Things tend to get heated when we game. In the grind to get the next headshot or the perfect one-tap, it is your gaming accessories undergo some wear and tear.

Once you invest into once of the best gaming mice, chances are that you’ll use it so much that it takes a beating, literally.

It is widely known that computer accessories like keyboards or mice gather a lot of germs over time with usage.

Studies suggest that some keyboards are dirtier than your toilet.

This is also true with mice and any computer peripheral accessory we touch on a regular basis.

This is primarily because our hands carry a lot of germs and we hardly ever clean our computer.

The average gaming mouse has more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat and this is an alarming fact, especially after a germ-related global crisis.

Below, we’ll share how to clean a gaming mouse properly and easily so you can rid yourselves of any worries (and germs).

How to Clean Your Gaming Mouse

When you notice the keys getting oily, grimy or sticky you might want to give the surface of your mouse a good cleaning. Here is how you do it.

Wipe Off Any Dust

Disconnect the mouse from the computer and use a cloth or tissue to gently dust off small particles off the surface of the mouse. Turn the mouse over and dust off the underside and wire (if applicable) too.

You can also gently dust the LED light too. But be careful and do not stick anything sharp inside as you can damage the mouse. You could also use quick spurts form a compressed air can that is available as a computer cleaning tool (especially hard to reach places like the crevices between the keys of your keyboard and mouse).

Use an Alcohol Based Cleaner

  • After you dust the mouse, you should use an alcohol-based cleaner to kill the germs. You could use an isopropyl alcohol cleaner, alcohol wipes, or just an alcohol-based sanitizer that we are sure you have. Just use a dab of cleaning product on a clean cloth or tissue.
  • Focus on the areas that gather grime like the underside of the mouse where the pads are located. This is usually near the corners of the mouse. Since they endure friction, they tend to wear out and gather dirt.
  • Also, in some mice, you can remove the clickers on top with a gentle upward tug. But make sure that the model you own supports this. If you can open up the top of your mouse, run the insides down with the alcohol-based cleaner as well.
  • We suggest you do not use an alcohol-based spray as they are tougher to control and liquidizes rapidly to dampen the surface for a long time. This could cause seepage into the electronics which could be harmful to the fragile solders inside the mice.
  • Wait for the alcohol to dry.

Get Into The Crevices

Modern gaming mice come in a variety of shapes with a whole host of buttons. Make sure you clean between the tiny gaps. For this, you can use a clean earbud or a folded up piece of paper. Just remember to spritz some cleaner on the earbud before you tackle the crevices.

Don’t Forget the Wire

Rub-down the wire with some sanitizer or cleaning product too. This is crucial as the wire collects dirt as well. To do a thorough job, you need to hit all areas! Do not apply any alcohol directly to the USB port though.

Regularly Wipe Down The Mouse

After a thorough cleaning, do not forget about the mouse for another year. Regularly use alcohol or anti-bacterial wipes to clean the keys and the bottom to avoid any build-up. This prevents dead skin cells from accumulating which causes germs to fester.

Once you learn how to game on mouse and keyboard, over time, they will get dirty, and you will need to clean it. Knowing how to do that will be extremely beneficial to not damage any aspect of the device.