How to Steal and Pickpocket in Baldur’s Gate 3

Stealing and pickpocketing is a commonly overlooked aspect in Baldur’s Gate 3. It can force you to restart if you fail but you can be greatly rewarded if you manage to pull it off.

This guide will focus on giving all the information involved with stealing and pickpocketing in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Characters to Use

The best characters to use are preferably ones with high dexterity and proficiency like sleight of hand and stealth. Basically, a character with a background of a “Criminal” from the user-creation.

If your user-created character has low attributes on dexterity, you can use Astarion.

You should always have a full party when doing this, especially in crowded areas. The reasons for this will be explained later in this guide.

How to Steal

When you steal, you should always check the surroundings for NPCs and if they roam around or not. It is because when you hide your presence, you can see the surroundings marked with a red outline that the NPCs have vision of. For roaming NPCs, you should use your other characters to distract them by interacting with them and not responding.

To do this, you should ungroup your party members when you are trying to steal so that they do not follow you around. They will stay where they are until you move them. Items marked red will mean that it is off-limits and is owned by someone else.

For chests and other containers with items, you can simply carry them by right-clicking the whole chest and selecting “Steal and Add to Wares”. You can open them from your inventory and take the items inside and drop the chests instantly. These items are really heavy so you should watch the weight of these items before taking too much.

Dropping the chests will not cause suspicions but stealing will. If you steal too much, NPCs around the area will start noticing that there is a thief roaming around the area. Another thing to remember is to always save before doing any of these. You might regret this after and every NPC in the area can start attacking you.

NPCs can randomly approach you and ask you a few questions where you need to use your proficiency in a particular field to talk or “roll” your way out of the situation. If you fail the rolls, you will either need to bribe them which they can also reject. This will cause all the NPCs to attack you in the area so it is best to load your saved file again.

How to Pickpocket

To pickpocket in the game, it will heavily rely on your dexterity, sleight of hand, and stealth. The best targets for pickpocketing are merchants selling goods. Avoid selling the same items to them because they might notice that it is their missing belongings. For pickpocketing, you can choose any items you want to steal and you will need to roll a certain amount on the 20 sided dice for it to be successful.

The higher your dexterity, sleight of hand, and stealth, the lower the rolls you need to get before stealing the item. Each item will get rolled on so you can start with the low-value items before stealing the more risky ones. The roll targets depend on the value of the items and will not increase based on the number of items you steal.

A great strategy again is to ungroup your party and use your other characters to distract other NPCs from seeing you. You can hide or sneak to see the vision of other NPCs because if you are trying to pickpocket someone, they will still notice it.

Make sure you save again before trying to pickpocket NPCs. It will be the same as stealing items around the area.

When you get caught trying to pickpocket, you can talk your way out of the situation too. Use your highest proficiency among the choices so it is best to know what your character’s strengths are.


Remember to transfer the stolen items to characters in your group who are far away from NPCs. If they decide to check your belongings and they do not find the missing items, they will let you go. This will put you ahead of the curve and can increase your power level if you do manage to steal valuable items like rare gear, consumables, and gold.

Just be careful and remember to always save before attempting any mischievous deeds.