The developers of AC Valhalla have taken a different path with this title where they said that the leveling system will be more towards increasing your power instead of a leveling system.

The progression will feel different but in my opinion, this system is significantly better than its predecessors.

There are still ways you can increase your level faster and while it holds less significance now than it was before, it is still important towards progressing in the game. This guide will teach you how to level up fast in AC Valhalla.

What Do You Get From Leveling?

Normal Kill XP 1

Just as previously mentioned, there will be a new system for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You check your experience progress by looking at the diamond-shaped icon on the upper-right portion of your screen. Filling up this icon will give you skill points which is one of the main ways of increasing your power level.

Assassination Kills

Going sneaky and getting behind enemies for assassination kills will give you a boost in experience points received compared to a normal kill. It awards 15 experience points for each assassination kill and doing this consistently will pile up more experience points for you in the long run.

Make sure you have the right skillset to execute this more efficiently when exploring or doing raids and quests. You can also reset your skill anytime.

Use the Environment For Kills

Environmental Kill XP 1

For this type of kills, you will just have to use your keen eye and look for things like an explosive barrel to shoot and kill enemies with. Using this strategy will net you 50 experience points for a kill. There will be other ways you can kill enemies than just hitting an explosive barrel so focus on finding these out and be creative at all times.

Bruisers, Brutes and Special NPCs

Named Mobs XP 1

Throughout your journey, you will come across named mobs that you can defeat. These are harder than your usual enemy and some might even be extremely dangerous if you are alone or in a much higher power level area. Killing these named mobs will give you at least 50 experience points per kill.

Wealth, Mysteries, Abilities and Artifacts

Gaining experience points through wealth, mysteries, abilities and artifacts is one of the best ways of increasing your level. Most of them give upwards of 200 experience points and solving a mystery can even net you multiple skill points along with 1000+ worth of experience.


For wealth, these are mostly hidden loot that you can see on your world map. You can see these marked with a gold highlight on the map and it can be sometimes confusing to find even when you know the exact location of the hidden loot or treasure. You can check out this guide here for more details on how to find these hidden loots better.

Finding abilities throughout the world are also under the “Wealth” category. Not only are these abilities useful for combat and overall exploration, but also they award a significant amount of experience points when you unlock them. You can also go to your settlement and acquire maps from the Cartographer to search for more treasure in the area. It will also give you a significant amount of experience points.


Mysteries are harder to find and are also hard to solve. Mysteries give one of the best boosts to your level by giving skill points along with a big chunk of experience points.


There are a total of 161 artifacts in the game and there are 26 artifacts you can find at the early levels just from Ledecestrescire and Grantebridgescire. Most areas contain upwards of 10 artifacts each and finding them all will give you a significant boost in level.

Progressing Through the Main Story

The main and most obvious way of gaining experience points is progressing through the main story. When you have exhausted all the possible things you can do in your current area such as side quests, mysteries, hidden treasures, and artifacts, you can progress through the main story and increase your level even more and unlock the new areas in the game.


It is great to keep in mind that killing different enemies and how you kill them can change your progression. You can choose to go and explore on your own and as long as you are a completionist in playing the game, you will yourself leveling a bit faster than the others with the same progress in the story.

The best thing about getting high levels is experimenting with builds in the game for a different playstyle.

As you can freely change your skills at any time, experimentation has no drawbacks.