There are various skills available to level up in Valheim and you innately raise them up as you use each skill depending on how often you use them.

This guide will be relatively short (might get fixed as well) and will show you how to level skills fast in Valheim.

Combat Skills

Skill Leveling

This is the category where you can increase your skills as high as you can as long as it involves combat. To do this, you will need another player on your server. It can be better if you have multiple players as it would make it much faster.

Find your teammates or crew and equip the weapon you want to upgrade. Turn off PVP damage on each and every teammate you have and just keep hitting them as much as possible. Better if everyone is glued together so you can cleave each other with every swing.

Your skills go up including your teammates if they are also smacking any player with a weapon. Keep doing this and you might get the maxed in an hour or so. This is incredibly broken and might get fixed but this is the best strategy for it.

For shield or blocking, if you want to upgrade this skill, you need to turn on PVP damage for yourself and have players hit you while blocking. If it is turned off, your shield will not block anything and the attacks will just go through you.

Running and Jumping Skills

This is kind of straight forward but you can just spam your sprints and jumps to increase these skills but there is another slight boost you can do to make this faster.

The Power of Eikthyr

After beating Eikthyr, you will receive an active bonus skill which is called the “Eikthyr”. It decreases your jump and run stamina usage by 60% each and you can spam it longer. If you are just thinking inside your shelter and trying to figure things out like building your base, crafting items, or organizing your resources, you can activate this skill and spam the jump button.

The skill has a 5-minute effect with a 20-minute cooldown so make sure you are going to do this for a while so that when you go back to exploring, Eikthyr is back up.

Useful tip to always remember

If you die, your skills will go down. Once you come back to your respawn point, you will have the “no skill drain” buff. This means that dying again will not decrease your skills anymore. However, if you manage to loot your body, the “no skill drain” buff will disappear. Dying again will lose you some skill points again.

On the bright side, you will get a “corpse run” buff that almost gives you immunity for almost a minute. You will regenerate at least 20% of your health per second and incoming damage received is reduced. You can still die to ridiculously powerful creatures, so you are not totally immune.

The best way to make use of the “corpse run” buff is to immediately eat food so that you can regenerate as much health as you gain max health from the food. If you have no food left after getting your body, you can just run away since the “corpse run” buff also gives you unlimited stamina for running.


To rank the other skills the was not mentioned, it is pretty simple on how you can upgrade them and there are no exploits or tricks yet for them. But the game is fun enough and overloaded with things to do that you do not need to focus that much on this. Gathering skills will definitely go up since you will be farming like 15-20% of the time in the game. It is best to just absorb the tricks shown above and play the game for fun.