How to Get Stones and Flints in Valheim

These are the two most used resources in Valheim and both are difficult to get especially in the early game. Both require to be individually picked up but you can unlock a better way to farm stones specifically. Both have good farming strategies and this guide will tell you how to get stones and flints in Valheim.

Best Strategy for Farming Flints

In our guide on building bases, it was mentioned that it is good to place your base near the ocean or near a river. This is because most, if not all, of the flints, are found in this area. You pick them up individually like stones and these are one of the hardest to farm in the early game apart from leather scraps and deer hide.

They respawn quite fast so every time you go out and explore other areas or farm other resources, it is best to grab as much flint as you can and zigzag your way through the shore before going to your main objective for going out of the shelter. As long as you remember this consistently, you will never have to spend 30 or more minutes looking for flint if you do this strategy.

Best Strategy to Farm Stones

The stones can be a bit scarce at the start as you will be nudging your head on how to farm the huge rocks and boulders to get stone through your playthrough. This is because you will have access to this after a couple of hours of progressing first. That is definitely long since you need stones very early in the game for structure, tools, and almost everything else just like wood.

Unlike wood, you can only gather stones by picking the loose ones on the floor individually. This might be a chore but you only have to endure it until you unlock the Antler Pickaxe. This is unlocked after acquiring the hard antlers from beating Eikthyr. This is the only way you can unlock and get the resources for the Antler Pickaxe.

After this, it will be a breeze farming stones as it is just like farming wood but only slightly slower if you know the great strategy in farming wood.


These resources are infinite and you do not have to worry about running out of them but is good to know that you need them consistently and you need to try to pick them up every time you go exploring especially in the early game. Getting stones at the start of the game is burdensome but if you treat it like flints before you get the Antler Pickaxe, you will not have any problems.


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