Gold farming can be one of the most satisfying things to do in World of Warcraft.

However, it can also be one of the most boring or dull things to do, especially if it doesn’t go your way. There are lots of variables involved, and it can be tricky to figure out where to start if you’ve never tried gold farming before.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll showcase methods that focus on direct gold farming, using a mix of strategies that focus on getting raw materials, working with professions, or other factors.

So, how do you make gold fast in Dragonflight and what are the best golf farming methods? Let’s dive in and find out.

Things You Should Know First

The big problem with gold farming, especially for new farmers, is that the market can change very quickly for every single item, every hour of every single day.

For example, the Chromatic Dust (common Enchanting material) went from 40g per piece to around 25g per piece during the first week of Dragonflight’s release on a specific server.

The prices can vary on each server as well.

It is hard to determine the best gold farming method if there are too many variables that can easily change the outcome of the strategy.

The one thing that we can set in stone is how to farm items in absurd amounts and we can personally check each item to see if they are currently worth farming or not.

Herb farming routes, skin and leather farming, BoE farming, BoE greens farming (for disenchanting), meat farming (for people leveling Cooking), Mining farming routes, raid BoE farming, elemental farming, and a ton of other farms are available.

Each one can vary in success levels depending on the price, so it is up to you to check if the items from each farming method actually sell for a good rate on your server. There are quite a few handy World of Warcraft addons that can make this a lot easier.

Selling Strategy

When you look at a specific item on the Auction House, you want to know how many sellers there are and how many items are being sold at the lowest point.

For example, a Tattered Wildercloth can sell for 15 silver each, but sometimes, there are only 50-100 items being sold.

The next price point might be at 45 silver or 60 silver. In this scenario, you should never sell them at 15 silver or anywhere between 15 silver to 44 silver.

Apply this strategy to each item you are going to farm in large amounts.

Anticipating Supply & Demand

Another tip you should follow is the timing of the sale. In highly populated servers, item values can go up and down fast, but there is usually a trend.

When the week hits a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, these are usually raid days or hours for most guilds in a server. This can sometimes bump the value of flasks, potions, raw materials, cooking reagents, food buffs, and a lot of other items.

Usually, if an item is relevant for raid progression, it has a high chance of being more expensive during peak raid hours on the server.

To maximize profits, you want to follow the law of supply & demand. However, with more knowledge and experience, you can get a feel of when certain items will reach their peak price and sell.

High item level BoE item prices can be anticipated occasionally when a weekly reset comes or during the first few weekly resets after raid releases.

Best Gold Farming Methods

Before we get into the methods, we need to explain the mechanics of the term ‘4×2’ or ‘2×4’ in groups.

The term ‘2×4’ means that there are two groups of four players, each farming together. The reason for this is that it is much faster to spawn with more players.

At the same time, you cannot have five players in a group, or the loot will not be split among the two groups.

With a 2×4 group, you will be able to clean up areas extremely fast. The number one thing you need to remember is that the leader of each group should be on the same server.

If both group leaders have different servers, phasing will ensure that they end up in different instances.

2×4 Cloth Farming

Cloth Farm Location

Here are the items you will be getting from this farm:

  • Tattered Wildercloth
  • Wildercloth
  • Trash items
  • Rousing Earth
  • BoE Greens

The items that will drop in bulk are Tattered Wildercloth. You will get decent amounts of Wildercloth and Rousing Earth. Green or uncommon item drop rates for disenchanting are decent but not the best.

In short, you need to add the price of roughly 700-800 Tattered Wildercloth, 80-100 Wildercloth, Rousing Earth 60-80, and around 15-20 BoE Greens. All these numbers can vary depending on luck, but you will roughly average the same number of drops per hour.

Add these up with your current market prices while accounting for the selling strategies mentioned early, and you will get your gold per hour.

It is also worth noting that the trash items in this farm method can add up to 2,000-2,500g per hour. There are just too many trash items here compared to other farms which is one of the benefits of farming humanoids.

Cloth Farmin Setup

The set up for the farm looks like this. Everyone should stay in the middle on top of the little hill.

