Most of the time, you will find yourself choosing among a bevy of quests available in your quest tab. It might be hard to track them all down because you can only have one tracked quest at a time.

This guide will teach you strategies on how to track quests in AC Valhalla to be more efficient while exploring.

Ways to Track Quests

Tracking Quests

You can track quests by opening the quests tab and selecting a quest you want to track. Click on it or interact with it on the controller to activate it as your current quest. Only one quest can be tracked at a time and you can change it anytime.

There is also a good quality of life feature where you can activate and track a quest near your location. While just playing with no quests tracked, there will be an indicator on the left side of the screen where tracked quests are usually found. It will notify you if you want to track a quest that is near you by holding the tab button. The quest nearest to you will automatically be your current active quest.

Best Method of Tracking Quests

Tracked Quest

The best method to track quests is just by keeping your quests untracked and let the automated tracking choose it for you. It will save you a ton of time when exploring and you can just blindly follow everything on the right side without opening your in-game tabs.

If you decide to choose a particular quest or progress through the main storyline, you can just manually track it from the quests tab and figure out any other quests that are along the way. From there, you can decide whether to go for the other quests that are nearby before going to the main storyline or your currently tracked quest that you have chosen.


You might find yourself with a ton of quests at hand and it might be confusing which ones to do first. If you are a completionist, you would want to be efficient and finish the quests with minimal travel time so you would want to pin those quests down and their location.

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