The Druid class is incredibly varied, with 4 different specializations to choose from. It’s got one of the strongest class fantasies in the game, and it’s worth taking a look at if you’ve never played one before.

It can be tricky to know which Druid specialization to choose from when checking out the class, though, as there are different scenarios where each spec thrives more than the others. There are two DPS specs, a Healer spec, and a Tank spec to choose from, leaving plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s a complete guide to picking the best Druid spec in Dragonflight.

Best Druid Spec for Solo Leveling

Almost every Druid spec is viable for leveling up with as they all have good toolkits (although Restoration can be quite tricky) but there’s one that stands out as the best of the best. Feral is ideal for leveling up with as it’s incredibly mobile, has high damage output, and can also tap into useful abilities like Stealth.

The various animal forms that you can access as a Druid are incredibly powerful, and the Feral transformation toolkit can be immensely helpful when leveling up. Being able to go into Stealth or move quickly during battle can make all the difference when taking down Elite mobs or trying to do a kill quest.

Another reason why Feral is such a great choice for leveling up alone is that it has plenty of damage mitigation and healing abilities. Abilities like Protective Growth (adding a 5% damage reduction when Regrowth is on you) can be great for dealing with heavy-hitting mobs or even for use in leveling Dungeons.

Speaking of Dungeons, if you’re hoping to do them while leveling up then Feral has plenty of useful abilities to pick up for that purpose. It’s even quite effective at off-healing, mainly thanks to the utility from the regular Druid talent tree.

All in all, Feral is a durable yet fast-paced and nimble specialization. The animal forms and mitigation abilities that the spec offers can make leveling a much quicker and easier process, and it’s a lot of fun to play as well.

Best Druid Specialization for Arenas

While Feral and Balance may be the specs that people typically think of when talking about Arenas, Guardian is actually one of the best specializations to pick up right now- both for 2v2 battles and for 3v3 battles.

One of the main reasons why Guardian Druids are so perfect for Arenas is that the Guardian talent tree has an incredible variety of damage mitigation options on offer. Iron Fur and Dream of Cenarius can be very helpful in an Arena setting, as can abilities like Ursoc’s Fury.

The level of damage that Guardian Druids can put out is impressive, and with recent buffs they’ve become even more impressive. Moonless Night is an ability that affects enemies who have been targeted by Moonfire, making melee damage against them trigger 20% extra Arcane damage for the duration of Moonfire.

One downside of playing a Guardian Druid in Arenas is that they don’t have much in the way of CC or general control. This can be overcome with the right comp, though. They’ve still got exceptional damage and mitigation abilities, a good level of mobility, and a level of durability that rivals most other specs in the Arena scene right now.

Strongest Druid Spec for Battlegrounds

Guardian is generally the best spec for PVP fans right now. The other specs like Balance and Feral are still worth checking out of course, but Guardian has a level of survivability and damage potential that’s hard to beat.

One element that makes Guardian Druids perfect for Battlegrounds is that they have heaps of team-based utility. This comes from both the standard Druid talent tree and the Guardian specialization talent tree.

In particular, abilities like Stampeding Roar and Mark of the Wild are powerful team boosts that can make a real difference in an RBG environment.

Another thing that makes Guardian Druids such a perfect pick for Battlegrounds is that they have the ability to heal their teammates in a pinch. This is not the ideal scenario, of course (Guardian Druids specialize in dealing damage and mitigating it) but if you run into a fight where you’re outnumbered, abilities like After the Wildfire can help immensely.

While the lack of CC options can prove to be a hindrance in Battlegrounds, Guardian Druids are still one of the best specializations to pick up for PVP right now.

Best Solo Shuffle Druid Spec

If you’re looking for a DPS spec to take into Solo Shuffle, Balance is a very viable specialization right now. It’s an often underappreciated Druid spec but it has a fantastic toolkit that can be wonderfully helpful when dealing with the unpredictable nature of Solo Shuffle.

