The Best Rogue Spec in Dragonflight

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The first character I ever made in World of Warcraft was a Night Elf Assassination Rogue. Despite usually opting for ranged DPS classes, I’m still a massive fan of playing Rogues to this day, almost 10 years later. The gameplay is fast-paced, stealthy, and fun.

Each Rogue spec offers something unique, and they’re all enjoyable in their own right. There’s something to suit every kind of WoW player, which can make picking the best Rogue spec feel quite challenging, especially if you’ve never played one before.

Of course, ‘best’ is subjective and there’s nothing more important than finding a spec and class that you enjoy playing. No matter how powerful a spec or class is, it’s not worth your time if you find the class fantasy dull or think the rotation is clunky.

That being said, there are certainly some specs that are better suited to specific aspects of the game. Using my own experiences and research, I’ve put together this guide on how to pick the best Rogue spec in Dragonflight to suit your play style.

Do you play a Rogue in World of Warcraft? I’d love to hear what you think of my picks, feel free to tell me in the comments. Rogues make up some of the most interesting characters in the game and you’ll see people bringing them up in debates about the best specs all the time, alongside Mage specs and Warrior specs.

Best Rogue Spec for Solo Leveling

If you’re setting out to level by yourself as a Rogue, the best spec for you to choose is Subtlety. Subtlety Rogues have an immense amount of utility and survivability, and they’re a lot of fun to level up and gear as well.

One of the main reasons why Subtlety is the best Rogue spec for solo leveling is the powerful single-target damage and versatility that it offers. While every Rogue spec can do decent single-target damage, Subtlety Rogues can hop from enemy to enemy with very little issue, using abilities like Flagellation to beat down foes easily.

Subtlety Rogues also have great movement and stealth-based abilities, like an improved Shadowstep, Fade to Nothing, and Invigorating Shadowdust. Being able to move around quickly and attack from the shadows is a core part of the Rogue experience, and the Subtlety talent tree nails this.

Subtlety Rogues are great to solo level as they have handy talents to boost damage and control enemies efficiently. For example, Night Terrors is a great ability to help slow your enemies and manage larger groups of mobs for trickier quests.

Best Rogue Spec for PVP Arenas

If you check out the most popular Solo Shuffle classes or Arena comps in World of Warcraft, you’re sure to see a lot of Rogues. Outlaw Rogue is the most popular Rogue spec for Arena match-ups, though, and with good reason.

One of the main reasons why Outlaw is a stellar spec for Arenas is the sheer variety in damage output that the spec offers. The single-target damage options for Outlaw Rogues are immense, and there are great cleave abilities as well.

Talents like Roll the Bones make Outlaw combat a hell of a lot of fun, too.

Outlaw plays off of other specs nicely, and can work with everything from prime healing specs like Restoration Druids and Discipline Priests, to DPS pairings like Fury Warrior and Marksmanship Hunter.

If you’re looking to be a versatile and viable Arena player, Outlaw is one of the best Rogue specs to play in World of Warcraft, hands down.

Best Rogue Spec for PVP Battlegrounds

My recommendation for the best Rogue spec for Battlegrounds is Assassination, with Outlaw following as a close second.

Assassination Rogues have a talent tree that’s ideal for Battlegrounds due to the variety in DoT abilities and heavy-hitting damage dealers that it has on offer. Sepsis and Kingsbane are great abilities to have in a team fight, while abilities like Deathmark and Envenom are useful during one-on-one encounters.

This is a spec that you can adjust and adapt with, no matter what the Battleground in question throws at you. In general though, it’s a spec that really shines with single-target damage, so I’d suggest trying to get foes on their own wherever you can.

While Assassination is a great pick, it’s worth checking out Outlaw in Battlegrounds as well for the sheer power that the spec offers. Assassination offers great single-target damage, but Outlaw has some solid cleave damage abilities, too.

Best Rogue Spec for PVE

Outlaw is getting a lot of love in this article, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s a wicked spec. It’s viable for PVP, but it can also perform incredibly well in PVE environments as well. Whether you prefer to run dungeons or raids, Outlaw is a spec that you should consider taking out for a spin.

While Assassination and Subtlety can certainly perform well in PVE environments, Outlaw is suitable for the widest variety of fights. Subtlety and Assassination remain strong with single-target damage, but Outlaw has a varied talent tree that works in lots of different raid encounters and dungeon boss battles.

Something that helps Outlaw stand out as a great spec for PVE is the availability of unique damage-dealing moves, like Blade Flurry for example. Pairing this with moves like Restless Blades is a great way to tackle stacked enemies in PVE settings.

In general, Rogues have great utility and team support moves. The variety that Outlaw Rogues offer, alongside standard Rogue abilities like Shroud of Concealment, makes them perfect picks for PVE.

Best Rogue Spec for Soloing Old Content

All Rogue specs are certainly viable for soloing old content to some extent, although it does require a bit of planning to solo recent raids on a Rogue. They have no pets to help tank difficult enemies and there aren’t as many damage mitigation abilities on offer in any of the Rogue talent trees.

That being said, Subtlety Rogues are decent for solo work. Having multiple charges of Shadowstep is great for dealing with groups of mobs, and Subtlety offers some great single-target damage for taking down bosses.

Subtlety Rogues can have multiple charges of Vanish, too. This can be super helpful for tackling old raids or dungeons if things start to get tricky, putting Subtlety Rogues ahead of the other Rogue specs in this particular area of the game.

If you’re looking for more World of Warcraft specs that are suitable for soloing old content for rare drops, gold, and transmog, it’s worth taking a look at some of the Warlock specs that Dragonflight has to offer, too. They obviously play very different to Rogues, but they’re worth checking out if soloing old content is your main goal in the game.


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