Armor, tools, and weapons tend to break often in Valheim because their durability can be really low.

Fortunately, repairing things is fairly straightforward in this game.

This short guide will show you how to repair items in Valheim and other tips you can follow to be more efficient.

How to Repair Tools, Weapons, and Armor

Repairing Tools

First, you need to craft a workbench inside a base with a roof so that it can be used.

Read our guide on building a base if you need to know more about this.

Use the workbench and find the repair item button near the left side of the crafting list.

Clicking ‘repair item’ will repair the first item in your inventory and goes in order for every click, for example a second click will repair the second item, and so on.

This does not cost anything so you can freely repair your items whenever you’d like every time you are inside your shelter with a workable workbench. The only problem is your tools and weapons breaking if you are exploring an area that is far away from your shelter.

Tips and Tricks

You can make small bases or outposts with a little hut that contains a small storage box, a bed, and a workbench. Just make sure it has a roof and a campfire.

There are efficient ways to farm wood that saves a lot of trips to your home for repairs. It is basically just chopping down trees and making the tree fall down to other trees and turns them into logs or wood instantly.

You can level your weapon skills by hitting friendlies with PVP damage off. This does not damage your weapons, armor, and tools and you can do this as much as possible.

Repairing Your Ship

To repair your ship, you just need a workbench in a radius that reaches your ship for repair. You do not need any platform to place the workbench and you do not need a roof or an enclosed area to use the workbench for repair. As long as you have a hammer and use the “right-click” build menu button and choose the repair icon. Aim at the ship you want to repair and left-click.

This is why it is always good to bring at least 10-20 pieces of wood when sailing. You can easily stop at any shore and quickly build a workbench, and repair your ship afterwards. Quickly dismantle the workbench and be on your way again.


Going back and forth with your exploration and your shelter is a real inconvenience so it is best keep multiple outposts around areas that are really far away. This gives you the opportunity to repair items in Valheim whilst you are far from home.

As you can only carry a limited amount of items and if you are farming resources, it is not a good idea to have multiple tools where possible.