One of the main reasons why Balance is such a great specialization to pick up as a Solo Shuffle fan is that it has a strong array of different damage output styles. Whereas some specializations may only excel with single-target and AOE damage for example, Balance can pull off strong damage for single-target, multi-target, and AOE attacks.

Moreover, it’s a specialization that really doesn’t have much issue with swapping in-between targets. Solo Shuffle is a game mode that requires you to be able to think on your feet and adapt quickly, and Balance is an adaptable pick.

Speaking of adaptability, Balance is a spec that can be seen in a number of popular comps like LDX, WW Boomkin, and Owlplay.

It works well alongside a variety of other specializations and classes, making it just flexible enough to do well in Solo Shuffle.

If Balance isn’t your style and you’re a fan of PVP Healer specializations, Restoration is an incredibly viable specialization to consider picking up for Solo Shuffle. It’s got decent mobility, a varied toolkit, and plenty of defensive mechanisms, too.

Something that makes Resto Druids stand out from other Druids is that they can act as really powerful off-DPS characters when needed. If you’re on a team with classes and specs that have great self-heals and survivability, being able to help burn down a low-health enemy can make a real difference.

Restoration Druids also have some solid defensive cooldowns that can come in handy with PVP encounters. The self-heal potential is brilliant, too. Tranquility is a powerful AOE heal that can be useful for keeping you and your team in good condition.

The Tree of Life form is another great defensive tool, allowing you to shapeshift into a Treant. This form protects against Polymorph, enhances healing abilities by 15%, applies an armor boost to your character for 120%, and enhances moves like Entangling Roots. It’s a ridiculously powerful move and it can be very handy in Solo Shuffle battles.

Alongside survivability, movement is also incredibly important to consider in a PVP setting like Solo Shuffle. Resto Druids are one of the most agile Healers in the game, and they can continue to heal even while moving around during a battle.

Best PVE Druid Specialization

While Guardian was picked as the best Druid specialization for the majority of the PVP sections in this article, it’s also one of the most impressive PVE specs right now. In fact, it’s one of the more popular Tank specializations that you can find in the Raiding scene.

One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that it’s an immensely durable spec. It’s one of the most resilient Tank specs out there, with a good balance between damage mitigation abilities and pure self-healing abilities to choose from. It’s also got access to regular heals, mostly from the standard Druid talent tree.

The abilities Stampeding Roar and Mark of the Wild were mentioned earlier with regards to Guardian Druids, but it’s worth mentioning them again as these abilities are relevant to PVE settings. They add a ridiculous amount of group utility to the spec.

In general, Guardian Druids are fun to play in Raids and Dungeons and they bring a lot to group settings. They’re not the most unique or dynamic Tank in the game, but they’re powerful, can withstand a lot of damage, and have a strong level of survivability.

Best Druid Spec for Soloing Old Content

Guardian Druid has received a lot of love in this article, and with good reason. If you want to tackle old Raids and Dungeons for the sake of picking up interesting transmog and collectables, this is the perfect spec for you.

The main reason why Guardian Druids are perfect for this task is that they can deal a lot of damage quickly and they can withstand it, too. In older PVE settings, Guardian Druids can one-shot almost anything and survive most old world mechanics with ease.

Additionally, the spec has access to other forms like cat form, making it easy to sneak past unwanted mob packs or mini-bosses too. This is one of the best specializations in the game if you’re a fan of exploring older content and hunting for achievements.

How to Learn A New Specialization

Once you’ve decided which Druid spec you want to check out next, it’s worth taking a look at the specializations that Druids work well alongside in a PVP setting. These include:

The purpose behind this is to help you understand potential teammates and their rotations. You don’t need to memorize their rotations, of course, but understanding how these classes and specs play can help to improve your efficiency in a PVP environment like Arenas or Solo Shuffle.

If you’re more interested in PVP, take a look at the current Mythic+ Dungeon rotation once you hit max level. Are there some that are simpler to complete than others? If so, check these out. It’s better to start off slow with endgame content when trying a new spec, in order to give yourself time to learn the rotation properly.