You get a 2×4 group up and pull every single mob in the area. These mobs hyper spawn, so you will be fighting non-stop.

The faster your DPS, the better the loot will be. However, there are some classes and specializations that make everything easier.

You want Hunters and Balance Druids (Boomkins) to do the pulling. Boomkins are the best because they can pull and do a ton of AoE DPS with Starfall.

Brewmaster Monks, with their statues, help get aggro from everyone else. However, if the mobs don’t die fast enough, it will be hard to keep the statue and everyone else up.

In some cases, you want one Healer to heal both groups. You can get two Tanks as well if you can’t find specific classes.

The farming group just needs a lot of DPS to maximize the loot.

The problem with this farm is looting. In an odd way, the quantity of loot is just too massive that it can take a while to loot everything. The fighting never stops as well, so if you run out of bag space, you will need to get out of the area to use a vendor mount.

2×4 Skin Farming – Scales

Skin Farm Location Proto Drakes

Here are the items you will be getting for this farm:

  • BoE Greens
  • Adamant Scales
  • Flawless Proto Dragon Scale
  • Lustrous Scaled Hide
  • Curious Hide Scraps
  • Trash Items

For this skin farming method, you will get Adamant Scales 300-350, Flawless Proto Dragon Scale 15-20, Lustrous Scaled Hide 5-10, and Curious Hide Scraps 5-10 per hour.

The trash items are minimal and they are actually pretty cheap, but you can add around 600-800g per hour to your total. Add up to the items listed and compare them to your server’s market prices.

It is also worth noting that the scales can have three different qualities. These qualities also differ because they can have different prices on the Auction House.

You may want to level up your Skinning before setting out to do this farm.

Skin Farm Setup

The image above may look dark, but the setup is around this area. You want to pull all the Wild Proto-Drakes in the area.

With the same 2×4 group mentioned above, you want to find a perfect spot in the middle where you can pull all the Wild Proto-Drakes in.

There should be a total of 12-14 mobs that will continuously spawn, but the density of the mobs isn’t as high as the cloth farming method mentioned above.

Your goal here is to skin the dragons. When your group eliminates the drakes, every player can skin the drake.

The problem here is the downtime skinning all the drakes while trying to fight more drakes at the same time.

You should aim to get a feel of the group and try to have everyone alternate between the skinning role, so there is no downtime for actually eliminating the Wild Proto-Drakes.

As for the group composition, aim for the same setup as the cloth farming strategy.

Almost every 2×4 group wants an Ox Statue by a Brewmaster, Boomkins, Hunters, and big AoE damage.

2×4 Skin Farming – Leather

Skin Farm Location Leather

Here are the items you will be getting for this farm:

  • Maybe Meat
  • Exceptional Pelt
  • BoE Greens
  • Resilient Leather
  • Rockfang Leather
  • Dense Hide
  • Curious Hide Scraps
  • Saturated Bone – (Sutaan Elite mob)
  • Trash items

With this farming method, you will get 250-300 Maybe Meat, 250-300 Resilient Leather, 50-60 Rockfang Leather, 20-25 Dense Hide, 35-40 Exceptional Pelt, and only around 5-15 BoE greens per hour.

Trash items are decent since there is a 3% drop for a 19g junk item. You will get about 800-1000g per hour on trash items.

Look at the prices for Resilient Leather, Maybe Meat, Dense Hide, and Rockfang Leather. You want to check each quality as the highest drop rate would be quality 2 or rank 2.

You want to maximize your Skinning skill to maximize the efficiency of this farm.

Skin Farm Setup 1

The setup for the farm is in the middle of this little hill. Your 2×4 group will be pulling in all directions.

Behind the image above, there is one elite spawn, Sutaan, and it drops all the items that the Ravenous Rockfangs drop with a higher chance of dropping better items like Dense Hide or higher-quality leather.

The mobs around the area hyper spawn, so it is hard to skin all the time. If you get aggro you won’t be able to skin, so you will want to burst the enemies down to skin faster.

