Over the past decade, PC games that involve shooting down an opponent have raised their skill ceiling immensely.

This has created an environment where really small factors drastically impact in-game accuracy and overall performance, especially at higher levels of competition.

Within a few weeks of a popular FPS or Third-person shooter releasing, some players seem to have gained enough experience to be considered the best which raises the quality of eSport performances. So what do these pros do that regular players don’t?

If you ask them, they’ll tell you that the fundamentals are crucial.

The gaming mouse is the primary tool used by PC gamers to aim their weapon at the opponent’s hit box. Much like a real-life firearm, learning how to hold a gaming mouse properly, in a comfortable yet yielding grip is a crucial fundamental for improving your precision and accuracy.

But what is the correct way to hold a gaming mouse?

Our guide below details multiple, professionally-used gaming mouse grips that will create the perfect foundation for your shooting accuracy.

Tips to Improve Gaming Mouse Grip

Before we tell you the best way to hold a mouse when gaming, you need to make sure you have these basics drilled in:

Let Your Fingers Rest On the Buttons

If you find your fingers hovering a couple of centimeters over the mouse buttons, you waste precious milliseconds slamming your fingers down. Test out your clicking speed when your finger is placed right on the button vs hovering slightly over on an online click-timing game. There will be a definite change in your timings.

This reduces delay and gives you a split second advantage over opponents during exchanges. Slowly, this small change will create a big difference in your in-game results.

Find the Right Size Mouse

Just because a mouse is popular and is advertised by big gamers does not mean it is the right fit for you. Some, especially young, gamers tend to have smaller hands and fingers. This makes popular gaming mice like the Death Adder V2, Corsair Ironclaw RGB, or the Logitech G502 Lightspeed too big. They are all 5 inches or higher in length with the Corsair being 5.5 inches long marketed at gamers with larger hands and longer fingers.

Try out the SteelSeries Rival 3 (4.75 inches long) or the Razer Naga Trinity (4.69 inches length) if larger mice feel uncomfortable. Though the Razer Naga Trinity is aimed at MMO gamers, they are excellent for FPS too. And for gamers with smaller hands, they will serve as a loyal and lethal weapon.

Try Out Mice of Different Weights

Some mice are heavier than others and this is an important factor when considering your next gaming mouse. Any mouse over 4.23 ounces (~ 120 gms) might be too heavy for some gamers or games.

FPS requires quick flicks and sideways movement and is highly reflex-based. Especially with the quality of opposition these days, it is important to gain any advantage. After hours of gaming, a heavy mouse can slow you down. Opt for lighter builds if you have longer sessions. Some of the best gaming mice in the world are extremely light.

The Glorious Model O is the perfect modern-day FPS mouse in this regard. Weighing just 2 ounces (57 gms) it is incredibly light and perfect for gamers who opt for low DPI settings in their gaming mouse.

Different Ways to Hold a Gaming Mouse

A lot has been made of mouse gripping styles in online forums and gaming circles. We will look at the three most popular ones to help you choose the gaming mouse grip that is perfect for your style of play.

Fingertip Grip

This style of holding a gaming mouse requires you to only use the finger tips to move and click the mouse. At any point during the gameplay, the palm of the hand or the wrist will not come into contact with any surface. The sides of the mouse are also gripped with the fingertips.

This is a very tactile approach and is for gamers looking for the best control over their mouse. It might be tricky to learn but is very rewarding. As you use only the fingertips, there is a lower probability of misclicks or overreaching desired targets.

This grip is perfect for low weight, versatile mice, and is being increasingly preferred by FPS pros. Though flicks are harder to control, lateral movement on this grip is incredibly accurate when you are used to it. But beware as this grip puts increased pressure on the wrist and can cause strain or even injuries with longer sessions.

Palm Grip

This is the most prevalent grip for gaming enthusiasts as it the most comfortable. Many people naturally adopt this grip. The palm is in contact with the back of the mouse and the fingers lay on the mouse without any elevation, resting on top of the entire length of the key.

But because the entire hand rests on the mouse, clicks tend to be slightly inaccurate compared to the other grips. It suits most mouse builds and shapes and can give you decent accuracy with practice. The main pro with this grip is the increased comfort during long sessions of gaming.

This grip also is good for gamers who prefer flicks to smaller sideways movements. For those who play with lower DPI settings, this grip is perfect as it enables longer flicks in both directions with greater control.

Claw Grip

This grip involves elevating the knuckles of your fingers and letting the fingertips rest on the keys. The palm is in contact with the back end of the mouse. The claw grip is very similar to the palm grip but by not resting the entire length of your fingers on the keys, you overcome the loss of accuracy.

This makes it the best mix of comfort and accuracy and is preferred by a lot of pro gamers who are some of the best at consistently getting headshots in FPS games. The claw grip is also great for flicks but it can be tough to place the fingertips in the right position during the heat of battle.

But with a little practice, the claw grip is other best for both novice and expert gamers. Most mouse designs consider the claw grip while designing the shape of their products, making it transition seamlessly across a range of brands and styles.

Consider these small adjustments to the way you hold your gaming mouse and watch your kill count soar. Modern gaming requires precision adjustments and it all starts with the way you hold the mouse. Figure out what works for you and start practicing.