The first mission in Call of Duty, Operation Tonga, will have you playing as Arthur Kingsley. Unlike the mission where you’ll be expected to bomb the carriers in the Battle of Midway mission, you’ll be fresh off the plane, deep into enemy territory, with no weapons or ammo.

The only thing you’ll have is the mission brief – regroup with allies at the windmill. While the windmill can be seen as soon as Arthur gets up, the road towards it is a little more complex, and you’ll have to go through some obstacles along the way.

Here is how to reach the windmill in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Avoid the Enemies and Get a Rifle

Your first order of business is to avoid being seen. Start walking towards the windmill and take a right next to the fallen tree. Here, you’ll have your first contact with German soldiers – one of them will be shining a flashlight right towards you, looking for Allied soldiers.

Crouch behind the big tree stump and wait a few seconds. The soldier on the lookout will turn away so you’ll have a safe passage. Keep following the road and you’ll reach an Allied parachute stuck in a tree, attacked by a German. Sneak up to the German soldier (hold Circle on PS or B on Xbox to crouch) and tap R3 to take him down.

You’ll then take his gun and aim it at the second soldier running towards you. Now you have a gun.

Get Inside the House without Raising an Alarm

However, since you still don’t have that much ammo, it’s not a good time to fight enemies head-on.

Keep going and wait until the convoy passes down the road. Cross the road, and you’ll see a group of soldiers patrolling around a truck and a barn house. You can take most of these soldiers out without raising an alarm – you just need to use cover.

On the right side of the truck, there is a distracted German soldier out of everyone’s sight. Take him out first. This soldier will drop you some ammo so make sure to pick it up.

The second soldier will be right in front of you. He’ll be making the same patrol route repeatedly so study it and sneak upon him. Use the small fence in the yard for cover.

The last soldier you need to take care of is guarding the entrance to the house you need to get into. Before you deal with him, go over to the back of the truck and take some ammo. There will be two soldiers that may look like they can see you, but don’t worry, they can’t.

Sneak up on the last soldier and take him down with R3.

Go through the Courtyard Guns Blazing

From this point, there is no need to stay quiet anymore. Go up the stairs and get into the next room. There will be two German soldiers you need to take care of before proceeding to the courtyard for some more serious action.

Once you clear out the room, I suggest you pick up an MP-40 that these soldiers will drop. Enemy soldiers will be dropping ammo for it left and right. You’ll need ammo to make progress through the courtyard and reach the windmill to join up with your company.

In the courtyard, use the walls for cover and keep moving to get an angle on your enemies. At the top of the hill, there is an ammo box on the left – make sure you don’t miss it.

Follow the road up the hill, and you’ll reach the windmill.

Go through the Barn on the Right

The final step is fairly straightforward: since the windmill will have a fence around it, you’ll need to go through the barn on the right of your screen.

As soon as you get into the barn, deal with the first enemy soldier and grab some grenades from the crate on the left. Lob a few grenades into the barn and everything should be sorted out. Proceed out of the barn to meet up with Allied soldiers and you’re done.

If you’re still a little confused about any of the above, feel free to watch a guide to reaching the windmill on our YouTube channel below.

Final Word

Getting to the windmill is the first challenge in Arthur Kingsley’s campaign, and it’s all about stealth and strategy – just like the mission of saving Misha in Stalingrad. Conserve your ammo until you reach the ammo crate at the top of the hill and use enemy weapons to make sure you’re always armed.

The game will quickly pick up the pace and you’ll jump straight into the action in your very next objective where there’ll be no worrying about ammo or stealth.