence when both sides agree, but PoE was so good and had such a beautiful story that nobody could dislike it, despite being a bit strange, even for its genre.

Like most of the games on this list, PoE is not for those who like to constantly fight monsters and don’t have the patience to read a lot of dialogue. Quite the opposite, it is for those who want to roleplay a superb novel. The cut scenes in this game take the form of page-like screens that give you ample time to read and imagine. And that’s exactly what the fans of the genre love to do.

Just like in Arcanum, you are the sole survivor of a disturbing incident and need to take refuge. You quickly come into contact with cultists who perform a bizarre ritual and are intrigued. You become a Watcher (or someone who has the capacity to read souls) and along the way, you discover that in Dyrwood, children are cursed and are being born without a soul.

Because it was released in 2015, at the end of a long journey that benefited from a decent budget, Pillars of Eternity features not just a great story but also a great combat system, among other things. Every battle is engaging and quite difficult, so the action is quite satisfying and will give you enough challenges to tackle.

If you love RPGs that have great music and beautiful visuals, this game will not let you down. From start to finish, it makes you feel immersed in its world and you will often find yourself just sitting around to listen to its soundtrack.


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