If you open the world map and zoom out as far as you can, you will see how big the world is. This means that you will need to setup a few outposts and shelters from different parts of the map. This guide will show you how to set a respawn point in Valheim for each of those outposts and shelters.

Building Your Shelter and Outposts

1 Level Base

This topic is discussed more in detail here so this will focus more on how to setup your outposts to set a respawn point in other parts of the map in Valheim. The only layout you need for outposts are flooring (with a whole for a campfire near your bed), a tiny 3 by 3 wall with as much entrances you want.

The roof is important for activating the bed and the workbench. It also keeps the structure from deteriorating over time if it rains. Build as many outposts like this as you can all around important locations with just a bed and a workbench. You can add storage chests if you want as long as it fits.

Setting Your Respawn Point

Needs a Fire

You can have multiple bed built unlike other games. It is just the matter of selecting one location you want to respawn on. You can go beside a placed bed and claim it to set your respawn point. This will be your active respawn point until that bed breaks or if you claim another bed location somewhere.

Starting Point Sacrificial Altar

If your claimed respawn point is destroyed, you will respawn at the sacrificial altar or where you spawned at the start of your playthrough. Trolls are the most dangerous creatures and it often happens when you start building bases on different islands that have more aggressive enemies that consistently attack.

Tips for Respawn Points

A cheesy tactic for utilizing respawn points is creating small huts with beds and a campfire near boss altars such as the Bonemass boss or the Moder. It applies to all bosses because saving up on loading times from portals makes a big difference in boss fights.

Once you respawn near a boss, you can utilize the “corpse run” buff you get when you take all your items from your corpse. This gives you an insane damage reduction, stamina consumption decrease, and a wolverine-like regeneration rate.

Basically, the only thing that can kill you is getting 1-shot by a monster that is a tier higher. As long as you have the current tier of equipment for the boss fight, you will be able to cheese it using the corpse run buff every time you die.


This guide is straight-forward and there are only a few things to add to it for tips. It is possible to set a respawn point even with a half-looking hut without enclosed walls as long as the bed is covered with a roof and next to a campfire. The only problem lies on the weather because it will put out the fire or slowly destroy the structure.