Mande is the perfect mix of skill and hilarity which is why he is among the top 20 streamers of Apex Legends.

Apart from being a top streamer, Mande is also an incredibly successful Apex Legends player and one of the elites to earn staggering amounts through tournament winnings.

Though it’s his talent and tenacity that truly got him there, there are also little things that make up a significant portion of the reasons why he got there in the first place. One of those things is how he has maximized his gear and settings to really tailor-fit his gameplay.

If you’re curious how he does it, look no further! In this article, we’ve gathered Mande’s Apex Legends sensitivity & settings to not only let you know how he plays but also to possibly give you an overview of his gaming mindset.

Mouse Settings

Settings NameMande Mouse Settings
Mouse Sensitivity1.50
Mouse AccelerationOff
Mouse InvertOff
Lighting EffectsOff
Sensitivity Multiplier1.0

Though Mande has tried (and quite successfully at that) using a controller, he is an Apex mouse player through and through.

Surprisingly, Mande likes a higher DPI compared to his peers. However, 800 is still within the average range of DPI that is preferred especially in shooting games like Apex Legends.


Settings NameMande Keyboard Settings
Crouch (Hold)L+Ctrl
Tactical AbilityQ
Ultimate AbilityZ
Inventory (Toggle)Tab
Toggle Fire ModeB
MeleeMouse 4
Equip Weapon 11
Equip Weapon 22
Holster Weapons3
Equip Grenade G
Use Selected Health Item4

Video Settings

Settings NameMande Video Settings
Display ModeFull Screen
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Field of Vision110
Field of View Ability ScalingDisabled
Adaptive Resolution FPS0
Texture Streaming BudgetVery Low
Ambient Occlusion QualityDisabled
Sun Shadow CoverageLow
Sun Shadow DetailLow
Spot Shadow DetailLow
Volumetric LightningDisabled
Dynamic Spot ShadowsDisabled
Model DetailLow
Effects DetailLow
Impact MarksDisabled

Mande is, surprisingly, one of the very few Apex Legends pros that haven’t fully revealed their settings.

What we do know is that he has everything on low or off for max fps. Though not included in the table above, this should also include a disabled Nvidia Reflex and low Texture Filtering.

Mande and ImperialHal are among the many pros in various online competitive games who, as much as possible, minimize their graphic settings for max fps. The question is, why should players, who have the very best gears that can be bought, not maximize their settings?

When you are cranking everything up, your graphics card would have to render more pixels to make up for the demand. While most high end cards would have no problem doing this in a really quick and efficient manner, some have seen that a better use of resources would be to remove the load from the GPU especially if the graphics don’t really affect gameplay that much.

Other Settings

Mande’s reticle code, otherwise known as crosshair, is “-255 255 400”. You can edit your reticle color under the Gameplay settinga and Reticle tab. What’s great about Apex Legends is you have to option to use the pre-set colors or choose your own reticle color through the Current options.

Mande’s reticle color is a bright neon green with a warmth that is perfect in Apex Legends’ cool and low contrast environment.

PC Setup

Mande enjoys top specs with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X paired with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 24GB VRAM. Though these are a bit overkill for a game like Apex Legends, they nonetheless give a good gaming and smooth streaming experience; both of which are obviously essential for Mande.