The final mission in Call of Duty: Vanguard takes the entire team on a pursuit for Freisinger through Stalingrad. By this time, you would have completed various missions such as taking down the Stuka and killing Steiner at his base after defeating his army, which means you’ll have the experience needed to reach the airfield and complete the mission.

For this objective, you switch between each of the four main playable protagonists, using everyone’s unique skills to solve specific challenges.

The main challenge in this mission and the last big fight in CoD: Vanguard has you fighting as Arthur through a room that leads to the airfield where Freisinger is trying to escape.

Here is how to reach the airfield and handle the final battle before facing Freisinger.

Defeating the Jagermorders

The heavy infantry mini-bosses, Jagermorders are arguably the toughest enemy units in the game. Knowing how to kill Jagermorders when they pop up will make your life much easier in CoD: Vanguard.

In this mission, you will be faced with two Jagermorders, throwing smoke bombs and moving quickly. The goal when fighting Jagermorders is two move around, don’t let them pin you down, and don’t let their smoke bombs reach you. They seem to have an endless supply of those, so just move around and shoot as soon as you see them getting out of the smoke. They’ll also try to charge you, which is another reason to move around often.

As for their heavy armor, they don’t seem to have a weak spot. One thing I’ve found is that aiming for the head isn’t your best option. If you’re like me, you’re probably used to going for headshots as much as you can. With Jagermorders, it’s more about sheer volume. Unload on them with one of the overpowered weapons in CoD: Vanguard or any high-caliber gun like Arthur Kingsley’s BREN and aim for the torso.

Make sure you use the Distract option. As Arthur, you can give out orders, and Distract is one of the best ones available. Instruct your team to distract the Jagermorders and you’ll have a clear shot. Doing this will also get you the “Allies together, strong” trophy.

Defeating the Sniper

Right after you’re done with the Jagermorders, you’ll have to deal with the sniper. This isn’t a regular sniper, though – he will use smoke bombs to move around and he’ll be much harder to hit.

The first step is to get a sniper rifle yourself. There is one on a table in the middle of the room, right next to some cover. Swap one of your weapons for this rifle, and it’ll be much easier to spot and kill the enemy sniper.

Here, you should also use the Distract command as much as you can. Your squad will draw fire from the sniper, getting him out of his cover and lining up to take a shot. When he does, you’ll see the characteristic glare from his scope and you can take your shot. Don’t forget to use L3 to stabilize.

Also, don’t be surprised if you don’t kill the sniper with one shot. I tagged him at least once, and he shrugged it off and used smoke to change positions. Repeat the pattern again and stay patient.

Capture Freisinger

Finally, as you reach the airfield, you can make a run for Freisinger and put an end to his maniacal plot. This part is actually the easiest. You don’t have to shoot or engage in any sort of fighting – just start sprinting towards his card and tackle him.

You’ll see things blowing up and bullets flying around but none of this will be directed towards you. Run straight at Freisinger, capture him, and enjoy the cutscene.

Final Word

To reach the airfield in The Fourth Reich mission in Call of Duty: Vanguard, the trickiest part is right at the end, when you’re faced with Jagermorders and a sniper. Using commands will play a big role here – it will make the battle much easier and you’ll even get a trophy for it.

With Jagermorders, moving around and carefully timing your shots is the best approach. Get away from the smoke and strike as soon as you see them coming. As for the sniper, drawing fire and keeping him occupied is the main goal, and you can do this by – once again – distracting him with your squad.