The Milano 821, originally called the Type 821, is one of the submachine guns in Black Ops: Cold War. It is the gun with one of the fastest fire rates in the game and has a decent magazine size. There are several options you can tweak with the loadout which can depend on your playstyle.

This is the best Milano 821 loadout in Call of Duty Cold War that I came up with and you can use it to bolster your kill-to-death ratio.

Milano 821 Attachments

For the showcase video above, you can see that the Milano 821 is an absolute meat grinder in close-range combat. Great hip-fire accuracy, decent magazine size and can be fairly accurate in mid-range. Here are the attachments used for the Milano 821.

  • Any optics you prefer to use
  • Agency Suppressor
  • 10.6″ Task Force
  • SFOD Speed Grip
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • Speed Tape
  • Fast Mag or Salva 55 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Wire Stock

Kobra Red Dot is my preferred choice for the optics but Millstop Reflex can be also good. My reasoning for the Kobra Red Dot is to help mid-range duels which can happen quite often. In the showcase video above, you can see that it is decently accurate and it is because of the support from the Kobra Red Dot.

The Agency Suppressor adds concealment and hides your location when shooting. It removes the red dot from the minimap which is extremely important if you do not want enemies chasing you from behind.

The 10.6″ Task Force gives the biggest boost to your overall damage and range. Extremely great but sacrifices control. It is the best attachment by far if you are looking to use the Milano 821 as a point-blank and short-range SMG all the time. That playstyle will require you to avoid all mid to long-range combat and just run away from them.

Steady Aim Laser provides more hip-fire accuracy without having any negative effects or reduction on any attribute.

The SFOD Speedgrip attachment adds more sprint speed which is one of your main attributes to lookout for along with sprint to fire time. Extremely powerful attachment for the Milano 821.

Fast Mag for faster reloads. Again, you do not want to sacrifice any good attributes for this build. The only other option would be the Salva 55 Rnd Fast Mag attachment and it will force you to just use hip fire all the time instead of using ADS.

The Speed Tape attachment gives additional ADS speed in rare occasions that you want to fight someone far based on the Milano 821’s range.

The Wire Stock attachment is the only choice here and you would not want to sacrifice sprint out speed but increase it instead. It increases your sprint to fire time without decreasing anything significant.

Equipment, Perks and Killstreaks

Most of these choices do not gravely impact the loadout and you can choose any one of these based on your personal preference. There are a few perks that are a must-have which will be mentioned.


The stun grenades and frag grenades are the best options. I choose the Jammer over the other equipment to help support the team. You can bring the SAM turret for support as well.


Scavenger is a must-have perk for obvious reasons. The moment you survive for a decent amount of time, you will find yourself constantly looking for ammo, and picking up other weapons is possible but not ideal. This is definitely the pick if you aim for those higher streaks otherwise, you can choose tracker and just pick up extra ammo from your dead body throughout the game.


Use the Spy Plane, Attack Helicopter and Chopper Gunner for your killstreaks. You can swap most of the killstreaks but always keep the Spy Plane. Never include the RC-XD killstreak because it is just too slow for any game mode that allows players to respawn instantly. The Attack Helicopter and Chopper Gunner are two of the hardest killstreaks to attain. This is good because you would not want to stop for anything to set up other killstreaks like the Artillery or Napalm Strike.

Milano 821 Tips and Tricks

  • You can start spraying your gun even before you can see your optics when you aim down sights. It is a great strategy and you can get lucky with a few hip-fire shots to start
  • Always loot ammo packs from dead bodies with your Scavenger, if you chose a different perk, you can loot your own dead body for more ammo
  • Avoid long hallways, open spaces and certain camp spots because you will be at a disadvantage fighting that way
  • Break any equipment you see to help the team
  • You do not have to capture the point in Domination mode if you have not enough teammates to support you. In the showcase video at 0:40 above, you can thin out the enemies first before you start capturing the point. Unnecessarily dying early until your team can enter is a complete waste


In my opinion, the Milano 821 is one of the most overpowered guns in the game. It is the best close-range weapon and has an absurdly accurate hip-fire. It can also fight in mid-range battles with not much damage reduction. If it fits your fast playstyle, this is the best loadout you can use and you will eventually start calling down Chopper Gunners almost every single match.