TL;DR: For supplies, you need to go for Monastery Raids and loot locations with the golden barrel icon on your compass. You also need to find hidden loot that’s scattered around the world.

Raw materials are rarer than supplies and can be found in Monastery Raids. The Cartographer in your settlement also sells treasure maps that will help you find hidden raw materials.

Supplies and raw materials are both needed to improve your buildings on your settlement within AC Valhalla.

The bulk of these resources are easy to get but once you have completed a ton of content in the game, you might find yourself unable to unlock upgrades on buildings because they will get more expensive as you upgrade them further.

I’ve played this game for countless hours. In this guide, I’ll give you my tips and tricks for getting supplies and raw materials in AC Valhalla.

How to Get More Supplies

Monastery Raids

To get more supplies, you need to go for Monastery Raids and loot all the locations with the golden barrel icon on your compass. These are usually big treasure chests where you need the support of an ally to open, but these are probably one of the best AC Valhalla supplies locations.

The other way of acquiring supplies is by finding hidden loot scattered around the world. You can even find loot under your ship if you use your Odin’s Sight while exploring through the river.

Another way of acquiring supplies is through your settlement vendor. If you deliver these items like animal parts, some other materials, resources to your settlement vendor, they will award you some supplies.

You can also raid small camps while exploring the vast world of AC Valhalla. These are indicated by a small golden ring you can find while sailing through the river.

The camp raids are relatively short and it is not guaranteed to exactly find supplies from it. You can also get weapons, abilities and other resources which will be good enough for just a small raid.

How to Get More Raw Materials

Raw Mats and Supplies

The process for getting raw materials is almost the same as the ones mentioned above for acquiring supplies. The only difference is that these are more commonly found in Monasteries. This means that raw materials are quite rarer to find than supplies because monastery raids are quite limited.

You can check the Cartographer in your settlement to find hidden raw materials as well as other resources you might want to find. The Cartographer sells treasure maps where it will show up on your map once you have purchased it.

Upgrading Your Settlement

Building the Settlement

To get a better idea of where to spend your supplies and raw materials, these are all the settlement buildings you can have and what they unlock to help you.


The Barracks will let you recruit your own raiding Viking called the Jomsviking. You can customize it with your own weapons and armor and even set the gender for it.

Once you have set up and recruited your Jomsviking, you will not be able to change his/her appearance anymore including the gender. We have a separate guide to recruiting Jomsviking if you want to learn more about that.


The shipyard lets you customize your ship to your own liking. It also allows you to improve your longship in the game.

The Shipyard shouldn’t be very high on the priority list if you are looking for things to help you progress in the game.



The Blacksmith will be unlocked at the start as it is part of the main story questline. You will talk to Gunnar who will be in need of a building because your clan needs a forge.

Once unlocked, you can also upgrade your gear by rank instead of just enhancing them in your inventory which are both totally different things.

This is where you can use all the ingots you have found while exploring and just make sure you have the right weapon to upgrade because they are quite hard to find.


The Cartographer building will allow you to purchase maps that reveal the location of resources, raw materials. Just look for the NPC called Olsen to find out what he is offering and the purchased map will reveal the location on your world map.

Hidden One’s Bureau

Order of the Ancients

The Hidden One’s Bureau will open up the Order of the Ancients questline where you will have to assassinate or eliminate strong enemies to complete. There are tricks where you can complete this immediately even at a low level, but it will be tough to accomplish.

This also triggers a side quest with Hytham where he will teach you how to do a Leap of Faith. Do not worry because even if you have not finished this side quest or unlock the Hidden One’s Bureau, you can still perform the Leap of Faith anytime.

The only benefit from this side quest is that it is an easy 2 skill points to acquire. You just have to listen to Hytham throughout the process.

Fishing Hut

The Fishing Hut will provide you the ability to catch fish in AC Valhalla. These fishes are mainly used to be exchanged for materials such as runes and ingots.

Trading Post

The Trading Post will unlock the NPC Yanli who will be your merchant in the settlement. This is important to unlock because you can purchase resources to upgrade your quivers, weapons and ration pouches which will really help you in the early game.

You can also sell all the trinkets and other materials that you have no use for to Yanli for some extra coins.

Hunter’s Hut

The Hunter’s Hut will let you hunt legendary animals around the world of AC Valhalla. These are traded for runes and resources just like a Fishing Hut.

Stable and Aviary

To unlock the stable, you will progress through the story and meet a man named Rowan who has been captured and was about to be sold as a slave. You will invite him to your settlement to be in charge of the Stable and Aviary.

You can upgrade your mount and unlock abilities for your horse. There is a lot of upgrades you can do to your horse such as improving stamina and even swim through water.

Seer’s Hut

The Seer’s Hut is a special place where you can go to Asgard by just drinking a potion from Valka. You will defeat mythical beasts with the aid of the gods.

Tattoo Shop

The Tattoo Shop lets you customize Eivor with tattoos and hair appearances. That is basically it.


The Museum is just for cosmetic statues you can unlock for your settlement. This also opens a side quest you can do for some extra skill points.

Reda’s Shop

Reda’s Shop will only be unlocked after upgrading your settlement consistently. Reda will offer up valuable gear and cosmetics that refreshes daily. This is basically the free in-game shop that could get you things you want just by farming instead of using the Ubisoft store.


Exploration is really the key to getting more supplies and raw materials. You need to pick everything up marked on your compass or the map. You can even buy supplies with real money through the Ubisoft store but that is a different issue.

Just keep remembering that the icons with the two red axes on the map are the Monastery Raids where it will give you the bulk of the supplies and raw materials you need to improve your settlement.