Demon Hunters are a fast-paced, deadly Hero class that joined World of Warcraft in the Legion expansion. They’re a hell of a lot of fun to play, and they can be incredibly effective in endgame content as well.

While there are only two Demon Hunter specs, some areas of the game are a better fit for one spec than the other.

There’s a Tank spec and a DPS spec, and they’ve both got their advantages and disadvantages. No matter if you’re a PVP fan, a PVE fan, or something else entirely, there’ll be the perfect specialization for you.

Here’s a guide to picking the best Demon Hunter spec in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Best Demon Hunter Spec for Solo Leveling

Both of the Demon Hunter specializations are enjoyable to level up with, but Vengeance is particularly great for staying alive and speeding through quests quickly.

One of the main reasons why Vengeance is the ideal spec for leveling by yourself is that it has fantastic self-healing and damage mitigation abilities.

Abilities like Feast of Souls makes it much easier to handle large packs of mobs and finish kill quests, and they reduce how long you need to spend healing up if you run into trouble, too.

The level of mobility that Vengeance has on offer is simply unmatched for a Tank specialization. There are plenty of great abilities that help with mobility in battle and there are plenty that help outside of battle as well.

While Havoc is absolutely a viable pick for solo leveling, Vengeance is a better pick purely in terms of survivability and ability variety. It’s also a great way to make sure that you get plenty of quick queues if you’re looking to do Dungeons and Raids while you’re leveling up.

Strongest Demon Hunter Arena Spec

Havoc Demon Hunters are quite popular in Arenas right now, and with good reason. You can find them playing a crucial part in comps like DH Destro and DH Boomkin, and they’re worth trying out if you’re looking for a new Arena specialization.

One of the main reasons why Havoc is such a great spec for Arenas is that it has a wide variety of damage output styles. It offers solid AOE options, ridiculous burst damage that can be great for openers, and multi-target damage abilities, too.

Something else that’s important to note about Havoc DH is that it has a wide variety of CC options available, too. Control is important in Arenas, and Havoc has access to abilities like Sigil of Misery and Imprisonment that can take down both players and other enemies like pets.

With some incredible mobility options and a good level of self-reliance, Havoc is almost unstoppable in Arenas with the right comp and the right gear. It can take some time to master the rotation, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

Best Demon Hunter Spec for Battlegrounds

Unsurprisingly, Havoc is also the best pick for Battlegrounds right now. The impressive mobility and the CC options combined with the AOE and multi-target damage abilities make this DH spec a dream to have in an RBG.

Havoc is quite a flexible DPS spec, which is ideal for a Battleground scenario. You can take on enemies in a 1v1, in a team fight, or play a more supportive role by using abilities like Chaos Brand to increase how much damage enemies are taking.

Something that Havoc does struggle with at times is a lack of consistency with single-target damage, but this can be easily overcome with the right gear and a solid team.

It’s worth sticking with the group when playing Havoc in a Battleground, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t survive an ambush alone.

In general, the specialization is doing well in PVP right now. It’s not the hardest-hitting spec out there, but it’s a good counter for a lot of other powerful specializations and the rotation can be incredibly fun to pick up, too.

Best Demon Hunter Solo Shuffle Spec

Following the theme, the best Demon Hunter specialization to pick up for Solo Shuffle is also Havoc. Again, Vengeance isn’t bad by any means but Havoc is currently performing very well in this PVP mode and it’s worth checking out.

One of the most important things to consider when picking a Solo Shuffle specialization is how adaptable the spec is.

Havoc can fit into a number of different comps and work well alongside a wide variety of other specs, which is ideal. It’s also very self-reliant, which means that if you end up in a comp without a Healer, it’s not an issue.

Another great thing to note about Havoc DH for Solo Shuffle is that the rotation is fast-paced with frequent, short cooldowns. There’s always something that Havoc Demon Hunters can be doing, which makes them very effective in this game mode.

With their incredible mobility, variety of attack styles, and speedy rotation, what’s not to love? The self-reliance of the spec makes them quite tricky to take down, too.

Best PVE Demon Hunter Specialization

While Havoc is certainly a great pick for PVP environments, Vengeance is a brilliant pick for both Mythic+ Dungeons and Raids.

It’s not the most popular Tank spec in either community right now, but it can prove to be incredible with the right gear and rotation. It’s got some brilliant self-heals and damage mitigation abilities, like Fel Devastation and Roaring Fire, and it can maintain consistent pressure on enemies.

The CC options that Vengeance has access to can be very powerful in Raids and M+ Dungeons. For example, Sigil of Chains is a movement-restricting and snare-based ability, and it’s particularly effective for dealing with large groups of mobs.

Burst damage is a strong point for the Vengeance spec, meaning that it’s brilliant for burning down bosses quickly. The added mobility of the spec makes it ideal for dealing with extra boss mechanics, too.

Best Demon Hunter Spec for Soloing Old Content

Both Demon Hunter specs are ideal for running old Raids and Dungeons. They’re fast-paced, extra mobile, and great at keeping themselves in good condition.

There are also some great CC options in both the spec talent trees and the regular Demon Hunter talent trees. Abilities like Imprisonment can be very handy for Raids that have lots of mini-bosses or powerful trash mobs.

The Glide ability is amazing for quickly getting around old world Dungeons and Raids, especially ones with multiple levels and wider maps. It can be somewhat frustrating to do transmog runs on characters with limited mobility, and both Demon Hunter specs do not struggle with this.

If you’re trying to run recent older content like Shadowlands Raids, Vengeance is the best pick as it can take a lot more damage and survive more attacks than Havoc can.

That’s not to say that Havoc can’t work through these pieces of content, but Vengeance is a better option if you’re hoping to take on bosses that still hit somewhat hard.

How to Learn A New Specialization

Learning a new spec can take some time, but there are a few things that you can do to make it an easier experience overall.

If you’re a PVP fan, try looking at the comps that your specialization usually features in and learning more about other specs that you’ll often end up fighting alongside. For example, Havoc DH is usually paired up with Balance Druids, Destruction Warlocks, Preservation Evokers, and Restoration Shamans.

For PVE fans, it’s worth looking at how the Mythic+ Dungeon rotation is this season and seeing whether there are some easier ones you could start off with. It’s important to give yourself time to really get to grips with a new rotation.