The first mission in Polina Petrova’s campaign, Stalingrad, is all about saving the family and establishing yourself as the sharpshooter you are. One of the key moments is saving Misha and the other Partisans that are being held captive by the German troops.

When you scale up the wall and move through the vent, you’ll slide down and find yourself in a big room filled with enemy soldiers. In the middle of the room, you’ll see Misha and the Partisans weaponless and helpless. Your mission will be to take out all enemy soldiers, one by one.

Here is how to save Misha in the Stalingrad mission in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Start with Stealth

Although it’s impossible to go through this mission relying entirely on takedowns (and there’s no trophy for this), you can still get at least two of the soldiers down while in stealth. That would be an important skill to learn when it comes to reaching the windmill and killing Steiner. It will make your whole job easier.

The first one will be right in front of you as soon as you step out of the vent, and the second one will be keeping watch with his back turned to you, next to the staircase. Take them both down using R3 and move into the room. If you play your cards right, you might be able to take down a few more of them until they see you.

Go around the barricaded center of the room and use cover to sneak up on as many soldiers as you can. Eventually, they’ll see you and start shooting. Once they do, it’s time for action.

Use the Right Weapons

Since there will be a lot of close combat, using a shotgun is perfect. The revolving shotgun is one of the most overpowered weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and you’ll find a lot of enemies dropping it in this mission.

Use the shotgun for close combat and Polina’s signature rifle for scoping. If you’re not a fan of the shotgun, an assault rifle like the STG44 will also do a good job. An MP-40 is also great and, more importantly, there will be lots of ammo dropped all over the place for the MP-40 since it’s one of the most recognizable and often used German rifles.

In any case, you want a weapon that can drop enemies quickly while also being light enough so you can use tactical run and keep the enemies guessing.

Keep Moving

Finally, you want to keep moving throughout the entire sequence and never let the enemies swarm you. There will be lots of tables to vault over and things to crawl under (Polina’s signature move), so use this to your advantage and quickly move between sections.

Don’t worry about anyone hitting the Partisans, you can run right in front of them and they won’t get caught in the crossfire.

Moving around will also enable you to get the jump on your enemies and use takedowns to conserve ammo. The barricade around the Partisans will be especially effective here, as you can crawl under the little openings and disorient the enemy soldiers. Combined with a shotgun, this “run and gun” method will be highly effective.

If you’re more into sniping, there are certain areas of the room that are perfect for this. To the left of where you came in, there is a perfect little spot to take a sniper rifle and pick the enemies off, one by one. Here is that spot, it’s facing Stalin’s statue:

But, again, don’t linger for too long or they’ll overwhelm you.

Final Word

Once you’ve handled all the enemies, head on to Misha and interact with him to complete the objective. After that, the Partisans will be heading out and you’ll need to cover their escape.

Saving Misha in the Stalingrad mission in CoD: Vanguard is an epic beginning of Polina’s campaign. It’s dynamic, action-packed, and requires some quick reflexes. Remember to keep moving under objects and don’t let the enemies pin get a read on your position. Mix between long and short-range combat for the ultimate effect.