Your team composition should have at least one Tank and a ton of AoE DPS. You can add one healer for both groups to improve the quality of life. If you are going to farm for hours, you might as well make it smooth.

You don’t want to worry about off-healing as a DPS.

The trick to maximizing this farm is to alternate skinning. While pullers will be doing the heavy lifting, they will lose time on skinning. If you clear the whole area once (before respawns), it takes around 12-15 seconds to skin everything.

You want to keep the ball rolling, so you can alternate pullers or even have the healer or tank pull at times.

If you are adding a Healer, make sure they also damage the mobs. The damage output from Healers isn’t really high, so a Preservation Evoker or a Discipline Priest would be a good pick to bring along for this particular method.

2×4 Elemental Farming

Elemental Farm Location

The items you can get from this method are:

  • Rousing Air
  • Elemental Mote
  • BoE Greens
  • Rousing Frost
  • Trash items

In this elemental farming method, you will be getting 350-400 Rousing Air, 330-360 Rousing Frost, 100-120 Elemental Motes, and 10-15 BoEs per hour.

Compare each item to your server’s current prices and see if it is profitable enough for you.

You should also check Awakened Air and Awakened Frost, which you can get by combining 10 Rousing Airs or 10 Rousing Frosts.

They usually add up the same, but other low population servers may encounter a slight difference in prices. If you are dealing with thousands of these items, you might as well sell the most profitable version.

Trash items can add up to 1,000 to 1,500g per hour. There is one junk item that has a 4% drop rate from Sulfuric Ragers and sells for 20g each.

Elemental Farm Setup

The enemies here aren’t that dense, but these are all elemental mobs that spawn at an extremely fast rate (hyper spawns).

The setup is near the pillars seen in the image above. The struggle here is pulling the mobs. They are quite far from each other, but you want to round them all up to maximize profit.

Pullers will be important here, so you want a group of ranged DPSs like Hunters, Balance Druids, Warlocks, and Mages. Boomkins and Marksman Hunters are the best because they can pull fast and have better range. They all do decent AoE.

You might need to bring a Healer along because there are some hard-hitting ranged spells to be aware of. If your group has a high enough item level, you may opt not to get one.

Spamming Mythic+ or Heroic Raids

As you may know, professions got a huge rehaul in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. This shifted the economy in the game dramatically because certain recipes require some really rare items.

However, the biggest change that people often overlook is the recipes. There are rare recipes that are only gotten through a very low drop chance in M+ dungeons or raids.

Some recipes don’t even drop on normal raids or lower. However, if you ever find a rare recipe drop, you should immediately look for its AH (Auction House) price.

The price of recipes will depend on the server. The recipes you are looking for are usually crafts that give you a very high item-level gear craft for progression.

Some recipes could go for over millions of gold just because of their rarity. You will often see crafters or traders in the trade channel offering these crafts for your mats with an insanely high crafting fee.

The farming method for these recipes is basically just spamming high M+ keys and Heroic or higher raids every week.

Fishing – Greater Fishing Holes

This farming method is arguably the most boring, but it doesn’t really matter because all gold farming methods here are extremely grindy. The satisfaction comes from making a lot of gold and finding rare items along the way.

For Fishing, it is important to increase your perception stat for Fishing. You want to buy or craft these items and equip them in your Fishing profession tab:

  • Khaz’gorite Fisherfriend (Engineering craft) or Draconium Fisherfriend (Engineering craft), available on the Auction House
  • Aquadynamic Fish Attractor. Fishing trainer at 100 skill (optional but helpful for profits)
  • Oversized Bobber. Fishing trainer at any skill level

After getting these items, you also need to unlock Greater Fishing Holes. You unlock it by getting Renown 4 with the Iskaara Tuskarr faction.

Once you have everything here, you are good to go.

Greater Fishing Holes

Your goal is to go to these Fishing Holes active in the Dragon Isles. These are rich with schools of fish.

Make sure all your buffs are active, and you are fishing non-stop.

Here are the items you will be farming:

  • Scalebelly Mackerel
  • Islefin Dorado
  • Temporal Dragonhead
  • Thousandbite Piranha
  • Aileron Seamoth
  • Cerulean Spinefish
  • Dull Spined Clams – Ribbed Mollusk Meat
  • Draconic Recipe in a Bottle
  • Copper, Silver, and Gold Coin of the Isles

The schools of fish in the area are completely random, but they spawn in huge numbers. You will be able to see more than 10 active schools of fish around the area.

You can choose which one to prioritize by searching the prices of each fish on your server.

Dull Spined Clams are also fished, and you want to open every single one and get Ribbed Mollusk Meat, which is pretty valuable as it is used in a lot of Cooking recipes.

Draconic Bottle Fishing

The biggest item for the farm is the Draconic Recipe in a Bottle. The percentages are hard to calculate. It has a less than 1% drop rate, but if you follow the setup before, you should be able to get a fair few of them.

Some players, without the perception buff, item buffs, and a maxed-out fishing skill, couldn’t find a single drop in about 500 tries. However, they also did this in a random pool (not the Greater Fishing Hole).

After testing it out for three separate 1-hour fishing sessions, I fished up 4, 4, and 3 Draconic Recipes in a Bottle.

My timer was using two Oversized Bobbers, as the buff effect lasts for 30 minutes each. The drop rate should be roughly around 2% to 5% or average out at 3.5%.

Draconic Recipe in a Bottles

The Draconic Recipe in a Bottle can drop a lot of random but exclusive recipes for each profession or manuscripts for your Drakes.

Some of these recipes are soulbound, which nets you nothing in gold. However, some of the recipes that aren’t soulbound can be sold on the AH. There are some recipes that are pretty cheap, 100g-200g, but some can go for 6 digits, depending on your server.

Cooking recipes go for 20-80k gold each, but it also heavily depends on your server and the timing. If a lot of players have already learned the recipes, the prices can drop.

However, the drop rates are abysmal since the drop rate for the Draconic Recipe in a Bottle is low, and the recipe you get is completely random.

It is a very risky farm, but you should also consider the fish you are farming. These fish can cost a lot of gold because they are heavily used in cooking for food buffs.

For the Coin of the Isles, there are three qualities. You can get Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins. You can exchange 15 Copper Coins for 1 Silver Coin at The Great Swog in Ohn’ahran Plains.

The Great Swog vendor sells Weighted Sac of Swog Treasures for 1 Silver Coin of the Isles and Immaculate Sac of Swog Treasures for 1 Gold Coin of the Isles.

These two treasures have a high chance of dropping a Draconic Recipe in a Bottle, but they are still pretty rare. These treasures can drop a lot of valuable treasures like Darkmoon Cards, extremely rare fish, toys, and even recipes.

The rewards from this farming method are pretty exciting because you can get a lot of different things and maybe hit a jackpot.

BoE Farming – Raids

One of the most lucrative gold making strategies is BoE farming in Mythic raids. Your goal is to reach a lockout in a Mythic raid where you are able to fight a big number of trash mobs and reset the raid.

You can do this on normal or Heroic difficulty raids, but Mythic should always be the most profitable.

This does require you to finish some raids so it might not be accessible to everyone reading this. The drop rate is kind of low, so you may end up grinding for three to four hours and end up with nothing.

The loot can be a bit random too. BoE items that drop aren’t particularly tied to your class or spec. You can have plate armor drops as a Mage.

This makes the profits a lot more random. However, this farming strategy should be the most profitable method by a wide margin as long as you are doing the Mythic raids.

One drop can earn you 200k to 800k gold per drop. In some situations, you can even get two to three drops in two hours.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve farmed a decent sum of gold, there’s a number of great things that you can spend it all on. If you’re in the process of learning how to do well with M+ dungeons or PVP Arenas, for example, you can spend it on decent gear on the Auction House.

If you’re a collector, there’s plenty of Battle Pets, toys, and mounts you can buy with gold to pad out your collection and get some achievements in the process.

Gold is also very handy if you want to quickly level up professions. In particular, being able to buy crafting materials for crafting professions like Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering is incredibly helpful.